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Business is all about relationships, and building and developing meaningful relationships will make all the difference in your success. On today’s show, Dan McCormick interviews this week’s Greatest Salesman – father-son duo, Tom and Adrian Chenault!

The Co-founder and the inspiration behind Contact MappingTom Chenault developed the ideas and philosophy that underpin the app over a four-decade career spanning successful turns in hospitality, corporate sales, financial services, and network marketing. Tom is the leading voice of the Home Based Business Industry and hosts a national weekly radio show. He was recently inducted into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame along with his wife, Denice.

After seven years in finance leadership at Rackspace, Adrian Chenault joined his father, Tom, as the CEO and Co-founder of Contact Mapping. He recognized an opportunity to take the principles of Contact Mapping pioneered by his father and infuse technology to make it easy for people of any industry to achieve greater success and connection in their lives.

Tune in to listen to their discussion about personal development, network marketing, and the importance of building and developing meaningful relationships in business.

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Contact Mapping: Developing Meaningful Relationships With Tom And Adrian Chenault

It’s good to have Tom Chenault in the house. Welcome to the show. This is episode number 24. It is something that we are having a blast with the Ambassador of the Og Mandino company. The opportunity to speak with the greatest salespeople in the world each and every week is a riveting experience for me. I know it’s going to be our first father and son combination ever. If you’re new to the podcast, go ahead and like, comment, and leave a review on the show. You can watch us and comment as we’re on Facebook and YouTube. There’s a share button right there and give us some feedback as we get going.

We’re going to crank it up here and we’re going to have a great rate time. If everybody is familiar or not familiar with the great Og Mandino, it was many years ago when this great little gem came out on the stages of Amway Corporation in 1968. It’s when Rich DeVos said, “Everybody should read this book.” That was the start of this unbelievable thing called The Greatest Salesman Journey. Og had a special way of living life and writing about life. Tom, you and I have known each other since 2007 when I first came on your show and my book came out called the Lessons from Great Lives. 

It’s an honor to have you both here. How are you guys doing?

It is awesome to be here.

I have never been more excited to do a show in my life. You are like a mentor and a father to me. I love you and your friends that you hang out with like Jeff Roberti, Jeff Weisberg, and Harris Williams. You hang with the big dogs. I’m in total awe of you. I’ve watched so many of your interviews and we’re happy to be in number 24 and everything rocks in what you’re doing, the legacy and the people that have at finder. People can get hold of the same tools that made you what you are. People can be what they can be is unbelievable. Thank you for letting me be a part of this.

Adrian, it’s great to have you. When I was on your podcast, we talked a lot about the greatest salesman. Og had a philosophy for living. You guys asked me some deep questions that day. Tom was even a little shocked that I would go that deep because most humans don’t go that deep and personal. It was educational for me but I thought like, “What an incredible thing if we had the greatest salespeople in the world.” Tom bringing his son on the show. I’ve asked you guys to revisit The Greatest Salesman Podcast. What I love to do on every episode is to start off by asking people when they’re in that chair.

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Tom, you have the longest running radio show in the history of network marketing. It’s an amazing thing that you do with the people here from Scotland. We used to get people from Africa, Australia, and Austria. On behalf of the time reference of what I like to do from a time value proposition, Adrian, what are three things that you think that has shaped your life growing up in the footsteps of your father and watching network marketing, being a part of it, and then moving into this incredible thing called Contact Mapping?

That interweaves my story of experiencing the greatest salesman and the story of my upbringing. One of the biggest gifts that I received from my dad was a very early on and ongoing gift of personal development. At a young age, he gave me this book of Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Kiyosaki, and all these books. I would be lying if I said that I poured over these books as an 11, 12, and 13-year-old. You’re de-grudgingly reading them. Half the time I would get summer jobs. I was a big baseball card collector as a kid. Dad would give me a job. Half of it would be data entry and half of it is he would give us books as kids and say, “Read this book on the clock.” I appreciated that because if he had said, “Here’s a book, kid. Read it.” I never would have cracked it but because it was like, “If you want to pay me to read a book then I’ll read a book.”

