GSW 29 | Negative Thoughts


Negative thoughts are truly hard to get rid of. They linger in our minds no matter how hard we try to erase them, and they start to become overpowering if we let them dictate our actions and mindset. Dr. Luis Arriaza sits down with Dan McCormick to discuss how to live with these not-so-pleasant nuggets in our head, start believing in yourself, and embrace the supernatural side of your beliefs so you can start aiming for bigger things. He shares his story of taking the leap into the realm of network marketing and how it changed not only the future of his career but the way he handles his emotions and relationships. He also shares some meaningful tips when it comes to leadership, decision-making, mentorship, and marketing.

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Dispelling Negative Thoughts And Taking Control Of Your Destiny With Dr. Luis Arriaza

Our guest is Dr. Luis Arriaza. This is episode number 29. I was so fired up by the introduction to you from your good friend, Tom and Adrian Chenault. We got off the show and we were in the post-show studio and they said, “Do you know Dr. Luis?” I said, “No.” They said, “You guys are meant for each other. You’ve got to have him on your show.” That’s when you and I connected and it’s great to welcome you in. How are you?

I am wonderful, blessed and highly favored. Dan, I want to thank you. My mentor told me this several years ago. He said, “You never know how far-reaching what you may say, think or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow. It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. Get a big idea and all of us will follow it.” I appreciate you for showcasing the big idea for so many people. We don’t know who gets on. We don’t know what state of mind they’re in. We don’t know what economic situation they’re in. We don’t know what they’re going through, but the power of the spoken word, one word that you give, one thought, one idea can radically change people’s lives. I give you so much appreciation and love for that because especially during these times, we need it dramatically. Thank you for the honor of having me on.

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Thank you to my mentor, my guru, my guide, Mr. Tom Chenault talked about being a servant. He is a servant to the servants. As the Bible says, a great person who’s not welcome in his town. We have him in our hometown, in our company, but when he’s out of our company, if I’m walking some hotels with them, and we’re in a different type of environment in our industry, he’s truly an icon. I love him. I appreciate him, but I’m very excited. I’ve been contemplating this moment for several weeks now, so thank you for having me.

Luis, what I love to do when I start the show from the standpoint of a value proposition for all of our readers, I love to ask our guests, are there three things that come to mind for you that shape your life or each and every day of your life?

The first one is God. My parents migrated to this country many years ago from a very small country in Central America. My mom only attained fifth-grade education. My dad attained sixth-grade education. When they came here, they were looking for a better life. They were looking for what they call the American dream. When they landed here, you live in Southern California so you can appreciate this. My parents landed in one of the most beautiful parts of sunny Southern California called South Central Los Angeles and it was a very difficult upbringing. I saw things that I shouldn’t have seen. I heard things I shouldn’t have heard. I experienced things that I shouldn’t have experienced.

I wouldn’t exchange my upbringing for anything, but at a very young age, I knew there had to be a better way of living. My parents struggled financially. My father was a functional alcoholic. In our household, every day is a glorious day. Every day is a beautiful day. When I was growing up, my worst day was Friday because I knew my dad was going to come home and he was going to drink from Friday evening to Sunday morning. He’ll sleep all Saturday, all Sunday and then he never missed a day of work, which was interesting. We take care of him. My dad loves me, but we function from our paradigms. We function from our programs.

GSW 29 | Negative Thoughts

The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It.

When I decided to become a chiropractor and I graduated as a chiropractor, I had the educational knowledge but I didn’t have the innate wisdom to succeed. I didn’t know what entrepreneurship was. I didn’t know what it was to be prosperous. A long way to answer your question is, second to God was my mentor. I’ve been mentored for several years. For the last several years, I’ve been mentored. It’s my first call every morning and it’s my last call every evening. What I’ve done which is very different than a lot of people is I did everything my mentors asked me to do. My mentor at a very young age taught me the philosophy, science and art of a great life, prosperity and having a happy marriage. I didn’t understand what that was at first until I saw tremendous results. The first things is God, the second thing is my mentor and the third thing is when I started seeing some supernatural results in my life and I asked him. I said, “How did I go from here to here in such a short period of time?” He said, “You now have a philosophy.” I said, “What’s a philosophy?” He said, “It’s a way of thinking.”

