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Join Dan McCormick as he interviews this week’s Greatest Salesman, Demitrius Siruno! Demitrius has been a serial entrepreneur for 17 years. He started with ice cream shacks and then launched a real estate investment company where he found tremendous success until the market crashed in 2007. That path led Demitrius to network marketing. Always thinking bigger, Demitrius started a solar business in 2018 to diversify his income and soon realized that the long commute and traveling kept him away from his biggest priority – his family. At that time, he decided to get back into network marketing and is now more sure than ever that his passion is in alignment with his beliefs.

Demitrius is grateful to be thriving more than ever – having more time with his family and helping more people win than ever before!

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Aligning Your Energy With What You’re Selling With Demitrius Siruno

Every week, I get to select the greatest salespeople in the world. In this episode, it is none other than Demitrius Siruno. We’re going to have a great time. If you’re new to us, feel free to comment. We love your comments, questions and feedback. We will have a great show. Please feel free to share the show on your Facebook page. We are also on The Greatest Salesman webpage. Check out previous or past events that we’ve had. Rate and comment on the show, and please share it. The show is getting great reviews. We love having everybody. Demitrius what I love to do before we get into how we met and a little bit more personal stuff about your journey being the greatest salesperson, I love to kick off every show by talking about three things that you find shape your life or each and every day of your life.

It’s a pleasure to be here. I’m excited to be here. Dan, I’m a huge fan of you and your work. You’ve helped shape my life and have been an influence in my life for many years, long before we connected. This is an honor to be here with you. The three things that have helped shape my life, number one is prayer. That’s been a huge thing that influenced and shaped my life. People say all the time maybe they don’t believe in God, but they believe in energy in the universe. Prayer simply ties into the Law of Attraction every single day. I heard once early on in my career, “Where attention goes energy flows.”

If we all believe in energy, we all come from energy. If you’re praying a couple of times every day, you’re giving that attention to the energy, whether it’s God, the universe or whatever it is. I believe it’s the same thing for whatever your belief is, because where your attention goes, that energy does flow to that. Being able to pray every day, it comforts me to pray that there’s a higher power out there, that there’s an energy, and that there’s a universe. If I put my energy up to that, I believe that it strengthens you. It gets you closer to your goals, it helps comfort and guide you. Whatever your beliefs are on that, that’s one thing that I do throughout the day constantly.

I’m always putting that energy to where it should go, whether it’s God or the universe. First and foremost, prayer is huge. I’ve relied on it heavily. I believe that we can be influenced by a power greater than us, that we are being watched over by something greater than us. For me, that’s been huge. The second thing that goes with a prayer for me is faith. Faith is believing in something being able to not see it, whether it is God, the universe or energy. We don’t necessarily see it with our eyes, but we can feel it. Having faith means in everything that you do, your energy and your actions are going to be different. If you have faith that if you do those things, it’s going to help you get to the goal that you accomplish, or you want to accomplish. It’s going to help carry you through the dark times. It’s going to help carry you through the difficult days. I’ve had many difficult days, dark times and challenges in my life, but it’s by praying for that help and guidance, and by having the faith that my actions are going to get me closer to where I want to go.

The third thing is taking action. I learned early on in my career as a young man that the learning is in the doing. If you want to learn and accomplish something, you just do it even if you’re bad at first, which you will be, or even if you’re not good at something at first. You’re not going to be good at something you’re getting started with. Being able to say, “It’s okay, I’m going to take action. I’m going to get through that learning curve and I’m going to do it.” It’s prayer, faith and action. It is my upbringing in my church. I heard that early on in my church class. Those are the main staples and I’ve run with it my whole life and it’s served me.

I’m fascinated by this and by how many people are already jumping in and commenting. I’m fascinated by the fact that you’re in the chair now. You are the greatest salesman in the world. Everybody knows that for many years, this has been my morning ritual. I think about these scrolls when I get up and they spring into my mind. Before you tell me the answer to this question, you and your team have sold millions of dollars of products in your particular company in 2019. Prior to that, life wasn’t so rosy. As a matter of fact, the backseat may have smelled a little odd. Do you want to share that story?