I read those books even though I wasn’t fully ready to receive them in the way that I am now as an adult. It was fun because I had not read this book in a long time. It was awesome going back to it with fresh eyes as an adult. It got inside of me. I was able to avoid a lot of pitfalls by having some of these early principles and early lessons that came from these books and came from Winmark’s education which was a big part of his life. Alcoholics Anonymous is a big part of his life and he’ll talk about these things. On a second order, I was able to receive a lot of wisdom as a young kid from him and that shaped so much of my life.

Did you put all three in one answer or no? I take note of this and I didn’t write it down very clear, but I wrote down number one, personal development. I wasn’t sure if you went a step further.

I didn’t answer the question that well. Personal development was a big one. Entrepreneurship was the second one. He would plant a seed. When I was in fourth grade or so, that was in 1994 when the eBay craze first took off and everybody was trying to figure out eBay. It was all the rage. People were buying stuff on there like crazy but most people didn’t know how to sell stuff on there. He encouraged me and helped me to set up. I would go door-to-door with fliers, I created a little eBay consignment business, and I would take people’s stuff and sell it. I knew how to do that.

I’d go take the pictures, I’d sell it for him on eBay, I would go and fulfill the orders or box them up, he would take them to the post office for me and ship the stuff wherever all over the country. To have learned that at a young age, talk to adults, and follow through on your word, people are giving you stuff that has some value out of their garage. How to figure out stuff on your own was number three. In the early days after my parents divorced, there was a significant period of time where there were exactly four consumable items in my dad’s apartment, a 50-pound bag of white rice, a fridge and freezer full of T-bone stick, milk that was usually spoiled, and wheatgrass in flats.

GSW 24 | Contact Mapping

Contact Mapping: Things move a lot faster when you build relationships with people and are willing to look at them face-to-face.


I had to learn how to figure out a lot of things. I taught myself to cook, iron, do laundry, and a whole host of other things. I laugh about that because she was hopeless as a mom. He was much better as a dad, and when he had the baby, it was not so good. I had to learn how to do that stuff. That helped me later on in life. I didn’t expect people to do stuff for me. I had to learn how to figure out stuff for myself and most of my life. Isn’t that complicated if you are willing to show up?

It’s great to have you, Tom. We haven’t spent a lot of time in person together over the years. It’s mostly been on phone and video. When you think back on your career and how it started, Og had his thing like, “Today, I begin a new life.” Coming from that interesting place in life. Did you give any thought to the three things that you think have shaped your life?

Number one, I got things by being nice to people. Having unbelievable charisma was a secret weapon. In my early life, I didn’t have any integrity or honesty to go with that so I was a charismatic juvenile delinquent which is a terrible combination, but charisma was one of them. The second one was an insanely unbelievable work ethic. I have found that the nicer I am to people, the more I get things and I’ve never lost that. The three things that would define me are the same things that define me many years ago to my detriment which was, I was nice, charismatic and could be also called manipulative. The third one is I worked. When you were sleeping, I was working. As a result of that, I accomplished much early, but most of them ended up badly because my intentions were good but my outcomes came up back.

It’s fascinating to hear both of you say that. One of the things that I was so fascinated with when I was on your show is the fact that I could see the son and the father. Stephen Covey says, “When you’re raising your kids, you’re raising your grandkids.” When you’re teaching those things, I’m confident that Adrian not only received the wisdom, but he’s now sharing the wisdom and he’s teaching that. Would you find that is intuitive on you, Adrian, because you were taught those things and principles at a young age?

I don’t know if this is exactly where it came from my dad but it’s ingrained in me. My dad would say over and over again to us as kids, “Catch people doing things right.” He was good at that. Everything that he did well as a dad. That is truly a hallmark of what made him a great dad. I’m reading through and I had marked this because I was wanting to be able to refer to my favorite. It said, “Always, I will dig for reasons to applaud. Never will I scratch for excuses to gossip. When I’m tempted to criticize, I will bite my tongue. When I am moved to praise, I will shout it from the roofs.” I try to do that with our kids. I don’t always succeed but that’s an important value. It’s something that helped me so much in my upbringing. It is cool to think about that generationally.

