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Definitely one of the greatest salesmen in the world, David Moses’ team has produced billions of dollars in revenue. David is recognized as one of the most dynamic business mentors, speakers, trainers, and success coaches in the direct sales industry. He attributes this success to his realization that he is not entitled to anything but has to make it on his own. In this episode, he chats with Dan McCormick about his transformation from entitlement to his own personal power.

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From Entitlement To Personal Power with David Moses

I got a great friend, a fantastic and truly one of the greatest salespeople in the world. I know him well. There should be some terrific nuggets throughout our episode here. If you’re new to the show, you can see it on YouTube and Facebook Live. If you’re new to the Og Mandino Company or the book, The Greatest Salesman, let me just say this. When it was first dedicated from W. Clement Stone, he talked about how this book was a unique living philosophy for success, which motivates and guides countless and thousands of individuals each year to discover greater happiness, good mental and physical health, peace of mind, power and even wealth. It is my thrill and as you join us, feel free to leave your comments and ask questions for my guest. Please feel free to share, like, and review. It is going to be a lot of fun to welcome my friend to the show. He’s David Moses from Toronto, Canada. How are you?

I’m doing fantastic, Dan. This is a great thing to be doing an interview with you.

It is awesome. I think we met in 1990.

It’s 1993 in Palm Springs, California. I’ll never forget.

Before you go there, I love to give our audience a value proposition out of the gate. You’re the greatest salesman in the world. Your Facebook page even says that your team has produced billions of dollars in revenue. You have had an unbelievable journey. Give our audience three things that shape your day and shape your life.

I’ve been thinking about this. One of the major transformations for me was growing up and coming to realize that I’m not entitled to anything. I’m going to have to make it on my own. It took me a while. I didn’t get that until my mid-30s. Some people get it sooner and some people might not get that at all. Another major component for success is persistence, staying focused, learning and understanding the power of our mind, what we’re capable of when we harbor the correct thoughts, and thus the actions will follow that. That came through much of the personal development that happened along the way. That was shifted me from the entitlement to my power. That was in my mid to late-30s when all of that came together. Maybe out of all of that, the greatest evolution is the third component and that is the contribution. It’s empowering, inspiring, moving, and helping others discover their special talents. Their power and fulfillment are the greatest foundation for success. Those are three major components of my life that looking back, those were the big transformations for sure.

Those are incredible. If you’re a student of success and you want to be whatever it is you’re going to be, to be the greatest salesman in the world or the greatest salesperson in the world, certainly knowing that entitlement is a humbling process. I loved how you phrase that.

I got to tell you how it happened. I’m in the Twelve-Step Program. There’s some story with that too. I was 35 or 36 and I was going on about our family business because things weren’t going well for me. I was struggling in my networking business in those early years. I had been in the industry for 5 or 6 years, and I hadn’t gotten to where I thought I should be. I started going on about the family business to my sponsor. One day he got tired. He just laid it to me, and it was about my mother retiring and selling her shares. He said to me, “Your mother doesn’t owe you a living.” That’s humbling when someone says that in a very assertive way. You’re supposed to be grown up by 35. That was a major reference point.

How long did you feel like the program took to shift you from entitlement to personal power? I love that quote by the way.

GSW 5 | Personal Power

Personal Power: You reprogram your subconscious and your thoughts by repeating very specific phrases and words that change specific habits.


This whole thing, when you’re doing The Greatest Salesman process and the 45-week program, The Greatest Secret, and you’re doing the scrolls, you are reprogramming your subconscious and your thoughts by repeating specific phrases and words that change specific habits, putting you on the trajectory for success. It’s something that you can’t measure each day or each hour. You don’t see the transformation happening, but you wake up one morning and you find that you’re transformed. For me, it took a few years to come into full bloom, but by age 37, 38, it’s been a rocketship trajectory up.

Everybody wants success. Few people are willing to face what you’d faced. It’s a rarefied air to be the greatest salesman that you are, to go from entitle mania to personal power. I love how you gave us point number two, the power of the mind and contribution. Those are three extraordinary things I’m going to come back to. Let me now shift and say, you and I met many years ago. Why don’t you tell the story?

