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Fifty-two years ago, Og Mandino shared an unbelievable gift to us in the form of his legendary book, The Ten Ancient Scrolls for Success. In honor of his words, Dan McCormick brings in somebody who truly lives by these principles every day. Rick Jordan is an accomplished entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and one of the world’s top distributors at Unicity International. As amazing as these accomplishments may be, we’re not here to hear about them. Streamed live on Christmas Eve, this episode pays homage to the timeless nuggets of wisdom that have brought people like Rick to the pinnacle of success, both in their business and in their lives. Listen in and learn the tools that you need to claim your own success moving forward. 

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Holiday Wisdom: Nuggets From Og Mandino’s Ten Ancient Scrolls With Rick Jordan 

Every week, it is a treat for me to put somebody in that famous chair that we call the greatest salesman in the world each and every week. It could not be a timelier episode and that magical story that Og Mandino shared with us several years ago, that unbelievable gift that he had of sharing with us a philosophy for living, life and writing that was unique and different. Here we are honoring his words and his principles that he shared with all of us. Welcome, Rick Jordan. How are you? 

I am doing terrific. 

It’s great to have you here. We’ve known each other for a long time. We’ve worked together in business before. What I love to do before I get into any of that stuff, I love having my guests for the benefit of our readers to know from my greatest salesman in the world what are the three things you believe, Rick, that shape your life or each and every day of your life. I wonder if you could start off with that. 

I wake up in the morning and I begin my day like this, I roll out of bed onto my knees. Some people might call it meditation, they call it prayer, whatever the language you like to use. I’m there kneeling down and the first thing I say is, “Heavenly Father, I am grateful.” The first principle is I live my life in gratitude. I start listing all the things that I’m grateful for. I’m grateful for my family. I’m grateful for my lovely wife of many years. It’s hard to believe she put up with me that long, especially since she had to take a chance on me many years ago. As I say to people, we’ve been newlyweds for many years, but we’re married for eternity. 

I live in the spirit of gratitude. I can remember when I was in Berlin, Germany doing a seminar, and near the end of the seminar, we had a couple of extra minutes. I said, “How many of you would like to know the key to happiness?” They all raise their hand. I said, “You want to know the key to happiness?” They said, “Yes.” I said, “It’s one simple characteristic, and that is gratitude.” I was listening to a podcast and you have a friend Dieter Uchtdorf. He said that you need to be grateful in your circumstances, not because of your circumstances. As we ebb and flow when good things happen, bad things happen, if we have that spirit of gratitude, it will be okay. That’s number one.  

What’s interesting at the end of this book, he talks about Paul. He talks about Saul and Paul and he’s visiting with Hafid when he gives him the robe. This was several years ago. I was teaching at church in Sunday school. I was teaching Acts and it talks about Paul is on the road to Damascus. In the Bible it says that when he saw the light, when he heard the voice, “Why persecuted thou me?” then what did Paul say to Him? He said, “What would thou have me do?” That’s the next question. I have my to-do list that I ponder over, and I have a notepad next to where I kneel, and I write down the things that I need to be doing. I then ask Him, “In these priorities of the things that I have on plan, what would thou have me do because then I’ll be in the state of where He’s at?” I’ve had some interesting experiences as a result of that. I was in New Delhi a few years ago, the other side of the world. Sometimes you get a little lonely when you’re there by yourself. I was on my knees and I was pondering, beginning the day of what I need to do and a name popped into my head. I’m going, “I need to call Jim.”  

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What do most people do? They put it on the to-do list. When they get back from their travels, they call Jim. I thought, “I can’t wait a day. I can’t wait an hour. I’ve got to do it now.” I looked at what time it was. It was around 6:00 AM in New Delhi, which meant it was about 6:30 PM here in California. I gave Jim a call. He didn’t answer the phone, but I left a message. I said, “Jim, I don’t know why I’m calling you, but I was pondering, I was in my state of meditation and I felt that I needed to call you. I want you to know that there’s somebody that has a great deal of respect for you on the other side of the world. I miss you and I love you.”  