For the last couple of years, Dan, I have been aware of my thoughts. I’ve been aware of my thought process and those three things I think have been very pivotal in shaping my life. The I have for God, my experience with mentorships and being mentored for many years and me delving into the whole science of neuroplasticity and thoughts. Above all that, second to God, is my wife, my gorgeous queen, Evelia. We do everything from business to pleasure to everything together. She is my greatest blessing on earth. Those elements are the elements that have allowed me, this young kid from South Central Los Angeles to have a pretty spectacular life.

It says a lot about you because you validate that with your cover photo, I believe on your Facebook page, you and your wife, I think embracing, kissing, hugging the whole thing and to be able to speak that highly of your wife is awesome. I think it says a lot about how people think about life, people, humanity and valuing all of the things that go with the things you said, God, mentor and a way of thinking. I always love it but I hope everybody loves it because every episode, I love to start off with that question and then tie it in to say, “You had all this going on and I remember that first phone call and maybe we were messaging on Facebook and you said, ‘I love Og Mandino.’” Do you remember we talked about your library and the books? You’ve got it behind you. I’ve got them behind me. They’re so valuable to us. They’re like our best friends. I wonder, what was it like when it was first put in your hand and how did it feel?

I am an avid reader and so I was looking through my end. Part of the reason why I bought these books is because they were inexpensive. This book, this is the mecca, for me at least. The first time I read the book, one thing that I saw about Og Mandino and all his writings was a beautiful way he interwove his spirituality with a story. People may not remember the technique, but people will always remember a story. I loved the way he painted the story on this beautiful canvas. You felt so engulfed with his message and the way he would carry and navigate you through his stories. What I love is how he broke things down into steps or into scrolls. I remember I was like 24, 25 years old and it was one of the first books.

I read Think and Grow Rich and I read Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich and some iconic books. I love this book because I was able to read and reread as it asks you to do and reread and reread. Repetition is the mother of skill and success. I kept reading the scrolls. The reason why this was so effective in my life is because of the simplicity of the scrolls, I was able to repeat it over and over and reprogram my DNA. I started to implement these scrolls and I started to see results and I started to get emotional about it. I’m at that, the thoughts are the language of the mind and feelings are the language of the body.

Once I started to add that add the feelings to my thoughts based on what I had read, I knew that at that moment, I was becoming a different individual. I knew at that moment, the old me was departed and the new me was coming on and I could see it. The results were giving me evidence that this was real. I remember I was like 24, 25 years old, I would take this into my chiropractic office. Silly me, I would sit with my patients and read scrolls to my patients. I didn’t have a lot of patients at the time. It quickly grew but I would carry them with me all the time. You can see how tattered the books are. In my first 2 or 3 years in the chiropractic business and my first 2 or 3 years as a mentee being mentored, this was second to the Bible. This was one of the books that I read almost every single day.

That’s so fabulous to hear people’s stories about it. I wasn’t a reader. I was horrible at school and I love what you said here about how you read it to your patients. I think that’s so fantastic. The canvas that he paints from is so beautiful. How did you go from being a chiropractor? Chiropractors are passionate people about health. They love their patients. It’s a business that can be fruitful. Where did the transition come for you to become a leader in the direct selling industry? When did you start that transition?

At the age of eight, I told my mom that I didn’t want to be poor anymore. like I said earlier, I had a lot of challenges when I was young and, and my mom didn’t know what to say. We’re walking through Downtown Los Angeles back in the day and she stopped a man. I clearly remember him, a handsome American man, blonde hair, blue eyes and in her broken English, she said, “We came here from another country and my son wants to know, how can he not be poor when he grows up?” The man very quickly without giving it much thought, said “Education is the key to success.”

All I’d heard was education so I quickly associated that with the school. I fell in love with learning and I went to school and I did well. There was a moment that I didn’t do well, I can do that story a little bit, but I did well. I met this chiropractor who gave me the first chiropractic book, The Science, Art and Philosophy of Chiropractic when I was fourteen years old. I read it and I didn’t understand any of it and I had gone into the program. I was the second youngest doctor to enter the program. I was only nineteen years old. I graduated at 24. I remember when I graduated, I was so much in debt and that’s why I was seeking a mentor. I was seeking help.

