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To make a goal come true, you need to be more confident, aggressive, or even patient – depending on your personality – and visualize your success. On today’s show, join Dan McCormick as he interviews The Greatest Yo-Yo Salesman, Alan Nagao. Born in 1962 with serious birth defects, Alan has a passion for the yo-yo and was very skilled in yo-yo tricks. Be prepared to check your excuses at the door as you hear how “nature’s greatest miracle” continues to accomplish extraordinary things!

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Accomplishing Extraordinary Things with Alan Nagao

My great friend, Alan Nagao is going to be with us. If you have something to be taking notes on, you’re going to be able to reread it. From start to finish, it is going to have some nuggets for you and your life. The Greatest Salesman in the World, when Og Mandino first wrote that book at the end of the story before the scrolls, he says, “I’m going to share with you secrets that I haven’t shared with anyone in years.” Alan has been a friend of mine for a lot of years and I am excited to take notes. Alan, welcome to the show. How are you doing?

I am having the best day of my life.

Og says that in the book a couple of times. I know that thousands of people may read around the globe. I know that you’re going to have people that are on your path, it might be this week, this month, this year that read this blog on many different mediums. It is going to be a whole lot of fun. Wherever you’re joining us from, we look forward to your questions and your comments on the show. What we like to do at the beginning of every show, before we get into Alan’s career, how we met, what I think is most extraordinary gifts are, I would love Alan to come on from a value proposition to all of our readers like I do each and every week. I wonder if you would share three things that shaped the greatest salesman in the world mind. What do you think are the three things that stick with you each and every day?

Every day, there are a couple of key secrets to getting you honed on into what it is that you want to accomplish. The first and most important thing comes from the book Think and Grow Rich, which is the definite main purpose in life statement. This statement is not only your goal, it has a date on it, but also, you must add in what you’re going to do to make that goal come true and how you need to be. Maybe you need to be more confident, aggressive or even more patient. Depending on your personality, finding out what it is that you need and to be able to visualize your success. Sometimes it’s difficult visualizing money, but it’s easier to see what money can do for you or buy. It can be a trip with your parents to the Vatican and see the Pope or doing something special. Remember always at the end of every statement, say, “Thank you, God, for it is done,” to make sure that you know that you don’t have to do this by yourself.

Number two is to visualize your day. I break my day into two pieces. I visualize my morning until after lunch. I go into the private meditation room in every office building. There are a few of them. They make a flush noise. If anybody goes and thinks you’re weird, meditating, they’re weirder than you looking for you over there. Go and take a little meditation break in the middle of the day and do the latter half. I had a special mentor that told me, “You only have to have one successful day.” If you can create one successful day, you can have an incredible life. That has been my life is to have one successful day at a time.

When I say meditation, I mean an active meditation to see what it is you want for that morning and what it is you want to achieve in the afternoon to see the perfect picture of that day. The last thing I felt every day is to get your feet on the floor. My son asked me, “How do I get disciplined? I’m struggling here and I want discipline. What do I need to do to have discipline?” I said, “Evan, the alarm rings at 6:00. What you need to do is put your feet on the floor and stand up. This will completely change your life.” As he practiced this one thing, pretty soon, he was going out and working out in the morning. He was used to getting up at 11:00 or 1:00 when he was in high school and it didn’t feel good. Suddenly, he started feeling good. That can change your life. Get up. That’s the greatest discipline. I don’t think there’s anything more than that.

I know that every day, the genuine, authentic Alan Nagao shows up with these three things. Knowing you and to hear you put those into words for the show, for people that might read this and say, “How am I going to learn from this to have that statement every single day? It’s vivid and real. You feel it. It’s every fiber of your being every day. Is it three times a day for you?

It’s twice a day, morning and night. A lot of people think it takes a lot of discipline to have success. Yes, it takes discipline, but the discipline can be as simple as your telephone ringing. Set an alarm every day to ring in the morning and at night. When the alarm rings, do your statement. Sometimes, it happens in inopportune times. I ride on planes a lot. I was walking on the plane and my alarm rang. At that moment, you have a choice. You’re going to either go for your success or you’re going to chicken out. You’re going to do what is more comfortable and it’s always better to go for it.