I asked Him that, “What do you want me to do?” The next thing is you’ve got to act on it. You read about that in scroll number nine, but I feel you need to act in faith. Faith is the moving cause by which everything happens. Most people look at it as a religious term, but it is the key to everything that we do. Since we’ve known each other for several years, I still drive the same car, 1963 Porsche. The license plate is CRickGo.  

I don’t think you’re not going to remember this story, but I believe you were driving to play golf with me, or me to play golf with you. We’re on the phone and I said, “What’s that noise?” You said, “I got pulled over by the state trooper. He’s given me a ticket right now.” 

I remember that. You talk about speed and we’ll talk about that. I’m driving my car because I have an old car, how do I exercise faith? My old car starts most of the time, but it doesn’t start all the time. If you notice, all Porsches have the key on the left-hand side. Do you know why? When they were getting ready back in the ‘50s when they were doing their races, and at the time they had to run to the car. The gear shift is on the right, the key needed to be on the left so that they could turn the key, start the car, put the car in gear, and go and be the first off the line. Back to my car.  

When I turned the key, that is my faith in action that I’m going to hope the car starts. An important part of faith is the hope element of it. I’m hoping and most of the time it starts. A friend of ours, their daughter got married. I was at this reception. I come out, I turned the key, nothing. The great thing about old cars is you can push start it. I was out, I turned the car around and it was a little downhill and I’m pushing where a friend of ours, Justine, comes out and he says, “You need help.” This guy is in his late twenties. He’s never seen a car started being pushed started. We pushed the car. I popped the clutch, and the car starts and off we go. 

What a start for the show. I’m fired up by this. We’ve known each other a long time, but you’re the greatest salesman in the world now. I asked you to come on the show. I said, “Can you come on?” Tell us how many grandkids you have now. 


You’re still going to have a lot of grandkids at the house, but I can step away. I said, “Invite them all to come on the show and make a comment here and add something to the show.” Your businesses are international. You do tens of millions, hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of dollars in revenue in all of your businesses throughout your career. You’ve been in the direct selling world for many years. 

I was asked to sit on the board of directors of a company back in ‘88. Prior to that, we were involved in something that unfortunately didn’t go the distance. I sat on that board for a number of years, then the recession hit. As you know I’m in the insurance business and I felt like I was on a treadmill where the incline is increasing, the speed is going faster, but I’m staying in the exact same place. I saw people in network marketing that I felt didn’t have the talent I had in my little finger and they’re making hundreds of millions of dollars. I’m slaving away on this treadmill. There’s something wrong with this. I began looking and I came across a company. I fell in love with the product. I had an amazing product experience in lowering my cholesterol. I jumped on board with both feet on a limited time basis because I had my insurance business to run and other things. It’s been the biggest thing I’ve been involved with. 

Here you are traveling the world. Your businesses are all over the world. I wonder if now, for the sake of the fact that you’ve laid the foundation, and it’s an incredible perspective that you offered for our readers on those three things that shape your life. I love to point out that when you have somebody in the chair that you’re in and being recognized as the greatest salesman in the world, you can always feel the genuine authenticity of how people live those three things. You mentioned you went back and watched fifteen or so of the episodes, and you can feel that when you listen to these incredible people?  

GSW 25 Rick Jordan | Ten Ancient Scrolls

The Ten Ancient Scrolls for Success

For those that are joining for the first time, I would encourage you to go back to the other episodes, Justin PrinceRicky V, the TothsPaty Acosta. These are a few of the names that I can recall. It was remarkable. I like to run. I said in my bio, I’ve done sixteen Boston Marathons. You spend a lot of time running and I spent a lot of time running by myself. I listen to things, I don’t listen to music unless it’s on a special day or it’s in between speeches. I run 30, 40, 50, 60 miles a week. When you’re running that long now at my age, it’s a bit longer than it used to be. I want to fill my head with good positive thoughts. 