I don’t have it handy here right now. Tell me what scroll you’re in on that.

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That scroll too.

It would live in my heart. I relisten to Og’s book. I like to listen to Og’s voice because there’s such genuine authenticity to that. As I was relistening, I heard those words and that’s awesome stuff. Tom, I did something similar and I bought copies. You can see my Og Mandino wall there. I bought copies for all of my kids. I was at the Denver bookstore and the big megastore, Tattered Cover Book Store. I saw these little copies and bought that little copy for each of my kids. When they were 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, we were reading these things, and they were like, “Dad, we’re going to read another scroll and we’re going to read these seven habits again.” We’re going through these things. Tom, that is a brilliant thing. Where did it start for you? What was the turning point?

When I got sober many years ago, Adrian was four. His sister was born two weeks after I got sober. I knew I was dangerously smart that I could get away with murder if I wanted to. I knew all those other things and there was no way in the world than I wanted my kids. When faced with that fork in the road, I take the easy path. I’ve always been a talk show host. When Adrian’s sister was growing up, I poured these books on these kids because I wanted them to see the high road the whole way. I had a three hour a day radio job every morning during Drive Time talking about stocks on the stock market. I’m like a football player. When we hired Courtney as my personal assistant, all she would do is come in and read those books all day long.

The reason I did that was because I’d read the books and the books made me a tremendous salesman but I didn’t have the integrity, authenticity, and vulnerability piece. When I finally got to Og Mandino and a couple of other books, I got the whole picture, and what it was like to be a good human being. I realized that I had messed up 37 years of my life, but by God, I wasn’t going to let my kids do the same thing to their life because they happen to be slick. It worked out. All three kids have got unbelievable integrity now of which I am most proud. They can still sell ice to an Eskimo but they don’t ever do it to anybody else’s detriment.

For those that are joining us on the show, whether it’s weeks or months from now, you’re tuning in on the show, whether you’re on Spotify, iHeart, or wherever you pick it up, go to and you pick up any or all of the shows. This is the wisdom that is personal, near, and dear. What it comes down to is it’s relatable because you got a real story. Og says on the website, “I lived through ten years of a living hell. Waking up to that bottle and trying to face those alcoholism challenges, losing the wife, the daughter, and all of those things.” It was a living hell is what he said and I imagine, Tom, you coming on here. When you found that, you’re on the radio, and you’re doing those kinds of things. When did network marketing creep into your life?

Last was on the block. I’ve been a successful restaurant guy. I drank myself out of that and ended up a very drunken but successful airplane salesman which is the worst combination in the world. I didn’t want to be in the airplane because someone could get killed so I would be on the ground drinking, selling those airplanes, and I was good at it. I became a stockbroker and made a lot of money. In 1988, my income was about $800,000. I got two DUIs and two disturbing the peace in one month. That was bad news for everybody. I got sober and the sponsor that helped me get sober said, “You’ve got to stop doing what got you drunk in the first place.”

I thought he meant my job so I quit my brokerage job. I was unemployable. I weighed about 100 pounds more than I weigh right now. I was purple. No one wanted to take a shot at me. I hang grenade with a pimple and it was no chance. I tried to get a job from my restaurant background at a place called Dandelion. They told me that the uniforms wouldn’t fit. They didn’t have a uniform big enough. I saw an ad in the paper to work on the railroad as a waiter. I went down for that job and they told me I wouldn’t fit in the aisles. Taco Bell was the next stop. I came home one day, opened up a newspaper, God is great, and out fell a slip of paper. It’s an unlimited income opportunity, no credit check, and no background check. I said, “I have a home. I have found my calling.”

GSW 24 | Contact Mapping

Contact Mapping: What’s missing in network marketing isn’t more skills. It’s more love, more relatedness, more block belonging, more trust, and more integrity.