I was three years into network distribution. It was brand new. I wasn’t quite making a full-time living at it, but I had a little taste. I had a couple of checks and our company was in trouble. Many of them are, there are so few good companies. We got bought out by the company that you were the number one earner. We were invited from Canada to Palm Springs, California for a big event. I’m standing at the back of the room. There are 700 or 800 people in this Marriott or wherever we were in a ballroom. That company put on a show that was nailing it. You were the last person to get on stage and do a testimonial. I didn’t know much about storytelling in those days, but you put out a 45-second testimonial that made my hair going back. My hair was standing up in my arms. I said, “I want to do that. I want to learn how to do that.” I endeavored to follow you as much as I could and called you up. You were very open to sharing some of your wisdom with me, even though we weren’t on the same team. We’ve been friends ever since. It’s been one of the most significant relationships in my business career.

Every time we get on the phone, we hardly can get a word in because we’re so fired up for each other and the journey, whether we’re talking about grandkids or you going to Israel or me coming to Idaho.

Neither one of us had kids back then. We then had kids and now it’s grandkids.

As the ambassador to the Og Mandino Company, we always challenge people. We say, “Don’t read books. You read magazines but you study books.” You studied this book. You have the journalized version in your hand. Why don’t you show us that journalized version of The Greatest Secret in the World? That’s the scrolls. You mentioned storytelling. Nobody tells a story better than Og Mandino.

If you look at this book, you’ll notice that the pages are very yellow. My success recorder is there, where I’m recording my journey each week. Some of the key points for me and maybe the scroll that had the greatest impact was The Scroll Marked III, “I will persist until I succeed.” There are about maybe 6 or 8 paragraphs within that scroll. It’s about roughly two pages. You can read it in a matter of 60 seconds or 1.5 minutes. Each of those paragraphs provides a strong anchor with colorful words that have the depth that provides imagery. As you’re reading those paragraphs, you’re seeing images in your mind. Those images are branding and anchoring the concepts.

At the end of the scroll, you repeat, “I will persist until I succeed.” The way Og Mandino writes is that each of those paragraphs and the wordings that he uses, you do it three times a day, morning, afternoon, and in the evening, five days a week for six weeks. That’s going to transform your thoughts, mind and subconscious. Those anchors are still here. I did this years ago. Had it not been for persistence, that one specific scroll, and there are many others, “We’re the greatest miracle in the world, I will greet this day with love in my heart, having the right mental attitude when you approach people” and so forth. Had I not persisted, there’s no way that I could be in the position that I’m in. It’s impossible.

There were a hundred if not a thousand moments where I could have justified quitting and going back to a regular job and just being a 9:00 to 5:00 person working for somebody else. That could have happened a thousand times, but those anchors were stronger. I stayed the course, regardless of what seemed futile. One day, I woke up and life had completely transformed. My kids and my grandkids are secure. The future generations are secure, as well as maybe as important or more important, how many other people I’ve maybe had some influence on them.

It’s amazing what we’re capable of when we harbor the correct thoughts. Share on X

I think that any of our audience can grasp those last few minutes of what you shared. My wife and I were out of my boat the other day. I watched a guy drop anchor. I’m thinking about what you said about how these phrases, paragraphs, metaphors, parables, and stories have such a remarkable anchoring effect on your success. It’s a tall task to be the greatest salesman. If you’re going to reach out and not only anchor your life, I love that number three comes into play now. Because you did that, your contribution is as you said, it wasn’t your mom’s responsibility for your success. It’s not your responsibility for your children and grandchildren. While they have security, they’ve got to find that anchor as well.

I go back and I have to say I have not struggled with it. My daughter got married in New York. She got married at 26, the husband is 29. He’s a lawyer, top of his class, 97% and so forth. I’m very proud of that because I didn’t do much in school. I like to brag about it, but he doesn’t know how to make money yet. He’s learning and he’s had some jobs, and they’ve been struggling. I’m talking with the father-in-law and I’m saying, “How much do we help?” I don’t want to help too much because in the end, you give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish and you feed him for life. I want them to learn how to fish, but then I go back to when I was 30. During my hard times, my mother was there paying off some bills. My wife went to my father-in-law a couple of times. It’s very humbling to say that when you’re in your 30s, but they helped us through the tough times as this process was taking place.