You embody that you can feel it, you roll out of bed, you’ve got your meditation and prayer going, searching out there. I have a book on my desk right here. That’s interesting that you said, “Ask,” and there’s The Prayer of Jabez. That’s what he challenges us all to do is to ask. If we can’t be in the place to serve somebody now and be at a bigger place. That was a great perspective and scroll number nineAct now.” Being that you mentioned scroll number nine, “I will act now.” It’s what great entrepreneurs do. I believe that the greatest salespeople in the world are all in on, “I will act now.” When was the first time you read the book? How did it feel? Give us a paradigm on how it felt to reread it.  

I joined the insurance business with my dad right out of college and he says, “You need to go to this seminar.” It was with a guy by the name of Ben Feldman. He is the number one life insurance salesman of all time. He was the number one life insurance agent for New York Life. I find out the information because back then we didn’t have the internet, which I could look at it. The seminar was $1,500. I go to my dad. I said, “Dad, I can’t afford to go there. Since I can’t afford to go there, will you pay for it?” I’m working for him. He says, “I’ve learned that if you pay for it, you’re going to value it more than if I paid for it.” That was always his principle with me growing up. I had to borrow the money to go to the seminar because he says, “You can’t afford it, but you can’t afford not to go.” Guess where I got the money from? 


No, I got the money from Mr. Visa because my selling techniques were bad. I couldn’t book the ticket in order to go without using Mr. Visa. I go to Mr. Visa and I’m at this seminar with Ben Feldman and he says, “A few things, I encourage you to do.” He gave us some of his secrets. That’s another topic for another day, but he tells me to read the book. I am a sponge at this point. I went out and got the book, 1979. I read it and then I also read it again because it’s on my shelf. I read it again in the ‘90s, but then I read it again this time. Perspective has changed over the years as you can imagine. Many years ago, I was a young kid making my life in the world and now, I can look back. It has a bit different meaning for me now. When I read it this time, it resonated with me. There are not a lot of books I do encore reading, which over and over again. I do the scriptures, that’s important for me. Every year or two I read Think and Grow Rich. 

I love the next book that he wrote, Outwitting the Devil. I read that. This time of year, I read A Christmas Carol. The sad part about A Christmas Carol is when we think of Scrooge, we think about the guy before he changed. We don’t think about the guy that changed. He changed his life as a result of seeing those three angels. This is now one of those encore readings for me. Since you asked me to do this around Christmas time, and the story of Hafid when he delivers the robe to the Christ child in the cave in Bethlehem, this is going to be my new Christmas read too. 

It’s interesting you mentioned that because I hadn’t thought about the encore read, but there are some encore reads for me as well. I do this regularly, probably 3 or 4 times already. I listen to the scrolls every day. The first scroll I wake up to is I will greet this day with love in my heart. I feel like if my life ever veers off course of missing out on that gratitude piece, I always got to go to Man‘s Search for Meaning. I feel like that speaks. Especially with what’s happened in our world in 2020. I thought that was special. When you reread it here, was there a scroll that stood out to you? You mentioned scroll number nine. Was there a scroll that said wow?  

I keep a journal. I looked back at my journal when I read the first time. Guess what scroll it was that caught my interest back then? It was scroll number four, “I am nature’s greatest miracle.” Here’s the reason why. I like to write down what that means to me. What that means to me is I’m a child of God. I’m unique. As a result of me being a child of God, what is my destiny? What is my inheritance? Back in ‘79, you don’t know this about me, when I was in sixth grade, I had a teacher that my two older sisters both had. They said that she is the greatest teacher ever. You talked about the greatest salesman, she’s the greatest teacher ever. My parents made sure I got into her class there at Longfellow Elementary School in Long Beach. I’m in this class and we have a parentteacher conference during the mid-semester. I’m going there with my parents and here’s this lady, Ms. Richie. She never was married. You can get the picture. She says to my mom and dad, “Your daughters, Carolyn and Sue, they were terrific, but this kid is by far the dumbest student I’ve ever had.” Guess what happened? For the next seven years, through high school, six years of high school, and one year of college, I proved her right. 