I yelled my statement out as I’m walking down the aisle in the plane. Nobody talked to me on that trip, not even the flight attendant. They were like, “That crazy guy over there,” but would you like to be successful and crazy? I believe in the saying, “Crazy people, crazy income. Normal people, normal income.” I don’t know if you want to live on a normal income in Los Angeles, California, where we are, in Orange County. That’s not going to be a fun life. You probably want to be a little crazy and challenge yourself, but the alarm is the key point here. If you decide that you will never turn off your alarm until you get what it is that your statement says, you will always get it and then go from mountain top to mountain top.

GSW 4 | Accomplishing Extraordinary Things

Accomplishing Extraordinary Things: You have a choice to either go for your success or to chicken out.


I have a lot of feedback and throughout our time, I’m going to come back to these three things. Hopefully, we’ve given people some powerful things to put into their repertoire to be the greatest salesman. When I first met you and you came to me in Orange County years ago, I know you’re a vociferous reader. Think and Grow Rich was your beginnings and The Greatest Salesman in the World has been a big part of you. I looked at you and say, “Alan Nagao is nature’s greatest miracle.” Before we get into any of that, what was it like for you growing up in Hawaii? I know you grew up with some difficult circumstances.

I was born in Hawaii with a disability. This was caused by drugs given to my mom during pregnancy. It was prescription drugs that were bad. It caused tens of thousands of kids born in the early 1960s without arms and maybe flippers. In my case, I am missing some fingers, but also missing my right leg and a very short stump. This made it difficult to walk. I had to wear a crash helmet every day. It was an ugly helmet. I hated it, but I had to wear it even in elementary school. I wanted to be like all of the other kids. I remember my first day walking into campus and the kids ran away from me. They said, “You’re a monster. You’re a robot.”

I sat down with four girls in my first class and they were crying because they were afraid of me. I didn’t want to go to school. I remember every day, I was holding onto the pole and said, “I don’t want to go to school.” God takes away something from you, but give you something. For me, that was the smile on my face. Almost no matter what happened, I had this smile. It is one of the greatest secrets in the world is to have a smile on your face every day that makes life bearable. Also, there is this Law of Attraction when you got a beautiful smile and you’re going out there and beaming at the world.

You are good at what you do in the world of direct selling. You are unbelievably connected around the world, the way you create your businesses on a day-to-day basis. Going back to before you became the greatest yo-yo salesman in the world, give us an idea of what life was like and where that idea came from? I’m going to draw out some things on what I see your greatness in. I wonder if you would start there. Tell people what was life like for you before the world’s greatest yo-yo salesman became the man?

I was nineteen years old and I just graduated from high school. Like you, I completed college in less than two years. Some people call that dropping out. I opened my own business and it was a store selling kites. I got into a motorcycle accident and I broke my only good leg. Therefore, I was legless. I was in a wheelchair. While I was in the wheelchair, I started flying kites, especially dual line sport kites. I enjoyed it so much. I said, “We need to sell these.” There was no shop in Hawaii or Oahu, where I was living in Honolulu. I decided to open a shop. I was losing money every day. I was probably selling about $80 of kites every day. I considered that pretty good since nobody needs kites, but the problem is when you’re young, you don’t have much money to lose.

I was underwater immediately. I needed a way to have success. I started studying personal development with seminar companies like PSI Seminars. I was coming to the realization that you have to reprogram the inside of your mind, your internal conversation, your internal mind. I started to make 60 affirmation lists of positive statements like, “I am confident, disciplined, and on time.” All of the things I was not at that time. I was footloose and fancy-free. During that time, I was trying to get ahold of myself. I was trying to control who I was and get some discipline. I realized at that time, it was the Walkman days. I could record on both sides of the tape, put it, and play it all night and let it repeat. I was trying to reprogram my mind.