Let me pause for a minute and thank everybody. David and I are friends for many years. We have shared an unbelievable journey. He’s produced at such an iconic level in the world of direct selling. It’s awesome. What we’re trying to do and why we do the show each and every week is simply to assist you. It’s called pay it forward. It’s what Og dreamed of many years ago when he wrote The Greatest Salesman. If you go to, take the assessment, measure your thoughts, and find out if your thoughts are aligned with the principles that are Og’s teachings. It’s about a $99 value but we’re giving it to you for free. I know you’ve done that, David.

I did it and it was very revealing. It’s brilliant.

I want to jump back to something you said because when Og wrote the book, he said on the audio that his life was ten years of a living hell. That’s because the bottle had more power over him than his mind had over the bottle. When he wrote that first scroll, “Today, I begin a new life. I shed my old skin.” It’s an unbelievable thing. I want to know for you because when I first picked this up, I thought, “It’s easy reading. It’s going to be a breeze.” Og says at the beginning of the book that you’re going to get about 75 to 1 odds that you’ll do the scrolls the way he outlined. That’s a tall task. I wonder how you overcame that. Where was the internal motivation and drive to overcome the program?

I can relate to Og Mandino because I had similar challenges in a variety of areas that had to be overcome and it was life and death. The big motivation was I had in my upbringing the anchors and things in my community to provide for my family and to secure my kids. It was overwhelmingly strong, and also to make a success of life. I had to win because there was nowhere to go. There was a moment in my career in 1997. I’m seven years into network marketing and the company failed yet again. I have to rebuild again. I’m now in my 30s. I blinked for a moment and I went back to the family business of the hardware store.

I tried to get my job back and get the family business that my father had started. I’m at the door and we’re talking about it. I wouldn’t say negotiation, but then on the one-yard line, my uncle who was one of the owners now decided that he felt it wasn’t for me. I had to deal with not only the entitlement thing but the resentment thing. He’s gone now, but in retrospect, I’m glad that he didn’t let me back into the store because he felt it wasn’t the place for me. I stayed in the course of network marketing and it was the greatest decision in retrospect when I look back after the success and say, “I’m glad he said no.” That was a big deal. That was a major point in terms of what’s happened.

It’s interesting because I too can say that it was about seven years for me. Depending on where you start and what you bring to the table, but I didn’t have self-esteem, self-worth or net worth.

It’s hard to believe because I don’t know that Dan, I only know this Dan.

GSW 5 | Personal Power

Personal Power: To cast a vision for your company, business, or lifestyle is a skill. It’s something that you learn.


I want to transition to this David and this Dan. We’re on the phone regularly, but when I asked you over the years now, I know things might be a little more focused for you on the product side of life, but I would ask you about products and you’re more in the opportunity systems. It’s interesting that Og says in one of his scrolls, I’m paraphrasing, “How much can you make giving the same speech a thousand times?” Essentially, you’re on go every time I call you for selling the dream and the life of opportunity. How do you think that got instilled in you? Because it’s an automatic muscle for you.

A lot of people when they first get into the industry, the only reference point they have is a product because they don’t know how to project and cast any vision for the company, business, lifestyle, time freedom. That’s a skill, an art, and something that you learn. I learned how to storytell from you and from some of our associations. I didn’t understand the power of that. I practiced and became good at it. I understand this about human nature. Every person, without exception, given the opportunity, given the training, given they believe that they could acquire it and that they’re going to be supported, coached, mentored would want time freedom, a royalty income, or absolute security.

They would want the best for their kids and their grandkids. Those are all givens. The only thing that makes the difference for people is not the ingredients in the product. They think it is because it’s the only reference that they have. Given that everybody wants that, then one has to master the skill to project that, and have that other person feel good about it, “I can do it. I can acquire the skills. I can master the art.” The best way for a person to get that is to know your story. A lot of people look at me and say, “I could never be like you.” When I tell them where I came from and where I’ve been, they can’t believe. It’s like, “How would that be possible?”

I’m going to go out on a limb here, David. I’m going to guess that thousands of people on your team that have heard you speak before will have not heard this David Moses.

There are a lot of things that people don’t know. They see the stage presence and all of that, but they don’t know about the four rehabs in the ‘90s.