I called the guy up. I’m not an arrogant and ego-driven stockbroker. There is no way I’m doing multilevel marketing on everybody’s prospect for years and no chance. I said, “Is it true?” He goes, “What?” I said, “Unlimited income opportunity.” He said, “Yes.” I said, “No credit check?” He said, “No.” I said, “No background check?” He said, “No.” I said, “When can I start?” He said, “Right now.” I said, “I’m in.” That’s how it started. It was the last house on the block. There was no option for failure. I had the second gift of desperation in my life. My first gift to desperation was my sobriety. The second one was, I had to feed that family, that little four-year-old named Adrian, and his little sister. They were coming off of an $800,000 a year lifestyle. I had to make hay while the sunshine and I jumped in with both feet, screwed it up so big time. It was unbelievable until I didn’t, and the rest is history.

That’s what Lorraine is saying here. She was in finance that helped her relate to you. Sharon’s on the screen talking about how you’re helping to fulfill a need. It’s interesting because I wouldn’t have been at the top of anybody’s list. There’s no way. I’m a nineteen-year-old broken guy, no self-esteem, self-image, self-worth, and net worth. Isn’t that the case was many people in network marketing? When we finally find our path, we find someone willing to teach us the principles, and we say, “Why not me? Why not now?”

Adrian, I’m curious for you as you’ve moved through the world of network marketing and into the world of business with Contact Mapping, assisting network marketing, small business people, and becoming the greatest salesperson in the world for that. You put me in touch with Harvey a few months ago, Tom, and I hadn’t talked to him in a few years. He’s got every contact written down and tagged down since he was ten. You guys have a system for that. How did it all evolve for you, Adrian?

Harvey is a legend. That guy’s amazing. I grew up watching as my dad figured these things out. He understood the power of his contacts before I was born. When we created Contact Mapping, one of my uncles is my godfather and also was one of dad’s business partners in the stock brokerage business way back in the day. I call him and I’m telling him about what we’re getting ready to do with Contact Mapping. He goes, “You realize that your dad taught me how to do that in 1978. We had a system where we’d have a stack of legal pads and we would take notes on every single client call, and then we had a system of note cards.”

Dan would call on the phone, we’d pulled Dan’s card out, hand it to the secretary, and it would say, “The last call with Dan is on pad 300, page 14, line 23.” She would grab that note pad, run it to you, and you’d go, “Dan, how are the kids?” You’d ask him everything by name and all the specifics. They had this crazy system in the ‘70s and it was acting. He’s done this forever. I watched him do that and how devoted people were to him because of how devoted and how well he remembered them.

That subconsciously got into my bloodstream. I went into the corporate world. For a host of reasons, I’m the oldest kid, big shoes to fill, and tightly wound as my dad likes to tell me. Network marketing was a little too woo-woo for me at that time. That was my story that I told myself. I went off into corporate finance and the business world but to a huge degree, far more than I realized or appreciated at the time. What made me unique in my corporate career was my ability to build relationships with people. I worked for a big technology company. I was in finance. Most of my friends were on spreadsheet, slingers, and hid behind the computer.

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I would walk across the building and go talk to the VP of sales and say, “We got to figure this thing out.” It was a surprise, things move a lot faster when you build relationships with people, and you’re willing to go look at them face-to-face. That led one thing to another. I ended up going to the international part of the business and becoming this bridge builder all through the business. That was how I became known in that company. We had this moment of realization that our paths had seemingly been completely different but there was this parallel of the way that we prioritize relationships that we connected people together. There was huge value in that. Several years ago, it was time for me to step away from that.

I had always wanted to start a company and yet never had known what that was going to look like or what the idea was that lit me on fire. There was this lightning bolt moment where we realized that Contact Mapping was the idea. It’s exactly the four-year anniversary of that. December 24th, 2016, Christmas Eve, I’m in the shower, and I had this download from God. It was clear as day. I jumped out and I dried off. I was staying at my mom’s and I sent him this email with subject line, “What if contact mapping is the idea?” Contact Mapping was his philosophy already. The idea was born that day and it immediately took on a life of its own.