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I love the book, The Greatest Salesman. I love sales. I heard early on when I was in college that sales is the highest paid profession in the world. I’m like, “I’m doing that. I wanted to be a part of sales.” I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years. I got into sales early on in my career. I also learned in sales that it is a transfer of energy. However, if your energy is low and isn’t in alignment with what you’re selling anymore and you try to transfer that, what energy are you transferring? You’re transferring crappy energy, disbelief and doubt. You’re not transferring what you should be in order to be successful in sales.

A couple of years ago, I lost my passion for what I was doing. I also heard something early on that had resonated with me. Somebody said, “Find something you’re passionate about. Learn and try to find ways to turn your passion into profits.” That stuck with me. It hit me hard that I’m like, “Turn my passion into profits.” When I no longer was passionate about what I was promoting before, the results, my energy and my happiness went down. I said, “I’m not going to do this anymore. I’m not going to try to fake it,” because in sales, you can’t fake it. You can smell a phony a mile away. If the passion and the fire are not there, then that transfer of energy is going to be felt. You’re not going to be effective.

A couple of years ago, I walked away from another company that I had built. We made millions there but it wasn’t resonating with me. I didn’t feel good every day waking up trying to promote what I was promoting. I was an entrepreneur and real estate investor before this other career that I had. I went back and wanted to start another company. I started a company and I was reminded of the challenges of traditional businesses. It is hard and I learned that. After you have success in the industry of my profession, and you try to go back into doing something where you’re only making money for yourself, once again, I found myself not resonating with my passion. I was reminded of the fact that you find something you’re passionate about and turn that into profits and try to make it profitable.

I wasn’t being true to myself. I wasn’t being true to my passion. I found myself struggling financially. I wasn’t able to fully excel. There are many lessons I’ve learned from The Greatest Salesman. You’ve got to find this rhythm and vibration that you’re in, where you got to vibe with it. Because I wasn’t vibing with what I was doing, I wasn’t fully fulfilling my calling. The energy I was putting out there wasn’t at the high level that could be, so I found myself struggling in that business. I was living in Arizona and Vegas. I was commuting back and forth to my family, which is another topic of not being here with my family in Utah. We were contemplating moving to Arizona to launch my business and then to Vegas.

My family didn’t want to do that. It was hurting me because I wasn’t able to give all my passion and go all in. In 2019, I found myself driving Uber at nights. Here I am, I’ve made millions as a professional. I wasn’t fulfilling my calling like I knew I could and should. I was doing what I had to do to get by, driving Uber. The first week on the job, I picked up a couple. The husband was drunk from dinner and throws up in my car. I was sitting there and I’m like, “Why? What’s going on? Why am I in this situation?” It was a hard place for me to be in because I knew that I wasn’t fulfilling what I felt was my passion. I was trying to turn what I was doing, trying to get passionate, trying to believe in what I was doing, but the belief wasn’t there from the beginning.

It was just a struggle for me. We’ve gone through tough times. You read about Og Mandino. You read about all the struggles that he had in his life. I look back now and I appreciate it. You learn from all these struggles. It sucks going through and you hate going through it. You always try to remember that there is going to be light at the end of the tunnel soon. You get through it but it was rough. Driving Uber is not fulfilling, not making a difference and not paying the bills.

GSW 16 | Being In Alignment

Being In Alignment: If your energy is low and isn’t aligned with what you’re selling, you’re not transferring what you should be to be successful in sales.


That’s a great story because I love how Napoleon Hill sets the framework of what you said, that when money starts to come, it comes so fast and furious. We ask the question, “Where has it been during all of these lean years?” What you did was you gave us a fantastic opportunity to see how our lives are in harmony with the principles that we want. I love that you turn your passion into profits. You’re dropping some bombs for our audience here that are fantastic. I’m seeing people comment. They know the book. If you haven’t read the book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, go buy it and begin the journey.