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After about three years in practice, my wife and I did very well. We had open seven health centers. I quickly learned the difference between being a propreneur and being an entrepreneur. There’s a gentleman by the name of Michael Gerber who wrote this book called The E-Myth back in the day and I thought I was an entrepreneur because I was opening multiple offices. When my wife and I went on vacation and I came back in, 25, 30% of my patients had decreased, I thought, “I can’t be a slave to my own business.” What I realized at the moment that I was a propreneur, I was working in my business, I wasn’t working on my business.

Something amazing then happened. As I learned the difference and I started to make my practices more technical and less personal that’s because at first, it was all my personality. I then started to institute a system into my practice and something phenomenal and miraculous happened. That’s something, his name is Fabian, my first son was born. I had made a commitment to myself that I was going to be a father that was going to be present in the lives of my boys. I have three beautiful boys. At that moment, I felt as if God pulled this desire to be in my office for 70, 80 hours out of me, but we were already having a beautiful life.

We were probably doing about over $2 million in business per year and it was amazing, but we were both putting in 70, 80 hours a week. At that moment, I was at a hotel in Baldwin Park, California at a place called the Sheraton, the Courtyard by Marriott in Baldwin Park California. I walked out of dinner and they’re right there and this is a true story. There was a beautiful Rolls-Royce. I said to myself, “Who would be driving a Rolls-Royce in Baldwin Park, California?” You don’t see Rolls-Royces in Baldwin Park, California.

I then remember when my mentor said, “Every person has four thoughts in their lifetime that if acted upon them, would make them wealthy. The challenge is that most people don’t act upon their thoughts.” I put my things into my car. I went back to the front desk and I said, “Who owns that car out there?” She’s like, “He’s giving a seminar.” At that time, I was in the seminar business because I was opening multiple offices so we were doing a lot of seminars for chiropractors. I walked in and I sat in the back. I didn’t know that it was a network marketing presentation. I was completely oblivious to this. I was 30 years old. I had never touched the space of multi-level marketing.

I sat in the back and I saw this Asian man, and he had the most amazing stories, so captivating. In the end, I approached him. I said, “My name is Dr. Luis. Could I possibly speak for your organization?” I didn’t even know what it was. He looked at me and he said, “Sure, here’s my card. Call me back.” I proceeded to call him. I made an appointment. I didn’t know what I was getting into. It was supposed to be a two-hour appointment, I remember it was a Thursday. I walked into his office in the City of Industry at 11:00 AM and I walked out of that office at about 8:00 PM, nine hours later. I walked out thinking my life has turned upside down. What I heard is what I want. I hadn’t purchased anything. I hadn’t tried anything. He didn’t pitch me. He had shown me a lot of numbers. He gave me a different philosophy. If people would only understand that the Alpha and the Omega is your philosophy, it’s the way of thinking. It’s a search for knowledge. It’s the love of wisdom.

GSW 29 | Negative Thoughts

Negative Thoughts: If you do things in network marketing that cannot be duplicated, you’re decreasing the possibility of ultimate freedom.


I came home, I said, “We’re going to try network marketing.” We’re like, what’s the network marketing? We started to dabble in it. I remember our first check-in our first company was $54 and we were so excited because we’re like, “This thing works. This is incredible,” because we started hearing things that people referred to the space and we’re like, “This is great.” The only thing that we were focusing on was our time, our quality of life with our son at that moment. We said, “If we can master this, then maybe we can turn this into a profession.” Once we got involved with the space, I saw all the good, the bad, and the ugly. Between the bad and the ugly, there were a lot of common threads. There were a lot of people that dabbled in it. A lot of people only saw it as a hobby, but there were very little systems there, very little training and there was absolutely no leadership with the people that I had spoken to. I said, “Let’s put a system together.”