They say that when you are ready, your teacher will appear. That’s when I got to meet my teacher named Joseph Green, who was taught by Napoleon Hill directly. He was 88 years old. He was born in 1897. I felt blessed to have a mentor. I was looking and dying to find somebody like this. When I found him, I started to learn a lot about the philosophy of success and how to set goals. He taught me to set goals I didn’t think I could achieve. It wasn’t even SMART, Specific, Measurable, and Attainable. It’s like, “Find a goal that’s unattainable that you don’t think you can do and let’s prove that we have a power inside of us.” He taught me how to access that power. It’s about that definite purpose in life statement and creating a burning desire for what it is that you want.

The kite business started to grow and you developed it. Where did the yo-yos come in? How did you go from kites to yo-yos?

My goal was $80 a day. My impossible dream was to sell $2,000 of kites a day. That sounded crazy. I ran a shop, it was 700 square feet. It’s not big, but I started to write down that dream and goal and I started to work on it every day. Don’t let the sunset without taking one bite out of your goal. My goal was to be in a large shopping mall in Hawaii called Ala Moana Shopping Center, where all of the big shops are like Macy’s and high-end shops like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and all of those guys. I was a young business guy, but I followed a lot of the things that are taught in applying for a job, which is part of the organized planning in the book Think and Grow Rich. I followed that carefully.

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As I followed it, I wrote an incredible application to Ala Moana. It was professionally written. We had a professional photographer who took the photos. I had artists who are rendering. When Ala Moana saw it, they were like, “Who is this guy?” I sold them on the idea, not that I was going to be successful, but that I would add something to their mall. I would add color, vibrancy, and energy to their mall. I was going to benefit them. I wasn’t selling myself. I was selling that this was going to benefit them. I did get into Ala Moana Center. I had applied for a loan to build out my shop six times. It got rejected every time, but using the definite main purpose in life statement and repeating it over and over, you don’t take no for an answer. You take the next step. I kept on going until finally, I got a friend of a friend who said, “We’ll look at your application again for the third time.”

They gave me the loan and I opened. I started to do over $2,000 a day selling kites. That was my beginning. Why did I get into yo-yos? My next goal after doing $2,000 a day was to travel around the world. I became a professional kite flyer who traveled around the world. I came home from those tours and realized that I was still living at home with my mother-in-law and I needed a home. Using the same process, the definite purpose in life statement, I wrote a statement to own a beautiful $1 million home. I built my own home with my dad who was a general contractor.

This is physical labor. In Hawaii, the home was built on a mountain overlooking Sandy Beach. It’s built on lava rock. I need to jackhammer all of the trenches for the drains and everything. It was a lot of work, but it was great learning and discipline. Learning how to have a goal in the future, but how to take a step every day. Building a home is a graphic example of you don’t see anything at the beginning. You see holes in the ground. That’s what the house looks like before you start. It took you three months to prepare the ground before you can even build. There’s a lot of learning in that process. When I finished my home, I had a $1 million loan and I needed to pay this. I remember my first mortgage payment. It was all my savings and my paycheck and I made one month. I thought to myself, “I am not living like this for many years.” The philosophy is to set a goal you don’t know you can achieve. I decided to pay off my home in less than two years.

The yo-yo business seemed like a possibility because my kite business was $2,000 a day, $60,000 a month, but you only net 5%. It’s not enough to pay a home like this. I needed something else. I saw a little boom of yo-yo coming. I created a simple system. The yo-yo I sold is called Yomega Yo-yo with a Brain. It has two centrifugal clutters that open. It comes and backs up to your hand automatically. I said, “Let’s go and make a promotion like karate. Kids who practiced ten tricks become white belt, ten more tricks are yellow, then green, eventually, black belt for more advanced tricks. The kids were crazy. They would come and line up every day in my shop. They would run out of the shop with their new card, which was the next level.