You said Og had troubles. Here’s an alcoholic. Here’s a man with a wife and a daughter that didn’t want to see him. Lo and behold, he turns to that library door that was open. The library door for all of us is always open. It was a literal library for him. If you’re new with us, on behalf of the Og Mandino Company, we’re going to give you a free assessment. It’s at That’s a couple of hundred dollars value to see how your thoughts are in alignment with the principles, the habits, and the reference points that Og is leading us. It is an honor each and every week to find the greatest salespeople in the world. You did such a great job of sharing with us how you brought everything into alignment.

One of the things that Og wrote at the beginning of the book, and I’m going to ask you not to go here before we get into some more specifics to your journey. Og says, “Hafid, I’ve always counted on your friendship as being one of my greatest assets.” I’m using the character Hafid at the beginning of the book. When Og said that, your life changed because of a relationship with one of our previous guests on the show, one of the greatest salespeople in the world, and that’s Lance Conrad. You guys stayed in touch as friends and waiting for that perfect harmonious moment to say, “We can bless each other’s lives here.”

I remember the first time I met with Lance. I was trying to recruit him. He was trying to recruit me. We were playing that game. We came to the conclusion, “Let’s agree to disagree and we’ll just be friends.” He was like, “I’m somebody that you want to keep in touch with. I am somebody you want in your network.” He said it with such conviction and go back to the passion. I was like, “We’re going to be good friends.” Over the past several years, I can’t even count how many secret meetings we’ve had looking at opportunities and trying to recruit each other.

It was November 2019 that I made the decision that I was going to walk away from what I was doing in Las Vegas. The commuting took its toll on my family and kids. We had a hard time dealing with that. Our income was going down. Our bills were going up and it went back to me praying about it and having the faith that something was going to happen. Something had to give. As entrepreneurs, we don’t break, we bend. We adjust to it. I heard once as a kid, “When life gets too hard to stand, you kneel and you ask for guidance.” I did that that morning and I had a distinct impression to reach out to my good friend, Lance. I sent him a text message. He called me within two seconds.

I was like, “That was quick. What’s up? What are you doing?” He was like, “I was just thinking about you.” I’m like, “That’s crazy. I was just thinking about you.” It was such a clear impression to reach out to him that morning. I trusted him and what a blessing it is to be able to have good friends that you know you can count on and they’re doing some big things. They’re always going to have your back and your best interest in mind. I did that and that’s how we got into the opportunity that we have now. It’s cool to be able to look back at that moment and say how special that is.

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I believe we all are a part of a greater plan and a greater work here. I believe the higher powers that be use other people a lot of times in life to answer prayers or whatever energy you’re putting out to the universe. Whether it’s despair or hope, you’re going to get that answer. It’s going to come through the form of sometimes a person that we know. That was that answer for me, my good friend Lance. I’m grateful for that because it’s completely changed the course of my life and many lives with that opportunity.

Congratulations to you. One of the things that I enjoy observing as the ambassador to the Og Mandino Company is when I asked that question at the top of the episode, to be able to get the feedback of the entrepreneur, the greatest salesperson in the world, and then to see throughout the show how they continually referenced those three things to see the alignment your life has, and to see the genuine, authentic Demitrius. It looks like some of your team likes to call you D. D is in the house dropping bombs. He’s doing an unbelievable job because he’s aligned with his mission. What I want to do is share your one line with what you’re saying that Og wrote in the book. Scroll number ten is the Salesman’s Prayer.