We decided to put a system together and here we are, several years later using the same system that we created several years ago. We were able to duplicate our income with seven offices, but working from home, traveling with our kids. I’m preaching to the choir, you guys know the story but we did do something different though. We approached it as a profession. We didn’t approach it any other way. Network marketing to me is a profession. I’m working on leadership which takes you from the profession to the expert, to the genius, to master. It’s based on the 10,000-rule to become a master of anything in your life. I’m introducing people into the idea of really being a student of network marketing for the next 6, 7 years to master the core principles so they can have a great life.

You gave me so many follow-up questions to hit on. You mentioned that incredible book that I don’t think everybody’s read, but it is a masterpiece and that’s Michael Gerber. When you talk about The E-Myth Revisited, go back, if you will, because most of the people that will read the blog come from the direct selling space, they’re sales, they’re entrepreneurs. Again, working on your business versus in your business, systematizing your life and business, give us some ideas of how that evolved for you, what it means to maybe some of the new people that are reading?

I had lunch with a good friend of mine and we were talking about a church in this area. They’re selling church. This is not the main reason, but one of the variables is that the head pastor is this world-renowned speaker. This man is anointed, but he retired and his son came in. His son is very good. He’s not dad and dad, his personality would fill a stadium. It was a very personal church, but there wasn’t a lot of duplication. When dad left, all of a sudden, he can stand on his merit but it wasn’t the same. A lot of people came to see dad versus another church that we go to where the pastor, right after the service, he would get in his car and he rejects. I always wonder why doesn’t he stand around and hug the kids and greet the people who come to the congregation.

One time he said “I want you to come for the word of God. I don’t want you to come from the man. Don’t fall in love with a man, fall in love with the word.” I took that same approach to our business because, in business for us, one key core element is freedom. Even in network marketing, if things that we do are not duplicatable, then you’re decreasing the possibility of ultimate freedom. Everything that I do in my organization is duplicatable. I don’t do anything because I have the gift of speaking. I don’t do anything because, “I’m a good closer.”

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What we did was we created a system based on five simple pillars. It’s very simple. It’s the imitation, edification, presentation, meeting conduct and the 48-hour rule. Imitation has six points and what we dedicated ourselves to was to train it over and over. We have a training center about seven minutes from our home, a beautiful 6,000 square-foot building. At our big presentation, I would get these people that are new to the business. I was like, “You’re going to do the front half. You’re going to be the emcee. You’re going to do the product. I’m doing the call.” “I’m scared,” I say, “That’s part of the process.” You must laugh in the face of adversity as Og Mandino says.

There’s no way to become great. There’s no way to master something unless there are some challenges. We have to reconnect what challenge, fear and pain mean. We have to reconnect those associations. Here we are several years later and I say this very respectfully and very carefully, but COVID-19 has accelerated our duplication. Now, we have women and men who are 50 and 60, who before didn’t even know what Zoom were doing their presentations. We’ve taken our work of 80 hours a week and consolidated it to maybe about 10, 15 hours and now we focused almost primarily on leadership.

First of all, I got to come back to your mom for a minute because your mom did something brilliant. That’s my word of the year, she asked. James 1:5, “Let them ask.” Your mother asked, looks up at this blonde attractive, healthy American man. I think you described him as handsome and we don’t want to live in poverty. There’s no honor in poverty. As one of my uplines says, the best way to help the poor is not to be one of them. Your mom did something so great for you. I want to always acknowledge because that’s one of the commandments that has something tied to it. It’s long life. Honoring your mother and father. It’s a hard thing to do, that’s the origin of the word honor.

The 48-hour rule, it doesn’t matter what product or service you’re selling. Never ever hook yourself emotionally on the initial commission. The initial commission is like acquiring a girl’s phone number. You got their phone number, what does that mean? You’re going to call them. Maybe take them out for coffee, then maybe a date, then the relationship starts to build. Many network marketers that are not trained make the sale and they never see the person again. That gives our industry a black eye because I can’t ask you, again, I’m preaching to the choir. How many times do I sit with people and they’re like, “Are you going to sell me something and never call me again? Am I going to have a box of stuff that I don’t know how to use?” For us, the 48-hour rule means that within 48 hours, you must give them a systematic approach on one, how to use the product. Two, connect to the system and three, get their money back. If everyone gets their money back, then you’re fine. They got the product, we got the money back. You’ve done your job. That’s the 48-hour rule.