I never took a book home in high school and believe me, I’ve got the grades to prove it. When I was nineteen years old, I decided to serve a service mission for our church. That’s when I came to the realization that I have a self-worth. It meant so much to me when I read that because we are God’s greatest miracle. When we understand who our dad is, who our mom is, and things of that nature, our thinking changes because we have a completely different perspective. When I read it the first time, that was it. Now it’s number two, “I will greet this day with love in my heart.” I want to create a legacy of love and charity. Charity isn’t acts, it’s a way of being. I want to demonstrate that way of being, and I have not been good at it. I’ve heard some people say, “I want to live my life without regret.” I wish I could say that because I have lots of regrets. I’ve got lots of things I need to improve on and every day I’m trying to improve on. I try to change, but I want to live my life with love in my heart. 

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I always pull out the cardstock when I see a scroll. I see “I am nature’s greatest miracle” here, and I’m looking at some of these words that you’re thinking while you’re saying it. Og says, “Since the beginning of time, there’s never been another with my mind, my heart, my ears, my eyes, my hands, my hair.” In my case, my lack of hair now. None of that came before. It’s a great thing to always hear somebody when they read the book several years ago. Stephen McNeil, one of my great friends talked about Ben Feldman. One of the quotes there is how he used to learn from him as well when he had his New York Life Agency. What a magical thing for us all to ponder now and to find what scroll touches you this time of the year. It’s a great thing. I want to give our readers an opportunity to learn what you’re learning and learn it at a level that the Og Mandino Company calls it habit finder. For the readers, you can go to What that does is it’s going to be a brain challenge for you to say, “How can I simplify fifteen minutes in my life and organize these eighteen words?” Let math prove out how your thoughts mirror the image of the scrolls or do not. Let one of our coaches call you or follow up, or you’ll read your results. It’s free.  

It’s got a value to it of $100 to $200, but if you have not done that, maybe you can make it a family project. Do it with your kids and with your wife. It’s a magical thing. I usually do it a couple of times a year to get my head around, “Am I getting enough empathy? Am I looking on the outside on who I can help and who I can serve, and not being too consumed with myself?” Og was trying to tell us that throughout the scrolls. It’s interesting, Rick, I’m not sure if you and I were to go through the book now that we would have a lot of great sales techniques for our readers. We might have, in Og’s own way, a lot of techniques on how to have a better life. 

When I was reading the Ten Scrolls, a thought came into mind. These are true principles. The truth has been defined as it’s the same yesterday, today and forever. I like truth being defined as things as they are and as they will be. It was like I was on the ladder putting up Christmas lights and I didn’t fall. If I fail, I could sit there and say, “I don’t believe in gravity, gravity doesn’t work.” As I’m falling, “Gravity, come on, stop.” Every single time I’m going to fall, I’m going to hit the ground. I don’t bounce like I once did. Gravity is a law. Gravity is a principle that is unchangeable. These ten things are unchangeable. They are truth. 

Rick, knowing you over the years and having this conversation, it strikes me too a word that I love. It’s one of my favorites. It’s called diligence, and “di” means to separate. It seems to me that you have an enormous diligence in your focus in life, your commitment to what it is you believe in, your contribution to your businesses. Where do you think that came from for you? 

My dad said this, and this is where I grew up, “There are dozens of ways for success, but none of them work unless you do.” There are lots of diligence, perseverance, which is one of the scrolls, those types of things. The mission, that two-year period helped me to throw out bad habits. I became a master of good habits rather than being a master of bad habits, as it talks about in the book. If you’ve got a bad habit, replace it with a good habit. A habit is a habit and you become a slave to good habits. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced ADD, but I’ve got ADD. I was getting ready to run the Boston Marathon. It was 2004, a long time ago. I had a trip planned to be in Europe. My flight took off at 7:00 AM out of LAX, which means I needed to leave at 5:00 AM to get there an hour ahead of time because I’m an hour from the airport. I had 10 miles that I needed to run that day. I set my alarm for 2:30, I was on the road, ran my 10 miles and I jumped on the airplane, and fly to Milan because you lose a day when you get there. When I landed in the morning, I had 14 miles on my schedule to run that day. 