They would practice in every schoolyard, every bus stop, every dead-end lane. I sold more yo-yos in Hawaii than all 49 other states. This wasn’t an expensive yo-yo. Most of the yo-yos were a few dollars, $5. This one was $20, but we sold a lot of them so I decided to bring the idea to Japan. I wrote another statement. I was going to sell one million yo-yos in Japan. I was going to make them $1 per yo-yo. I called the yo-yo companies in America, which are this company Yomega and Duncan Yo-yo and I asked for the exclusive contract for Asia. I was surprised when the president of Yomega said, “Do you want the exclusive for Japan? Okay.”

Opportunities lie everywhere, but you don’t expect it when they hit that quickly. I said, “I want exclusivity. I want to have a contract.” He said, “Contract will take a little longer, but you can have that.” I marked up the wholesale international price, $1. We launched the Japanese market and I always say, “My goal is to sell a million yo-yos in Japan and make $1 million.” By the first year, I sold $10.5 million yo-yos in Japan. I overshot my goal by ten times but it wasn’t that easy. You’re asking me to share a little about what was it like? Did you set a goal and then it happened? Absolutely not. You will be tested to see if you want what you say you want.

There is no pre-lunch and you have to pass the test. For me, that happened because I went to Japan. I was looking for a distributor and the companies, after twenty minutes of listening to my presentation about the Karate Yo-yo system, they would ask me, “Are you trying to sell me yo-yos?” I would look angry at my interpreter and say, “Didn’t you tell him we don’t buy toys from America. We sell toys to America.” That happened so often that I could understand those words in Japanese. We were kicked out. Sometimes we’re on the street and my interpreter was like, “I don’t want to do the next meeting.” I’m dusting her off and saying, “I’m paying you and we’re going. Let’s go to the next meeting.”

What keeps you going when you are getting these rejections over and over, it is a burning desire and vision of what it is that you want and you see that more clearly than what is. That’s the secret. You have to visualize your success before you succeed. By doing the statement over and over, you start building a desire and you stay more on track. I can tell you for sure, Dan, even then, I got super tested. The bigger your goal, the bigger your test. My test came one day, we were in Japan. I’m spending $1,000 a day because I have an interpreter. I have yo-yo players, professionals, kids, sound system, air tickets, hotels. It is $10,000 a tour, ten days long. I’m spending $1,000 a day, which I didn’t have.

I borrowed money. I remember going into a famous toy store with a schedule. As I walked in, the manager looked at me. I went, “I’m here to demo. It’s free. We have these amazing yo-yos that we’re going to demonstrate to your customers.” He was like, “No.” I was like, “Yes, we have a schedule.” The next moment he’s like, “Out.” We’re on the street and I was spending thousands of dollars for nothing. I was like, “Let’s go do a demo on the street.” I’m doing a demo on the street with a sound system with my team. All of a sudden, I hear this voice behind me. I turned around slowly to look and it’s a bum, a homeless on the street. His cans sitting there in front of him and I’m blocking his way. I know what he means, “Get off of my street.”

GSW 4 | Accomplishing Extraordinary Things

Accomplishing Extraordinary Things: You will be tested to see if you really want what you say you want.


That day, I felt less than the bum on the street. Suddenly, every negative thought came back to my mind. It all appeared at once. Pretty soon, I was thinking of how stupid of an idea. Who thinks they can sell a million yo-yos in Japan? Who are you? You don’t even speak Japanese. All of those, we don’t buy toys from America, we sell toys to America, repeated and coming into my brain. My brain went straight into a complete breakdown. I’m with my team, we’re off to the side of the street corner with huge traffic and I can barely talk. I’m over there going, “Go back to the hotel. Have a good dinner. I need a little time.”

I’m crying and I’m telling everybody, “I’ll meet you back at the hotel.” That day it seemed impossible. I decided, as they left, to call my mastermind back in Hawaii. I called them and I was saying, “The bum on the street kicked me off over the street. I’ve lifted the bum on the street. I’m stupid. What a dumb idea, spending all of this money, all of my family’s money for a dumb dream.” Suddenly, my mastermind is like, “Alan, is that you? It doesn’t sound like you? What happened?” I said, “I don’t know what I’m doing here.” He said, “I think you better do your statement.” I said, “Are you kidding? How can I do my statement now? I’m still crying.” He said, “Do the statement.”