Once they’re a little bit interested, then we teach them the six points to the invitation and they’re very simple. It’s connection. Seek to understand before being understood. Don’t sell what you have. Always look to find out what they need. Two is, you got to get their why. You got to get their action motivator. Three is you must emotionalize it. Four is you must give the appointment. You must edify then get the appointment and then meet someone at the appointment. Once you master those six points, then we do the rest because for the first 30, 60 days, you’re the inviter and we present. After the presentation, we always do a debrief. What did you see? What did you think? We do that about 4 or 5 times, then they present, we’re observing and they’re on their own.

GSW 29 | Negative Thoughts

Negative Thoughts: You must make a conscious decision of what and who you will allow into your thought process all day long.


It’s going to be a lot of fun to reread and add to my notes. I love the 48-hour rule because my wife has Stephen Covey as a professor in college and not only did he want you to learn, but to try and then do you know if you’re going to be somebody reading the blog, it’s one thing. If everybody was charged with the idea to teach the things that you’ve already shared, they’d be taking notes at a different level. If you had to teach it in the next 48 hours, they’re going to learn to internalize it at a greater level. This is all of the things that Og taught us in that repetition is the mother of skill thing.

Here’s a guy coming from alcoholism, facing his own words, “Life was a living hell for ten years.” Lo and behold, he turns into this guy and you turn into this guy that has this incredible abundance mentality, as our friend Wallace Wattles would say from The Science of Getting Rich or Financial Success. In 1907, here’s Wallace Wattles writing about the science of getting rich. It was a fascinating thing back at that time. We discovered something that changed the Og Mandino company through a client this past 2020. This client was a cyber ninja, DOD hacker.

That was his life, working in the world of hacking. Lo and behold, we partnered with him on how to help people be more Og Mandino-like. How do you be more genuine and authentic? How do you get out of the pond that you’re fishing in your social media following? Let’s say you have 500 followers, 5,000 followers or whatever it might be, but realize there’s an ocean of 2.5 billion people out there. We have real-time algorithm updates for you on how to make things work better for you on social. How do you be a better friend?

As one of my distributors shared with me from Canada, she has so many new prospects and contacts she can hardly keep up. If somebody has an interest in Cracking the Social Code, you can go to, which is our bridge from the Og Mandino Company on helping coach habits and For a couple of hundred dollars, you can be tapping into the ocean and getting out of the pond. It’s a lot of fun because I’ve known Dave and Paul for a lot of years, the founders and the owners of the Og Mandino Company, but I’ve never seen them be so excited about something.

You’re a coach, you coach people, you’re in front of rooms all the time and if you get that 48-hour engagement and someone has a positive experience, they’re going to want to do more faster and that’s the whole point of Cracking the Social Code is helping you have positive experiences in your social. I got to come back to a couple of things here because I’m a note guy. I sit here and take notes. I got three things, but I think you mentioned that your mentor had four thoughts for you. Did you say those four things?

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He told me that every individual in their lifetime will have four thoughts that if acted upon, would make them often. The challenge is that most individuals never act upon their thoughts. Most individuals don’t live in the present time. As one of my favorite philosophers, he said, “Your life will either be defined as a memory of the past or a vision of the future.” Most people, for the undisciplined mind, the first thing they do when they wake up is that they think about yesterday. Your body is a pharmacy of chemicals, so the minute your thought kicks in, now your body starts to produce chemistries.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t produce the chemistry that you and I need to be to become successful. It doesn’t produce dopamine, serotonin or endorphins. It produces cortisol and norepinephrine and produces all the stress chemicals. We wake up stressed out because we are living in yesterday. Unfortunately, the mind has three main functions. The first main function of the mind is to keep us alive. The second one is to keep us healthy, but the third one is very interesting. The third function of the mind is to keep us in harmony, keep our internal and external being in harmony.

What that means is if we are programmed into scarcity, the mind will do whatever it can to keep our external environment scarce. If we are programmed into poverty, the mind will do everything possible to keep our external environment in poverty. Therefore, it takes discipline and it takes habitual training to wake up every morning and do certain things every morning that will put you in a state that you can go and be optimistic, in a state that you can go and be productive, and in a state that you can go and be prosperous.