When he says that, “I will pray for guidance,” essentially you found yourself at that moment in time. Isn’t it amazing? For all of our readers, whether you’re reading this six weeks, six months or six years from now, and you read Demitrius and you want to reach out to him, you can find him on Facebook and YouTube. You can find him out there on social. I love how Og says, “I will pray for guidance.” He goes on and says, “I will pray as a salesman in this manner.” As you said, it’s the highest reward profession in the world. Take a lot of other industries out of the world, whether it’s accountants, lawyers and whatnot, you might have some disharmony. You take the salesman out of the world and everything stops. You prayed for guidance. You made that connection. When I asked you the question to share with me the three things, is it something that resonates with you every day? Do you wake up and know that prayer is the first thing for you? In the book of Daniel, he said he prayed three times a day. I think you brought that up.

It’s my understanding of the power of habit and how habits can control your life, good or bad. We’re doing something every single day that shapes our future. On the flip side, something to think about too is also what we’re not doing every day that also defines our future so you get to choose. Your future is being defined either way. For me, understanding that early on, creating that habit, developing that habit of doing that every single day and listening. It’s helped guide me a lot in my life. I know it can guide a lot of people as well. It’s cool and comforting for me. It was such a comfort as a young kid learning that reading in the Bible, “Ask and you shall receive. Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” The comfort of a young boy, knowing that there’s something up there, it hit me so hard. I’m like, “That’s so beautiful.” During the dark times and the good times, it’s helped me shape my life as I’ve listened and looked and was seeking that guidance. I’m grateful for that for sure, but it was creating the habit every single day.

Og says, “I’ll give you 75 to 1 odds that you’ll finish the scrolls, that you’ll do it three times a day for nine months.” He says that at the beginning of The Greatest Secret in the World. You’ve been able to find a rhythm and Og is trying to challenge people to find that rhythm to life. Whether it’s Daniel praying three times a day, or it’s Demitrius and Ashley praying three times a day, individually or as a family, there’s a real rhythm to your life. You can feel it. Sometimes when you have a rhythm to your life, the systems aren’t always there to support the dreams. You and your team have created a system for success. How do you lean on the system to add leverage to your life?

That’s a great point. Too many times, when you’re working with people, many people have a system but they don’t fully sell out to the system. What they do is they start managing people and it becomes very hard if there is no system. If you focus on a system instead of managing people, all you have to do is manage a system. A system is so easy. The system does all the heavy lifting for you. The system is the blueprint. All you have to do is focus, manage, fine-tune, live and sell out to the system. Everything reverts back to the system. The system doesn’t change. The system is not emotional. However, people are emotional.

GSW 16 | Being In Alignment

Being In Alignment: Find something you are passionate about and try to make it profitable.


I believe the number one killer in a salesman career is emotion. The book talks about you have to learn to master your emotions and not let your emotions master you. It’s easier said than done. When you start to recognize that and you take emotion out of it, you see a system is not based on emotion. A system is based on actions that people take. You refer back to the system. All we do is we found a system that works. We manage the system. We don’t worry about managing people because it’s impossible to manage people. People are different. People change every day. Someone’s happy one day and the next day, they’re not happy, emotional or sad. We found a system that is simple.

We found a system that anybody can do. We wanted to keep it super simple and fun. In today’s world, we’re at the height of the gig economy where now more than ever, people need $500,000 a month. People need something simple. They need it now. We found that and we wanted to develop that, and create something for the masses that they can do. They plug into it and do it. They don’t need to think about it. When people need to think about something, they talk themselves out of doing it. It becomes over-complicated. They get paralysis from analysis. They can’t move because they got to start thinking about things. We wanted to create something so simple that anybody can do and people can see quick results with.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that you made time in your day to say the things that you just said, dropping massive wisdom bombs for everybody. My wife had Stephen Covey as a professor in college. He teaches what you just said by saying that you lead people, you manage things. You gave us a brilliant description of that systematic approach to leveraging your life so that you’ve got thousands and tens of thousands of people that utilize your system. Would you say every day that thousands of people are using your system?