One of the things I learned is you can’t make up those miles. I checked into my hotel there in Milan and I got on the road and I ran 14 miles. How many people do that? I’m a sick person. I did it. That’s who I am now. It’s hard to describe why I’m that way. A good friend of mine, Todd Smith, you know Todd, he says, “Discipline is doing the things you should do even when you don’t feel like doing them.” When I was in Milan, my family wanted to go out for dinner and I said, “We can go out to dinner but I’ve got to run 14 miles.” At that time, 14 miles took me about an hour and 50 minutes. I said, “We’re going to have to wait a couple of hours and then we’ll go.”  

I’m always fired up by what guests have to say because I know you put thought into this and when I called you, what an honor. How cool is it to be on this show? You might have lots of your team members that’ll get dialed into this and chime into this eventually whether it’s now or after the holidays. I wonder in your rhythm to life now, what are some of the things that you choose to do in terms of how do you lead an organization that’s globally like you have now? 

You have to be principle-centered as we talked about. When you build a success culture and as you build a global business, it needs to be founded upon principles. My principle is a circle. The first principle is vision. You have to have a vision. You have to instill in your people a vision because if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re not going to get there. That’s the first thing, and then it needs to be followed up with a daily action plan. What do you do every single day? When I got started in the business of network marketing, I was making two phone calls a day. I had an hour and I felt that if I could make two phone calls every day during that hour, then I could do it.  

GSW 25 Rick Jordan | Ten Ancient Scrolls

Ten Ancient Scrolls: One of the values of this business is that we thrive upon being better today than we were yesterday.


You have to stick to it. That’s one of the principles that Ben Feldman said, “You have to follow the system,” which is the next point. You have to have a system. Back to the daily action plan, I can remember when I first got started and it had been about 30 days and I’d never missed a day. Getting back to the discipline, the diligence, the perseverance, when I make a commitment, I keep it. There are a lot of people that make commitments but few keep them. That’s been my experience. I kept it. One night I’m sitting there, lying in my bed, reflecting about the day and I realized I hadn’t made my two phone calls. What do most people do? They sit there and say, “I’ll make two more tomorrow.”  

I realized that if I missed it, I might have another excuse some other time and it will be easier to miss the next time and the next time. I got out of bed and I made two phone calls at 10:30 at night. The call went something like this. “Dan, I was lying in my bed and your name popped in my head. I’m involved with the new project. When can we get together?” When I met with those two people, I said, “What do you want to talk about?” They said, “We don’t want to talk about anything else. What do you want to talk about? You called me at 10:30 at night. It’s been killing me since we talked.” I thought maybe I need to make all my phone calls at 10:30 at night. 

It works. I’ve tried. There’s an urgency on that one. 

First of all, you have the vision, then you have the daily action plan, then you have the system that they need to follow, then it rolls right into personal improvement. One of the values of this business is we thrive upon being better today than we were yesterday. We ought to be better tomorrow than we are today. That only comes if we have the mindset of improvement. You have personal improvement. What does that lead you to? It leads to lifestyle experiences. Before the personal improvement, you have edification. This is important. It goes back to gratitude because when you treat people with dignity and respect in the spirit of gratitude, that will emanate throughout the entire organization. There are a lot of dos and don’ts. You don’t talk negative to anybody. 

Teach those principles of dignity and respect, then go into personal improvement, which then leads to lifestyle experiences. What do those lifestyle experiences do? They enhance your vision. That means your vision will become greater. Your daily action plan will be more focused. Your system will become better. That leads right into the other steps, the edification and so forth. It’s one circle. I follow those principles, and those are principles. How we invite to certain things? That’s part of the system? They have to be principle-based. You take a look at events structures. That’s lifestyle experiences so you want to make sure that they have the ability to change people’s lives to enhance their vision. 