The address for people to contact you and find out more about Contact Mapping is at If your new to The Greatest Salesman, this is what we do. Each and every week at 2:00, Wisdom Wednesday, we bring on the greatest salespeople in the world whether they’re selling, how to stay in contact, how to be mindful of all those contacts instead of searching for those ideas and remind me who you are, where did we meet, and all that stuff. You got all that stuff solved right there at Tom, you must be proud of your son. You mentioned you’re proud of all your kids. It’s an awesome thing to think about.

I know that I maybe don’t pride myself on being the most organized contact mapping person, but what I do pride myself on is staying in. All the contacts in the world aren’t going to do you any good unless you use the contacts. What I love to do is I’ll be driving down the road, I’ll hit someone’s name, and I’ll call them out of the blue. I love staying in touch. Talk about how do you use this in your life. You’re on stage in front of tens of thousands of people at one event, you’re on your show with Marianne Niehaus, and you’re talking to thousands of people every week. How do you do it?

I’ll have a problem doing it. I went from the yellow pads to note cards like a little Dewey Decimal System. When I was in the restaurant business, we had 75,000 people a month going through this restaurant. We were the most popular restaurant in Littleton, Colorado. The food sucked. We were right next door to a mortuary. The clientele was 100. They would come there, have mashed potatoes, and then die. They’re with the family and would walk in the door and we would grab the person least likely to get a compliment at that party. We take a look at it, see what they liked most about themselves, and compliment them on it like the grandmother with the gray hair, all the hairspray, and the earrings, and then we would jot it down.

Next Sunday, they’d come back in either with or without the grandmother. We’d say, “What about Grandma Rosie? I loved those earrings.” Those people came back forever for that lousy food because they will remember and I learned that. I took that list to the airplane business, I took the airplane list to the stock business, and then I took all those lists to the network marketing business. I’ve got friends and no one has connections like mine. I’ll take Harvey Mackay, Bob Bodine, Richard Brook on any day of the week. What you said was profound, nobody follows up. I’m good at interviewing people, documenting them, but when Intel Adrian built that app, I thought it was the team of follow up, and I suck.

GSW 24 | Contact Mapping

Contact Mapping: For you to win the day in business, network marketing, or anything else, you have to become a better human being.


He has changed my life because everybody’s on a rotation and no one knows they’re on a rotation. If they have had anywhere near the systems I’ve got, they would look at their phone and realize almost to the day that every three months, Tom Chenault not calls or text to say, “Hi.” He never tries to sell anything. He says, “I love you,” or whatever it is I said to him. All that touched on us. All of a sudden, he goes, “Your dirty dog doesn’t love me.” I’m on a rotation but none of us autoresponders or any of that horseman knew where that your company has got or all those other stuff that is like, “It’s a trick.” It’s not a trick. We don’t have any preset stuff. We want it to come from your heart because everything is firing your brain, hire your heart. You’re smarter than me, Dan. Adrian is smarter than me. Everybody is smarter than me. It’s been so many years since anybody looked at my report card. We don’t even like smart people. We like people like this. You can’t outlove me, there’s no way, and that’s the thing.

You can’t outlove me. That is something to behold. I hope you guys are having as much fun as I am. If anybody’s new to the show, we want to welcome you. We know that we talk about the greatest salesman a lot because you can feel your heart for people. Og says, “I will greet this day with love in my heart.” That’s scroll number two. Those are the words that I wake up to every morning for many years because I didn’t have it. I didn’t know what it was like to love, care, be kind, and to be interested. You’re living that with building in something powerful. I have coined a phrase between some of the people on the show and some that have not been on the show yet and that is, “Money loves speed, success loves speed, but speed loves simplicity.”