I said, “I cannot.” He said, “We have an agreement. Whatever we say, you must do so do your statement.” I was crying and doing my statement, “I got to sell a million yo-yos in Japan. He was like, “Do it again.” That day, because I was doing it over and over, my dream came back into my mind. We were in Japan a few years ago and I remember walking and showing my kids, “This is the park.” I was walking down the sidewalk of the park, yelling my statements so loud that people crossed six lanes of the street to get to the other sidewalk because they did not want to come anywhere close to me. The crickets stopped cricketing in the trees. I was yelling at the top of my lungs. There’s a moment that you will be tested. It will come down. There are multiple tests. That moment came for me. I passed the test with the help of my mastermind. That’s one of the keys. Six months later, I sold 1.2 million yo-yos month, I made a $1 a yo-yo. My commission is $1.2 million to $1.6 million a month. It’s definitely not just about selling.

As people will read this all around the world, every walk of life, like what you said was brilliant. The bigger the goal, the bigger the test. I sit there and think about Og Mandino. His test was the bottle and drinking too much of the bottle. He said in his own words on our website, “My life was a living hell for ten years.” He had his way of having a main definite purpose statement. “I will greet this day with love in my heart. Today, I begin a new life.” When I think about Alan Nagao, I’m curious because you’re such a reader. Tell me about being nature’s greatest miracle.

When you called me for this show, I was working for the month on only that chapter. As you know, the secret to Og Mandino’s reading is not reading the book. It is reading every scroll every day, three times a day. That is challenging. It took me many attempts to get through book one. One year of reading to get through the book, if every scroll times a month, it takes time. I’m going to say that the greatest miracle is a chapter about Muhammad Ali, who said, “I am the greatest that ever lived. I am the greatest champion.” I know as a child we were taught not to say things like that. It was ingrained in us. “Don’t say that. That is bad that you’re bragging. Don’t say you’re great.”

I remember when Mohammad Ali did that, it’s shocked the world. Saying that you’re the greatest, people are going to try and defeat you. When he won most of his fights, he truly embodied this greatest secret. Let me tell you what I think happens is that we’re taught to live small. Therefore, what happens is we need to reprogram that part of our mind and Og Mandino is telling you, “You need to let that part of your mind, the quiet, still, silent part of your mind absorb this secret.” You have to find those ghosts inside of you that block you because maybe you were taught that you’re not that successful. In my case, I was taught that I’m not like everybody else. I’m always the last one picked on the team. I was always the one in the back. That was in my programming. When you start saying, “I am the greatest. I am unique. I am special.” All of a sudden, it fights that program and that is an important fight to win.

The way that you come out of the womb, your mom is taking these drugs and you are nature’s greatest miracle. You have your own voice and fingerprints. No one can duplicate your brush strokes as Og Mandino says. This show is sponsored by the Og Mandino Company. You can take our free assessment called Hopefully, you’ll share that with people and be able to measure those thoughts. Alan went through all of those emotions and work to align his thoughts with the principles, the habits, and the reference points of all of them. He did an amazing reading from The Greatest Salesman in the World, The Greatest Secret in the World, The Greatest Miracle in the World, Think and Grow Rich, etc. When do you think the first time you read The Greatest Salesman was or The Greatest Secret? What was it like the first time you read The Greatest Salesman or The Greatest Secret?

It’s not the first time I read it. It’s the last time I read it. This is a book that you have to read over and over. The last time you read it will be the best time because you feel those thoughts getting adjusted, like chiropractic service of your mind. There are many people that take tens of thousands of dollars of personal development training. The most difficult part is the last six inches, getting from there to there, at the center. I truly believe that the key is to understand that we have blocks inside of us and that we need to unblock those blocks. Those blocks tend to mess with our achievements. That’s why we end up falling back into the same place over and over again. We need to break out.