Everybody, you can find Rick Jordan on Facebook and We’ve been so well filled. I’m going through the three things here. Our quality of life is based on the quality of the questions we ask and the contributions we make. What a powerful thing it is that you’ve got that programmed into your three things. You’re ready to be there in your meditation and see what the world is willing to put in your path on how you can serve. How do you manage your day now? Do you break it up into pieces still, or is it mostly network marketing or mostly all of the other businesses that you own? How do you put it into organization nowadays? 

My dad said this, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I can remember my dad being involved in the insurance business with me. When we’d get together Christmas time, he’d always want to be talking about insurance. He was a 24/7 insurance guy because he loved it, so he didn’t work. I was a little different. My insurance was my profession. It was the way I put food on the table for my family, but it wasn’t my passion. I was reading a book. I was sitting on the board of a company over in Hawaii. I was staying in our place in Hawaii and you’ve been there. It’s overlooking the ocean. It’s a great time for reflection. I’m there by myself. At night when the board meetings would end, I would go back and reflect. I was reading a book called Being the Best You Can Be in MLM by John Kalench. I was sitting on the board of this company and I felt I needed to know about the industry. The things that he asked was, number one, if you were given $1 million, what would you do with it? Number two, if you could do anything in your life, how would you spend your time? I forget what number three was. Number four was, write your eulogy. That’s a Stephen Covey. I know your wife had Stephen Covey in Organizational Communications or Organizational Behavior there at BYU. 

I did that. After I compile all this, I said insurance might be my occupation, but it’s not my passion. My passion is helping people. I think about my passion in helping people. In the insurance business I help people, but only when they have a tragedy, when they have a loss. I’m commercial insurance, I’m not so much life insurance. I sit there and I look at that and I’m not helping people. I own a carwash. I only help people when their cars are dirty, not a lot of self-satisfaction out of that. I have a storage facility, I help people when they have too much stuff. That’s not a lot of fulfillment, but when you help people change their lives, there’s so much satisfaction. One of our products helps to levelize Type 2 diabetics. There was a diabetic, he had been a diabetic for over 30 years. He was talking to one of our people that I had introduced the products to. He said, “I’m having my foot amputated in a few days.” That’s what happens when you have poor circulation. Many diabetics have those lesions. He got started on the product. Within a few weeks, the doctor postponed the surgery. He was able to get off 90% of his medications. How do you measure that and helping somebody change their life?  

I had a woman up in Fresno, she was working for AT&T. She was in their call center and she had a baby. She had her leave, but then she had to go back to work. It killed her that she had to go to work. She wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, and yet she still wanted to be fulfilled by working. She got involved in our business. She followed the system. Within a few short months, she was able to duplicate her income that she was making from AT&T. Now she’s a stay-at-home mom. She’s not having a caregiver raise her child, she’s raising her child. I know my wife, we were blessed that she was able to stay home with our eight children and raised them, homeschooled one of them, but you can’t replace that. You can’t replace a mom in the home. We provide an atmosphere that can happen. How much satisfaction does that give me? That’s the passion behind me. 

Congratulations. This has been a blast. I hope that people can pick up. It’s interesting that you have the ability to answer a question. Almost every time, you’re going to add a story to it. We know that the Bible starts off by telling us stories. It tells us that it’s okay with good times and bad times. We’re going to have relationship challenges. We’re going to have successes, failures and bumps along the road. It’s interesting that almost all your answers, you’re able to tie a story to it to add to the picture. Maybe you saw the episode with Fred Elias. We’ll get on the phone and it’s like one of us is telling a story. The next guy starts telling a story. We can’t even get off to storytelling one another. Stephen McNeil and I do the same here. We’re story related. I wonder if you’re that cognizant of it. Do you teach people how to tell stories in your business? 