This is invaluable because genuine authenticity on the journey is why people trust you and follow you. They know that you’re going to lead them with true principles. I can’t wait for your leaders to read this and say, “I didn’t know that about you.” I can’t wait for your leaders to say, “I’m going to start re-reading that again.” If I’m going to go to the top, maybe I need a reset. This is always in my mind every morning. It just happens to be scroll two for me because I grew up without love in my heart. I didn’t know what love even was. For me, when the eyes opened, the bed made, the thoughts begin, it’s “I will greet this day with love in my heart.” You have that naturally. I appreciate a couple of those thoughts that you shared because whether I go back to those three things, but that word anchor that you used was real. I could say that the scrolls provide anchors for me every day of my life now for many years.

The reason I’m grateful for you is that I was at a seminar in 1993. It wasn’t Palm Springs. It was another one in the fall. Palm Springs was May or June if I recall. In the fall, there was something called Leadership in Action. There was a cassette tape. There were a number of speakers and you were one of them. The speech that you did was on the power of the mind and so forth and three specific books. You talked about Think and Grow Rich, As a Man Thinketh, and The Greatest Secret in the World. You got started with it, but you didn’t complete it.

You then said, “I’m going to do this thing to see what happens,” and then you completed it. I remember thinking to myself, “I’m coachable, I’m teachable, and I’m listening.” There was a moment that occurred to me that I may be coachable, but I haven’t bought the book yet, so I’m not that coachable. Listening to the audio but not taking the action is what separates success from not success. Finally, I went out and bought all three books. I can look back and say those three books were the most influential pieces of my personal development journey, without a doubt.

It’s interesting because I remember that Leadership in Action. I had twenty minutes on stage and there were two other parties that had twenty minutes on stage. A good friend, Erling Schroeder passed away. He was a great leader. Jan Anderson is an amazing leader.

If given the opportunity, every person, without exception, would want time, freedom, and absolute security. Share on X

It was out of the park.

It was unbelievable. Everything we did, we had these little mini-cassette players and we would play things for people on our telephones. It was a different world and everything’s on live instant feed as we are now.

I still got the little cold quarters sitting in a box right over there. The little white thing with the little switch. We’ve come a long way.

Let’s do this. I want to see what you would project because I saw something on your Facebook page. Before my guests come on, I love to see what they’re talking about. You’ve got an energy about the state of the world. It’s an optimistic energy that anybody could set theirs so they can drop anchor, they can set sail, they can do something special with their lives. Why don’t you talk about what some of those posts mean?

There’s no question that there are many different perspectives. You’ve heard the old story of two salesmen wake up one morning. One guy looks out the window and it’s pouring with rain. He says, “It’s a terrible day to go out. I’ll just stay at home.” The other guy gets up in the morning and looks out there. He says, “What a great day to go see people, everybody’s going to be home.” There are two ways to look at it. I see it as the greatest opportunity to advance and here’s why. First of all, I know a lot of people like my accountant. They’ve got a beautiful building downtown Toronto. He says, “I like working from home. We’ve downsized our office.” This is a big accounting firm. This isn’t a one-man show. They’ve got used to working from home on Zoom on the computer. He used to go to his office downtown every day.

That is happening across the planet. People are now empowered. The fact that we were in lockdown, people have learned how to function in this environment using their computer and getting on Zoom. I’ve done more Zooms in the last few months than I did in years, and so as a lot of people. The majority of people have probably done their first Zoom. People have learned how to buy online, how to function online, and how to have stuff delivered. That’s perfect for our industry. There’s a wave of millions of people, maybe a billion, but hundreds of millions of people have been empowered and had a taste of being home and working from home. For our business, that is a pretty deep pool of prospective candidates who would resonate with a vehicle like what we have. They will see it. We won’t have to sell it. We won’t have to educate them. They’re educated. They’re just waiting for someone to show them. It’s a great time for us. There’s never been a better time.

I love the story about the two shoe salesmen that show up in Africa. It’s the same story. One guy wakes up one morning and says, “There’s no market here. Nobody’s wearing shoes.” The other guy wakes up and says, “What a market, nobody’s wearing shoes.” It’s optimism. People are going to read this and I hope you’ll share a review. If you want to reach out to David Moses, you can look him up on Facebook. It’s going to be fantastic to hear people resonate with your story because just like the Bible, stories are transformative because we see ourselves in somebody else’s story. You saw that as you saw me or somebody else on stage and said, “I want that residual income lifestyle.”