For myself and what I teach my team is we do certain things every morning. The first thing we do is we, I have something called the MVP and the MVP stands for Meditation, Visualization and Prayer. Every Monday morning, I have a meditation, visualization and prayer conference call. People jump on at 5:00 in the morning. No one says a word and I speak for about 30 minutes. I walk them through a meditation. I walk them through a visualization and I walk them through a prayer. It has nothing to do with your religious connotation. It has nothing to do with your religious belief.

Visualization and meditation are so vitally important in manifesting what you want. After that, I teach them something called what I call the DBA, Declaration, Belief and Accept. We’re reading Think and Grow Rich every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s about a two-hour training session. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I have 300 or 400 people jump on and we’re declaring, believing and accepting it. I tell you that if people want supernatural results, they must do supernatural things. Supernatural results do not visit the common mind. Supernatural results only visit those that are willing to walk by faith and imagined things that other people don’t.

GSW 29 | Negative Thoughts

Negative Thoughts: Even if no one else makes a decision to believe in yourself, then read the words that God has in store for you.


For that reason, I tell my team all the time and I told them that we’re marketers. People are living lives on the streets that they could attract but they’re thinking too small. People are living rooms filled with prosperity, but they’re thinking too small. The Bible says, “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard and the mind cannot conceive the plan that God has for us.” If people would only open themselves up a little bit, I know it’s weird. I know it’s uncomfortable, but if they would only open themselves up for a little bit, then things will change in the mind. That’s how the thoughts work and that’s how I introduce it into my team.

Let’s pause for a minute here and say hello to Anthony Arriaza.

Let me tell you some about my brother. My brother is one of the most amazing individuals and I am so proud of him. For the past months, he has lost 60 pounds. For those of you that are trying to lose weight, except you Dan, you’re pretty slender, but for all the other 99.99% of the people out there, losing weight is not easy. Tony Robbins always says the first thing he does when he coaches somebody is, “Go and clean your closet and lose 10 pounds.” If you can’t control yourself, it’s not that you can’t, it makes it a lot harder to do other things. I’m so proud of my brother.

You’ve given us such great granularity and I love so much, your MVP and your DBA, because I love your comment about the supernatural. I know that God doesn’t answer casual questions. You talked about such great intention there and I know that when you think about this, I’m wondering when you re-read this and you’ve read it so many times, is there a scroll that it jumps off the page to you? Please share it.

It’s scroll number six, “Today, I will be the master of my emotions.” Let me give you two thoughts. The first thought my mentor gave me was several years ago and he said, “Emotion is the conflict of all truth.” The second thought he said, “Drama is the emotional conflict of spiritual understandings. The world is filled with drama.” I said, “What’s that?” He said, “It’s emotional conflict to spiritual understandings.” I said, “I don’t understand.” He said, “God has plans for you.” “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a bright future.” People don’t believe that so they go into a state of emotional conflict. There are negative and positive emotions.

What we have to understand is this, negative emotions come into your being without your choice. Positive emotions only come into your being out of suggestion. Your mind is a receptor for negative emotions. Your mind is not a receptor for positive emotions. You must use habit and discipline out of suggestions to reframe your thought process, to reframe your life. It’s easy to think of negative things. Ask any common person, five things they don’t like about each other, they’ll rattle them off. Ask them five things they love about themselves, they’ll start stumbling and stammering because their mind is not programmed that way.

Since we know, Jim Rohn said, “You must stand guard at the door of your mind.” You must make a conscious decision. Every single moment of your waking moment and sleeping because the subconscious mind doesn’t turn off and turn off and go to sleep. You must make a conscious decision of what and who you will allow into your thought process all day long. That’s why two words and these were my wife’s and my two words are awareness and intention. You must be aware of your thoughts. You must be aware of how you feel. You must be aware of the words that you use to empower or disempower people and be intentional.