Absolutely. I’m going to give you an example. We started a Facebook group, a customer testimonial experience group. That group was me and my wife, Ashley, and Ricky V and his wife, Jessica. We knew we saw what we wanted to create. We started this group and there were four of us in the group. We wanted to make it about experiences. We wanted to make it fun. We wanted to make it duplicatable. Our very first post in there was my wife. She posted a testimonial and that testimonial got four likes. It was me, Ricky, her and Jessica. Now, because of the simplicity of the system, that group has grown to over 330,000 members worldwide in ten months. I look at that. I’m like, “The simplicity.” Success and speed are synonymous with simplicity. If you can streamline and keep it simple, you’ve got a great recipe to win. That’s what we’ve seen. That’s one example of the simplicity of a system and keeping it simple and fun.

I didn’t know you were going to bring up the scroll that says, “I will be the master of my emotions.” I thought that as Uber driver and people throwing up in the back seat of your car, somewhere along the line, you had to own that “I will be the master of my emotions.” Our audience, we don’t know where they are at. We know that they’re inspired by being here. They’re inspired by you and your leadership. Og says, “The tides advance, the tides recede. Winter goes and Summer comes. Summer wanes and the cold increases.” He talks about in this scroll. I challenge everyone to go study that because of what you gave us to be the master of our emotions, and then let the system do what systems do like onboarding people.

They take the heavy lifting off of you. What Og does is gives us a philosophical approach and a system for living personal development. It’s a brilliant thing. It is great that you’d take the time to be here. I hope a lot of people will take the book back out again. Go to and see if they can align those thoughts up. The Og Mandino company help you for free. It generally costs $120 but we’ll let you do it for free here. In your personal journey, what would be a book that you’re reading? What is something that’s on your mind now in terms of your own personal growth?

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I’ve been reading The Millionaire Training from Mr. Larry Thompson. We’ve got a lot of mutual friends and similar mentors. He’s helped me a ton. The stories of success and of people finding their alignment, you look at people that are the most successful. I believe it comes down to they found a way to turn their passions into the profits that they are now having. I heard somebody once say, “When you love what you do, you never have to work another day in your life.” I feel like the year and a half prior to what I’m doing was work.

Every single day, I had to get myself in a mindset to be able to go to work and do. Now every single day, I wake up happy, excited and full of passion. I wake up with a desire to serve and to help. When you have that kind of alignment in your life, the obstacles that seemed so big and insurmountable before aren’t so bad. They don’t look as big because you’re in such alignment that there are no obstacles. There are only opportunities to get better and to grow. You fall in love with the growth. You fall in love with the journey. I’ll tell you every single day I wake up and it’s such a blessing to know that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’m making a difference. Money’s no longer an issue, but we have an opportunity to serve and help.

That’s my passion. Maybe that’s not your passion, but I challenge anybody who reads this to evaluate what your passion is. Look for ways that you can turn that passion into profits because if you’re not in alignment, whatever you do, it’s going to be a struggle and you’re not going to be fulfilled. I heard, maybe it was Tony Robbins say, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” Some people are successful. Some people think they are successful, but they’re not fulfilled. We have the success, but we have the fulfillment with it. What a blessing that is and it can happen to anybody. It’s a matter of being persistent until you succeed and showing up and giving yourself that opportunity to fail. It’s okay to fail. You’re going to fail. It’s all right, but when you find it, you go all-in on it. That’s another key thing. Don’t mess around with it anymore. Life is so short. It’s going by like this. I can’t believe I already got a kid that’s about to graduate from high school. That blows my mind.

You pulled out another scroll. You said, “I will persist until I succeed.” You got the scrolls wired. It’s great to listen to you and how they’re part of your language. I love how you shared with us how to be a better friend. If you want to be a better friend, prove the concept of friendship by being a better friend. If you want to prove love, love. If you want to prove prayer, pray. You gave us a master presentation on your journey of being the greatest salesperson in the world. I can’t thank you enough. I know your time and your team is dying to talk to you. I’m sure you’re getting so many comments, but I just want to thank you. In closing, I look forward to sharing the journey with you longer and having you reach out. Hopefully, you have more people who share the journey with Og and The Greatest Salesman. Hopefully, people will go take that assessment. In closing, what would you say to some of the people that see you on stage and they see you’re the greatest salesman, but they’re not where they want to be yet?