In the Og Mandino Company, we’ve measured over 150,000 entrepreneurs and network marketers. We know that the majority of them resist structure. When you take that assessment at, you’re not taking the assessment and having one of our coaches give you guidance. It’ll show up online in a matter of seconds. Once you take the test, it’ll take you fifteen minutes. You’ll watch my little video. You’ll see that this isn’t something that I’m just selling. This is something I’m living. I live this on a daily basis. What’s exciting is that people are going to move their lives forward in a big way. Og talks about principles. He says, “Only principles endure.” I know that you’re a man of principle, your wife, your family, your grandkids. You lead your organization in principle. In closing, what would you say to a brand new person? Maybe there are people that haven’t read The Greatest Salesman or have a copy of The Greatest Secret for that matter?

I would say to a brand new person to know this. You were endowed by your creator with everything you require to grow, to become, to advance, to achieve success, abundance, prosperity and fulfillment. Our job is to uncover that, discover that, and develop it. This book and this whole process is maybe one of the best paths to doing that. It certainly was for me. It’s simple and easy to do. It’s something you can do every day. You will start to notice the difference week after week, month after month. A year later, you’ll look back and you’ll already be transformed from the mindset that you had at whatever level you’re at. There is no ceiling to how far you can go and you should know that. No matter what anybody has told, no matter what you’ve experienced, no matter how many challenges and difficulties, every one of them is a prerequisite for success. You have to have them, so embrace them. In retrospect, you look back and realize that those are the moments that made you, and that sets you up to be someone who could train, inspire, motivate, move, and uplift others. That’s what I would say to a brand new person.

GSW 5 | Personal Power

Think and Grow Rich

Regardless of whether you’re brand new like I was at nineteen years of age or somebody like David in his early 30s, a homemaker, an insurance salesman, a real estate, an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter who you are. My gratitude to you as a friend and your contribution here, and I can’t wait to do what I always do. That’s to re-read, take more notes, dive in and ask more quality questions about, how I can be better and how I can lead more. One thing I know, David, we’ll look forward to greeting each day with our love in our hearts. We’re going to persist until we make that next contribution to somebody else’s life. Thank you for coming on and I look forward to maybe having you back in the future.

Thank you for having me, Dan. I appreciate it.

Everybody, go out and have the greatest day of your life., as the ambassador of the Og Mandino Company, my job is to go out there and do exactly what Og would want us to do. That is to teach principles and enhance the idea of having a habit in your life of putting good food in the brain with those scrolls every day, and then having those reference points at all times in your life. Thank you again for joining us.

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GSW 5 | Personal Power

David Moses is recognized as one of the most dynamic business mentors, speakers, trainer, and success coach in the direct sales industry. His ability to coach success in network marketing, sponsor, and teach has resulted in many successful team members around the world. David’s own personal success in network marketing has made him his fortune and afforded him a personal lifestyle with all the luxuries he desires. David lives every day with an abundance mentality, which is the secret backbone to his success! His career spans two decades as a multi-million dollar earner, senior corporate executive in Network Marketing, and master distributor for several companies.

David came from modest beginnings. He was born in London, England and came to Canada with his family at the age of 8. When he finished high school, he ended up in the family business (one of the early home hardware stores). He still remembered fixing plate-glass-window early in the morning. Later in life, David left the family business and joined his brother in the restoration collectible cars business. Together, they built one of the largest collectible car restoration shops in Canada and the most unique in North America. To this day, David has a fond love of exotic cars! How did David Moses get into network marketing? One day while he was visiting his accountant’s office, he dropped by the unemployment office on the same floor. Out of curiosity, he picked up the “Employment News” newspaper and wondered what was going on in the job market. He spotted an ad titled “$100k A Year Potential” with an expanding international company. He was immediately intrigued, and applied the same day. From that day onward, he has been full time in the networking marketing industry, equipping people with the network marketing tools they need to achieve success. David’s passion is helping others achieve their Dreams, Goals, and Aspirations.