You’ve built a system to allow more money to come faster because success will come faster if you keep it simple on the Contact Mapping. We’re in the business of people and sharing in the world of network marketing products and services to change lives. I love how you guys have shared that. If there’s anybody reading for the first time, and you’re not familiar with the Og Mandino company like Adrian and Tom are, we give away a free assessment. That assessment is to help you align your life with the principles that Og has teaching. He had a life of a living hell for ten years. He gets a job with W. Clement Stone. He gets to exercise these wonderful things that he did as a kid. Right in such a way that it is a philosophical approach to life that is truly the essence of life which is serving other people.

If you’ll go to, we can help you align your habits. We’ve got over 150,000 network marketers that have taken this assessment. It’s free. It’s got a value of over $100 and you can do that. Learn your results in a matter of minutes and hopefully, you will. I reread the book all the time, Adrian. You said you went back and reread it and it was an eye-opener. Walk us through that because it’s usually someone who read this 10, 20, 30 years ago. I had guests that read it in 1976. It was a life-changer. They were my guests on the show because they looked at me and they said, “Dan, we’re going to be on your show because we trust you.” It’s a great compliment. What did you notice as you went back and reread, Adrian?

Two things. One is the story itself. I appreciated the story in a way that I didn’t as a younger person. To feel this sense of the ancient grounding of these principles because they are. Og didn’t invent this stuff. He distilled it and he pulled it together because these things are timeless and you can feel that in the story and the scrolls. As you get older, you realize the benefit and the value of having these little touchstones to come back to whether it’s Proverbs or these scrolls, sayings, and things that you can catch yourself in a moment when you’re at that fork in the road where I could go back to some program or way of doing things. I’ve done that 100 times.

I know it doesn’t serve me. I’m pissed off or whatever I’ve got going on at this moment. I could go here but I will greet the day with love in my heart. I can catch myself and it’s simple enough that you can hold those things in memory and be able to regrind yourself and take a different action. That’s the biggest thing that I’m carrying forward and cherishing about this. I went through it in preparation for the show but now I want to go back and spend more time with each scroll and get that ingrained into my subconscious.

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We can put Cathy Malter’s comment. It’s interesting when something has been around a long time, we lose the freshness and the enthusiasm for it. Og lists his favorite ten books and one of the original, The Greatest Success in the World book. That’s the journalized version of The Greatest Secret. It’s nothing more than that. What’s great is that Cathy brings it to life to say, “When you first discover something, it doesn’t matter if it’s thousands of years old or a couple of days old. It’s new, exciting, and fresh.” It’s like, “Where have I been?” Each and every day, I get to wake up with those words. Tom, when do you think you first read the book? Was there anything you think of when you think about Og Mandino and the scroll?

It’s one of the most timeless books ever written. I first read it in the early ‘80s. I was trying to be sober without quitting drinking, I went on this real tangent of personal development on top of the alcohol, which was a serious error. I thought I could heal a spiritual problem with a physical. As a result of that, I won’t start counting anything until post-1988, Dan. I’ve been thinking about what you said about trust because you’re in another book with Larry and Taylor. When I read your book with those guys, I realized that you guys think from a different place than most people in the network marketing space.

People out in the network marketing space are all thinking that the next training is going to solve their problem instead of looking in the mirror and looking at what you know. You said that something important about trust. What we have found at is that we believe that to get anything even moving in any conversation, you have to have the BLT. That means people have to belong to your tribe. They have to know you love them, can trust you, and safe with you. If those four things happen and you called me on the phone right now, Dan, and said, “I need $500.”

I wouldn’t say, “What for?” I’d say, “Where do I send the money?” You and I have a relationship with these BLTs where nothing matters and I’m just going to do it. All of a sudden, I started looking into that deeper, Adrian and I had a deep dive conversation because what is missing in network marketing isn’t more skills. It’s more love, relatedness, belongingness, trust, and integrity. What I love about Og Mandino in the book and everything you’re doing is it emphasizes that for you to win the day in business, network marketing or anything else, you have to become a better human being. That’s why I love you and why I love that book.