This is the process. Og Mandino’s book is the way to break out. It seems like you’re repeating the same thing over and over, but that’s not what is happening. What is happening is you’re reprogramming that chip to see success as the greatest miracle. As you achieve one thing after the other, you will find that there is a power that starts occurring because you believe in yourself and you get more confident. Dan, I brought a special tool with me. I thought I would share it with everybody.

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I wonder if I could ask you a question before you do because I know this is going to be powerful. Not only you are the greatest salesman in the world, but it is because you learn how to demonstrate. I find your skillset to be quite remarkable in two areas. I’ve never seen anyone demonstrate every aspect of life for whatever it is you’re selling. If it’s a youth, beauty, and aging, kite, or yo-yo, you got a way to demonstrate it. I’m curious if you remember when that light came on for you. When I think about the difference demonstrated, you are the demonstration king. Is there a light bulb that went on when you did that? That’s an element of showmanship. If we think about the movie, The Greatest Showman, you demonstrate products, lifestyle and living. You demonstrate personal development. You demonstrate everything about your life. You’re in demonstration mode. Do you remember how that happened?

Over time, it comes down to Nature’s Greatest Miracle. I was on a mountain doing a personal development course where you are solo for two days. You carry a bunch of nuts and a couple of gallons of water. You live in a tent in a 10×10 space. You don’t get out. You sit there and you think about your life. During that personal development training, I never considered myself creative. The reason is that I thought of creative people as being these artists, musicians and art. I call myself an eight-color crayon. The world was in eight colors, brown is brown, green is green. That’s the way it is.

I never saw myself as an artist or anything. That day, as I set up my tent and everything, I realized how creative I am. I realized that I have the creativity and my creativity is in marketing. I decided that I am creative. I have this creative talent. That was a big change for me. Once I opened that door, the other doors flew open as well. I went from designing a sport kite, which became the number one selling sport kite. All of the other successes, which included the yo-yo business and selling 30 million yo-yos globally. In several years of doing what I’m doing as a Team Elite, that’s been crazy too and a lot of fun.

You realized that you were nature’s greatest miracle. There was a shift for you from no creativity to creativity and the demonstration part of you. There’s something else that you do that I’ve never seen anyone else do that is brilliant. That is, you have the ability to recognize the newest people on your team, in your store and in your environment. You have a way of making them feel like they’re a part of your circle, your friendship, and you care. That to me was amazing to see how you did that with people that had never met you before. I know that the world of direct selling is a big part of the recognition, but you figured out how to recognize people that weren’t in your company, that wasn’t on your team. That to me is a unique gift. How did that come about for you?

That comes from Hawaii. People in Hawaii have a different kind of love. Love is unconditional for people. We love to love and that is the way it is. Sometimes I almost feel a little strange because we’re known as there’s the Hawaiian team and there’s the American team. When we’re kite flying, they were like, “There’s the US team and the Hawaiian team.” We were always slightly different. That comes from being in the islands. We love to hang out and we have a lot of spirits. It’s truly a spirit of love.

Does aloha mean love?

Aloha means to share the breath, which is sharing the spirit and breath of life.

I wanted to bring that out because I’ve been around hundreds of thousands of people in my life. You are the greatest salesman in the world because of the three things that you started with, but the demonstration skills, recognition skills and the fact that you just love. As you said, “Crazy people, crazy income.” People might say you’re crazy walking down the aisle of the airplane saying your main definite purpose statement, but Og Mandino says it well too. That is, “Nature knows not defeat.” You always figure it out. Give us some thoughts about those three things. As I look at it, the main definite purpose, Og got the idea from Ben Franklin to have the thought of a day, the Thirteen Virtues. You got a main definite purpose statement idea from Joseph Green, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, visualizing your day feet on the floor. Those are three things that I know you do. Close us out on what your thoughts would be for our readers. I hope that they too become the greatest salespeople in the world.