2020, I know was a challenge for many people. In our home, it was beautiful, but I know it was a challenge for many people. 2021 can be very different if you are intentional. My wife and I made a declaration towards the end of December, that 2021 will be our best year, 2021 will be our most abundant year. In the first two weeks, supernatural things have come and I’m not talking 1 or 2 or 3, I’m talking things that have come over and over. People may say, “It’s because you’ve been doing things for the past years of your life.” It’s possible but people have been doing things for the past years. It’s about being intentional. One of my friends, Dr. John Demartini, do you know him?

I don’t know him personally, from his videos and books.

He said, “The vitality of your life, the energy of your life is directly proportional to the clarity of your vision.” Clarity precedes mastery. If you want something new in your life, if you want something better in your life, you must be clear with your intentions because when the promise is clear, the price is easy. Never negotiate the price, magnify the promise.

I’ve got it right here. I’ve got this card stock version that someday we’re going to have for sale on the website. “Today, I will be the master of my emotions.” Can you imagine Og in 1968, he’s writing the scrolls all night long and Bette is bringing him coffee to keep him awake? He’s got the book done and the scrolls appeared to him one night. How do you come up with words like the tides advanced, the tides recede? If you offer up this great scroll about being the master of our emotions and Jim Rohn also got that great thing about the garden. You got to make sure you keep the weeds out of the garden. You’ve given us a great depiction because you’re so intentional, I would find it very hard to believe that weeds could ever get in your garden.

Remember that the weeds come in through the five senses, touch, taste, see, hear or smell. They come in through your five senses and from the moment that we’re born to seven years of age, we don’t have a consciousness. Everything that comes in is part of our life script. At the age of seven, the conscious fills in so now we start living our life. What we don’t understand is that there are 30, 40, 50, 60-year-old people that without awareness and intention are functioning from programs that were given to them without their consent. When I saw things, heard and felt things when I was young, I didn’t consent for that. It was my environment.

Not unless you were, you’re blessed to be born in a harmonious environment and some of you may, God bless you. That’s the lot that you have. It wasn’t the lot that I, my wife or brother had. We became intentional and we started to work on what we wanted. We started to work on what we wanted to manifest and we believe that if we were focused. We had what Robin Sharma calls a monomaniacal focus. We had that focus and we didn’t allow distraction to come. Remember, the enemy comes to destroy and what he can’t destroy, he will distract. We had to remove distractions. We had to remove environments. We had to remove people.

I’ll never forget. I used to open up for Les Brown back in the day. I remember one of his stories that was so amazing. He walked into this party and there’s this joker that was making fun of him. He said, “I appreciate if you wouldn’t do that. I’m starting up my business and I need to keep a positive perspective of myself.” “It’s a joke.” He said, “I don’t want to be the butt of your jokes. You can be a joker. You can joke about anything. You don’t have to joke about me all the time.” He saw him like two weeks later, again, he was making fun of him. He says, “I asked you do not use me as a butt of your jokes. I don’t like it. I’m asking you respectfully.”

He said, “If you do it again, I won’t come around.” A couple of weeks later, he saw him. He did it again. He removed them and he says, “We don’t have the luxury of negative associations. We don’t have the luxury of negative time span.” In my life, I have the blessing to be surrounded by people that either encourage me or I encourage them because I can’t allow those distractions. I know for some people, it may seem very difficult to do but if you want to fulfill your promise, then you’re going to have to run a little lean and you’re going to have to make sure that your environment internally and externally is in harmony with what you want.

You mentioned Les Brown and I’ll watch a YouTube video a day. I watch something self-help positive and see what they bring up to me. It was Les Brown speaking at Jim Rohn’s funeral. I was fortunate to travel the world with Jim. His philosophical major was unbelievable. Some may remember the story, but they’re doing a speech together. I think he said Japan and Les gets up and Jim’s in the front row, and Jim, if you’re going to sit in the front row and you’re at Jim’s meeting, Jim’s going to tell, “The dullest pencil in the world is better than the sharpest mind.” He gets up there towards the presentation, Jim’s taking notes and Les looks down and he’s, “Jim, what are you taking notes for? It’s all your material.”

That’s right. We all take for one another.