I got a text from you out of the blue and it said, “I love you.” I wonder how many people feel comfortable man-to-man saying, “I love you.” We love each other because we respect each other. We share the journey together. We share an interest in the wellbeing of others together which is why you do your show every week. It’s why you show up every day and lead thousands of people. It’s an awesome thing. You said something here that I want to hone in on. You said you tried to be sober without quitting drinking. I wonder if a lot of people are trying to be at the top of the compensation plan without trying to be the person that gets to the top of the compensation plan. I said on your show that this life for me is a time to prepare to meet God. This life is work. At 5:00 AM, I’m sitting on my couch. I got my journals and my reading material every morning. It’s work but it’s a joy in the journey. I love that. Speak a little bit about that. I’ve never heard anybody say, “I tried to be sober without quit drink.”

I’ll never forget a guy. I got 90 days of sobriety. I’m a stockbroker. I’m arrogant. I’m not a good person. I thought I’d skin the cat. This guy’s name was Ray Hayworth. He was a homeless guy that I chose to be my sponsor because I could see so much of him in me. At 90 days, he looked at me and says, “The work’s start.” I go, “Why is that?” He goes, “The alcohol is only a symptom.” I go, “What?” I thought I’d whipped it but I hadn’t. All I’d done is got the alcohol out of there. The train wreck called Tom Chenault was still rampant. There wasn’t the alcohol that shrouded anymore.

GSW 24 | Contact Mapping

Contact Mapping: No one can say, “I don’t have the resources.” That’s not true. What we lack is resourcefulness.


You said something important. You said men saying they love you with the other men or men saying they love you to women. All I ever say to people is, “I love you.” It’s funny how many people that hooks but they’re hooked because they don’t think I mean it. Somebody in their past that was full of shit the way they tell and show people that they love them. It is present for them when I say, “I love you,” it hurts them. What you did for me because I can dig into that and figure out how I can show people that people do have unconditional love with no agenda which is my job on this planet. I don’t look at people as leads. I look at them as human beings that maybe if I know a little bit about them, I can drop them off better than they were when they met me. That’s my job on this planet. That’s it in the story.

The thing about Contact Mapping, if I ever changed my name, which might happen one of these days because of the Witness Protection Program, it will not be Thomas Virgil Chenault anymore. I am going to change my name to Better Call because I want to be known as Better Call Chenault. I know somebody that’s going to solve what’s going on in your life. That’s going to have something to do with alcohol and drugs, business, and the lawnmower repairman in my camp. I know everybody. I have them all mapped. I have good relationships with them. They can trust me and I can trust them. I make the world a better place, whether I can make a penny on it or not. I love that about me.

I love that about you that you said yes to coming on with your son. For those that are reading, I got my card stock scroll up right here. I will greet this day with love in my heart. These words echo my soul every morning. It’s another to live like you’re living, share it, and truly believe in that philia, brotherly love, and you care. You have that incredible instinct to want to lift. There’s a law in the world. It’s the law of lift. If we all would be cognizant of the law of lift every day. It’s a beautiful thing. We could talk for hours. I feel like there’s a lot more to talk about but here’s what I love to close with.

Adrian, I’m looking at your three things here. You said personal development and entrepreneurship, which is great. It’s an amazing thing but then you said how to figure out stuff on your own. Tom said something that we don’t lack for training. We lack for doing. We’ll create better systems and help people be better along the way. I ask everybody at the top of the show the three things that shape each and every day of your life. How does it shape your life now with those three things?

Having this sense of resourcefulness. Tony Robbins has a quote, “We have resources all around us.” No one can say I don’t have the resources. That’s not true. What we lack is resourcefulness. That has been the number one lesson that I get taught over and over again. Trying to give birth to this movement that we’re calling Contact Mapping, which is the most rewarding and challenging thing I’ve ever done. It’s like being a parent or any of these big things in life. Everyone is like, “It’s hard,” like it’s going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. You’re going to want to quit at certain times and all this stuff. You’re like, “That sounds glamorous.” You go through it and you’re like, “That’s what they meant.” Having that sense of grit, resourcefulness, and that refusal to give up and say, “I’m going to figure it out. I’m going to find people to come on this journey with me that will have those same principles and values.” That is one of the most valuable things that you can cultivate in yourself and that you can look for in others. If you’re resourceful, you can get anything done.