What I wanted to share, Dan, is a little bit about how I made my first $1 million. I wanted to share that because there are a couple of things that are crazy that I did but it worked. One of the things that my mentor did with us is he asked us to visualize. He asked us always to keep three $100 bills on a money clip. We put the three $100 bills in a clip and then put it in our pocket and put all those smaller bills behind it. One of the things that we did was I wanted to earn $1 million dollars. I thought, “I’m going to imagine going to a bank and cashing a check for $1 million. You know how banks do it. They have all of the bills and they count in little stubs. They scan the money. It’s $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $10,000. They then stack it, which is $100 to $10,000. You make a little prop and they wrap it. Now, you have your little wrapped $10,000.

What you do is you stack it. If you start stacking it, this is $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 would be about this tall. If you start stacking it in a briefcase to make $1 million, it’s quite a bit. It’s heavy. What we did was we counted and closed our eyes, smell because the US money has a different smell. We put it in the briefcase and then carried it. Not James Bond’s, but I had a special briefcase with the little lock and the combinations on it. I carried that briefcase around. I visualized myself getting a $1 million commission check. There was a day that I got a $1.4 million check, brought into the bank and went up to the teller and said, “Can I cash this please?”

GSW 4 | Accomplishing Extraordinary Things

Accomplishing Extraordinary Things: You have to visualize your success before you succeed.


The teller yelled at me like, “You can’t do that.” I said, “What can I do?” He said, “You cannot just write any amount on a check and then try to cash in. That’s illegal.” I said, “This is a real check. This is my check. This is what I get paid every month.” She was like, “What?” She looked at it and studied it. She then said, “You cannot do this. We cannot just put $1.4 million in your hands. Go to the main branch to make an appointment.” I said, “That’s okay, just deposit it.” It happened to me. I want people to realize that the greatest secret in the world is that we have a power far beyond what you could ever imagine. You are the greatest miracle in the world.

You’re a winner from the day you started. I heard it said this way that there are millions of sperm running to win and one of them did. It’s the one that is you. You’re the greatest miracle from the day you were conceived. This world did not produce this incredible ability to slave away and live a mediocre life, no way on Earth. We were produced to do something incredible. Let’s take advantage of it, learn this stuff, reprogram our mind with Og Mandino and let’s become the greatest people that ever lived.

We’re not into closing techniques, but that’s a close everybody. That was fantastic. For those that want to get out and reach out and meet Alan Nagao, you can find him on Facebook and Instagram. He is truly a great friend to many people around the globe. Alan, it’s great to have you, I know the Og Mandino Company, we’re talking many years in the making since that was written. We’re probably nearing probably about 90 years with Think and Grow Rich, in the 1930s. I appreciate your comments, for people that have been here. We’re sponsored by If you do want to take the assessment, it’s free. We are trying to help many people.

Alan, you did such a great job saying it’s not the first time you read it, not the last time, but it’s the final 6 inches. For me, at nineteen years of age, that was a tough 6 inches when I first read it. As I called you and I said, “I’m rereading I Am Nature’s Greatest Miracle.” To know you, to love you as many people do around the world to travel with you as I have, to share stages with you, there is no other person in the world. You, Alan Nagao, not only is the greatest salesman, but you are nature’s greatest miracle. I want to thank you for coming on. I know you’re busy and we sure appreciate you being here.

We love Og Mandino and his book is something. We are committed to studying the whole year one chapter, one scroll for the whole month. You don’t get tired of it. It is something that gets deeper as you go through it. That is my study. All of the work that you are doing is important for everyone. Everybody continues to grow and learn. That’s the world.

“Only principles endure,” as what Og says at the beginning of the book. I hope everybody goes out and makes it the greatest day of your life. Thank you. We’ll look forward to sharing the journey with you and reaching out to more people and helping them recognize the three things you shared, definite main purpose, visualizing your day, and feet on the ground. Bye for now.

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