I wonder if we can close like this because I’m looking at the last few words of that scroll that you bring up where Og writes these magical words in 1968, “Today, I control my destiny. My destiny is to become the greatest salesman in the world.” I wonder what that means to you. Being in that hot seat, I’ve never asked a guest this. You’re the greatest salesman in the world. You’re on the show. You’re leading thousands of people and this is one of your favorite scrolls, your destiny to be the greatest salesman in the world.

I referred to people and mentors all the time because I don’t want anyone reading to think that I was born a certain way. All this is taught. All this is an immersion into the desire to have the utmost personal development. My mentor said this a long time ago. He says, “It’s not your conditions, but your decisions that will dictate your destiny.” In my life and the life of my wife and my kids, that’s very significant because every single morning, we wake up and we make a decision on how we want to live our lives. We want to make a decision on how we want to represent ourselves and we fully understand that, “To he who much is given much more is required.”

There’s a high level of responsibility in leadership. When you say the greatest salesman in the world, to me, it represents an individual man or woman that has assumed a level of responsibility that most others shy away from. To me, it represents a man or woman that has said, “I will conduct my body. I will give a presentation. I will perform. I will behave in a way that will stimulate an inspiration in other people.” To me, it’s not sales per se, but it’s the greatest life, woman, man, husband, son and grandfather in the world, it’s about really making a daily repetitive decision to be at your best and to also to accept the blessings that God has in store for us.

One of my greatest fears and this came to me several years ago, and I don’t have many but thank the Lord. It is when I pass, God-willing, I’m there talking to Jesus and he says, “You did this with your life, but I had this in store for you.” The pain of discipline weighs ounces, but the pain of regret weighs tons. I don’t want to regret a second. I don’t want to regret a day so therefore, you push yourself. You elevate yourself. You dig deep within yourself to do things that others don’t. This is what that gives you. It gives you a DNA. That gives you a blueprint to take a shot at becoming the greatest salesman in the world.

If you would only open yourself up for just a little bit, then things will change in the mind. Share on X

I asked you to talk about that about you. I know that a great person is going to truly give credit to all the other people, and of course to God. God is in the details and in this life is a time to prepare to meet God. We don’t want to give up any of that time so it’s great that you have friends that think of you as the greatest mentor in the world. Who knows what triggered that title for Og Mandino? I want to thank you. I would ask you more questions, but I think it’s better served if I say, I probably need to read again and take more notes.

I know Veronica has mentioned many things. People said, “I need a mentor.” That’s why the show is here to reach out to the greatest salespeople in the world and let them share their journey. We all have one. We love everyone and we want everyone to have the utmost best, but it’s the intentional creation. You described there for a minute a little bit about what Napoleon Hill was teaching us in Outwitting the Devil. He gave us some insights into that magnificent masterpiece, if you will. Luis in closing, I’m assuming that if people want to reach out to you, have questions and how they can talk to you, they can find you on Facebook at Dr. Luis Arriaza.

I’m on Instagram also.

I know you respond quickly to messenger and people will totally love it. It’s so great to have everybody here. Do you have any thoughts in closing? I love having you. Thank you so much.

I want to thank you. I want to thank, Tom. There are so many amazing people that are coming into our lives, into my life, into my wife’s life right now. There are so many things that are growing. As I said, in the beginning, one of our prayers was to expand our territory and whoever is reading, I want you to make a decision and that this is one of the greatest decisions we can make is to, make a decision to believe in yourself, even if no one else does. Make the decision to believe in yourself, to read the words that God has for you and to master these scrolls. You and God make the majority.

Even if you’ve done it over and failed, understand that every person reading this, God has such a major plan for your life, but He needs you to take that first step. This little kid came up to Jesus Christ. He says, “Give me a sign and then, I’ll give you my faith.” Jesus said, “No. Give me your faith and then I will give you your sign.” You must energize your day. You must walk by faith. You must speak of what is not as it is because if we do, 2021 will be a spectacular year. Your barn will be overflowing. You will be a lender and not a borrower. You will be the top and not the bottom and that’s what I declare over everyone that’s reading.

I’m riveted by this nearly one hour of amazing inspiration and the origin of that word inspire is to breathe life into, and you have breathed life into many people. We wish you the greatest day of your life. We look forward to being back with you on our next episode.

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