I would say I’m not where I want to be just yet. I don’t think there’s ever a point. That’s where I’m at in my life now. I realized that I used to say, “How could I be there?” Now I’m here and I’m like, “There’s so much more to go. There are many more lives to change. There are many more challenges to overcome.” That’s part of the journey. We all have an opportunity to grow in this life. If you’re not growing, then you’re dying. If you’re not focusing on becoming better, everything is changing around us. You have to be willing to keep on growing. If you’re fulfilled now, you need to change your perspective because there’s so much more you can do.

There never is a there, where we get there. It’s just a journey. If you can’t enjoy the journey where you’re at, I’ll tell you when you get to where you think you want to go and you think you’re going to get the satisfaction that you’re going to have, it’s not going to be there because there’s never an end to it. The key is to be content with where you’re at. Be happy with where you’re at, enjoy it, whether it’s good or bad because without pleasure, we don’t understand pain. Also, without the pain, we don’t fully appreciate the pleasure. In the downtimes, look for ways to learn from it, understand it’s temporary. This too shall pass. It’s going to end soon. Try to look for lessons that you can learn while you’re there and look for more ways to serve.

GSW 16 | Being In Alignment

Being In Alignment: Habits can control your life, good or bad.


Maybe you’re talking about a funk or they are in a funk. One thing that’s helped me every single time to get a funk is to look for ways to serve other people. When you start focusing on helping other people, making a difference in someone else’s life, whether it’s a family member or whoever, all of a sudden you forget about your own little trials or problems or issues. Every opportunity we have or everything we go through in life is a lesson. Someone once said, “There are no good experiences or bad experiences. There are only learning experiences.” As long as you’re learning from those experiences, you’re going to be fine.

Life is going to be what it is. There are ebbs and flows. There are ups and downs. There are challenges and victories. Enjoy where you’re at and learn from it, have fun, go out, serve people, and make a difference. The last thing I’ll say is the alignment that I’ve experienced now, I’ve tried to fight that. I’ve tried to do things. I’ve tried to chase the dollar. If you just chase the dollar and you try to turn that into your passion, it’s going to be difficult. You’re going to have challenges because there are lots of ways that I could make money.

I was making a lot of money with what I was doing. I wasn’t passionate about it. I would wake up and I didn’t feel good about that. Maybe you have to ask yourself for those asking the same questions. Maybe you’re not in your passion and maybe you’re trying to turn it into your passion. That’s what I would say is look for more of your passion and what you can get excited about, and go all-in doing whatever it is as if you can make money with it.

We’ve been well fed. It’s been rich. You quoted Wally Wattles. I don’t even know if you knew you quoted Wally Wattles in the 1907 incredible classic financial success, The Science of Getting Rich. You can never go beyond where you currently are until you’re currently grateful for what you currently have. Thank you. I am so filled and fired up. I hope everybody will feel the same way about sharing this episode. You can go to You can go to podcast sites. You can download it. It’s going to be a thrill to have your partner with us here again.

You’re a rockstar. It’s been an honor to be here and to share time with you. I appreciate everything you stand for and everything that you’ve done. You’ve sacrificed a lot of your time to be able to inspire and to help people to make a difference. I want you to know you’ve made a big difference in my life. You’ve been an inspiration for me. You think about the lives that we’ve touched because of the influence that you have. The influence that people have on here is far greater than what they understand and what they can see. Continue serving. Thank you. You are making a big difference and let’s go change some lives. Let’s go have some fun.

Have the greatest day of your life, everybody. Bye for now.

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