This is so fun. It’s so rich. Tom, I love your three things. No one’s ever said charisma before. It’s a fascinating word. In one of my other classes, I call it the Mastermind Training Circle that I do for my team every Saturday on Facebook. I always like to say on the third Saturday of every month, the art of recruiting and promotion is where the wealthiest people are found in network marketing. If you build better systems for recruiting and selling, you’re going to do some great things. The charisma and the world for the people in your circle and the people reading are very charismatic, amazing people, but insane work ethic. The joy and journey come out of you because of what you love to do and finally, be nice to others. Any comment you would have in closing to those things or what you would say to the readers that hasn’t found everything working in harmony yet.

The three things that guide me. My passion in life is helping people off alcohol and drugs. That my job is network marketing and my legacy is Contact Mapping. All three of those things are tied together. I was on my horse and working at 5:00 AM. I will work until I drop tonight. If you want to call it work. I call it live until I dropped tonight because this isn’t what I do. It’s who I am. All of you. Find something that feels like that to you. If you do that, you never work another day in your life.

I get up every day. I’m relevant. Every one of my friends, 65 years old that playing golf, they got all this money. They’re miserable, fat, drunk, and doing all that crap. Here I am sitting out here more relevant than ever before because of one thing, my role at X. I know people and somebody always wants to know people I know. They’re calling on the phone to see if they can pick my pocket. I love that. I tell her that God is so great. I can’t thank you enough for letting me be on this show. If you know anybody that’s got problems with alcohol and drugs, I’m your guy. We got somebody that needs some hope in their life because they’re so beat down, I’m your guy. I’m not trying to sell anything. Everything I’m doing, I’m giving away because it comes back to tenfold. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

It’s been rich, deep, genuine, authentic, and fun. I enjoyed the fun factor of having you on the show. Amazing amount of people that I don’t know so they must be people that you know. You guys are great. God bless everybody. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Have the greatest day of your life. On behalf of Adrian Chenault and his father, Tom Chenault, the greatest salespeople in the world, After those guys get a free version of that and be on your way. It’s great to hear many people say that they need to reread the book like you did, Adrian. Hopefully, people will make this a gift for the season that could change your life forever. Have the greatest day of your life and bye for now.

Thank you.

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About Adrian Chenault

GSW 24 | Contact MappingAdrian is kind of leader with super clear mind and sophisticated business sense that always put customer success at first place. He’s supportive and strong team player with positivity and fun. I deeply believe in his success on his entrepreneurship with Contact Mapping. It’s a powerful tool and helping me on my relationship management with friends, clients and colleagues.



About Tom Chenault

GSW 24 | Contact MappingTom Chenault is a 28 year veteran of the MLM profession and is a successful top earner.

Success has not always been in the cards. Like most Network Marketers, Tom spent a lot of time going broke enthusiastically and taking other people with him.

Having been a successful corporate airplane salesman and stockbroker, Tom just couldn’t wrap his arms around the skill sets necessary to build and keep a big organization. Tom thought he could bully and buy his way to success, just like in corporate America. He admits, it doesn’t work in this profession. You have to inspire and love people.

Tom has been a passionate supporter and vocal advocate for the network marketing profession for decades, and has served in the ANMP Board for multiple years, where he currently serves on the board as a director. He has also been a board member of the MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association). 

Tom hosts the longest running home based business radio show in the worldTom has been the voice of Home Based Business and Network Marketing since 1999, interviewing the Who’s Who of Network Marketing, Personal Development and Small Business. His guests have included Eric Worre, Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Brooke, Rob Sperry, Todd Falcone, John Milton Fogg, and virtually every successful network marketer and trainer in the profession. Every Saturday he brings tremendous content and authors.

Tom, together with wife and partner Denice, have been featured on numerous stages, including Eric & Marina Worre’s GoPro Events, and in numerous articles and books, including The Four Year Career.