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Facts don’t sell, stories sell. A lot of people think that products in this form of distribution are expensive. I remember hearing, “Compared to what,” and answering the question by, “Compared to what.” Do you want to compare it? It’s less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks. It’s less than a bowl of Cheerios. When you compare things like that and you tell a story behind it, that helps to create a picture. That’s what people sometimes have a difficult time seeing. It’s the big picture. If I can regress a bit, we talk about faith, if you notice that I said that I act in faith, and I talked about hope. I remember in one of your episodes somebody said that love is the greatest force on the planet. I want to interject. I think hope is the greatest force on the planet. I knew a guy that was an executive for 3M. His responsibilities were over Europe. 

He had a general manager that as a child was in the concentration camps. Once he got to know him a bit, he asked him, “What was it like in the concentration camp? What did you learn being in a concentration camp?” That’s interesting. We can read the perspective from another individual, Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning, which I highly recommend that book. He said that when he was six years old, he was taken from his mom and dad. They went off to a concentration camp along with his sister. He’s with his grandmother, they were on a train heading to Switzerland when the train was bordered by the Gestapo. He was taken and separated from his grandmother. Here he is alone at six years old in a concentration camp. He asked this gentleman, “What do you think got me through it?” He said, “It had to be love. That’s the most powerful force.” He says, “No, my captors, they didn’t love me. It was the hope that someday I would see my mom and dad. It was the hope that someday I would be able to hug my grandmother again, that I would see my sister,” which none of them ever happen. It was the hope that someday. 

GSW 25 Rick Jordan | Ten Ancient Scrolls

Ten Ancient Scrolls: Hope is the greatest force on the planet.


What we provide is hope. If you take a look at where we are in 2020, and at the beginning of the year I was saying, “This is going to be an amazing year. The year of the perfect vision, 20/20 vision, perfect vision.” It became a year like no other as we are here. When you take a look at it, there are a lot of people in despair, that are struggling financially, that had gained weight, that are not providing for themselves. We can provide the hope that there’s a better way. The next factor, which is trust, I know one of your speakers talked about the critical nature of trust, because we’re going to ask people to do things that are uncomfortable, to get out of their comfort zone. We have to be grounded on truth so that they will trust us with the hope that we can provide.  

I love the story about hope. I appreciate you sharing that. Let us hope and let us pray for all of our friends, family, and loved ones within our reach that we might be able to serve and help and add more hope to their life. 

I want to give an invitation to everybody. Take somebody that is not expecting to hear from you. Call them, give them the gift of friendship. What is our greatest asset? It’s our friends. Somebody that is not expecting it, out of the blue. I know you’re good about that, Dan. You call people regularly, but not everybody does, but call somebody. Even you, Dan, call somebody that isn’t expecting it and give them the happiness, the hope, and the joy that we have. 

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You quoted one of my favorite mentors, his name is Dieter F. Uchtdorf, who used to fly those big 747s and become the CEO of Lufthansa. He gives us this message and he has this thought where he says, “God has unimaginable plans for you in the future.” Rick Jordan, thank you very much. I know we could talk for another hour. We can sit on the stages of network marketing and keep going on this and dive in on all the things you’ve learned from Feldman to the books that you read, A Christmas Carol, all these amazing things. It’s a wonderful thing to have you. I appreciate you making the time in this magical time of year. We look forward to having you back in the future. I want to thank all of our readers, wherever you may be. Don’t hesitate to make this a terrific commitment on your part like Rick did, and make this a regular part of your reading curriculum, an encore book as Rick called it here. Thank you, Rick Jordan. God bless you for coming in as the greatest salesman in the world. Have the greatest rest of your day. Bye for now. 

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About Rick Jordan

GSW 25 Rick Jordan | Ten Ancient Scrolls Rick Jordan grew up in Southern California. He enjoys any sport having to do with the ocean. He surfs, has been SCUBA diving around the world, and deepsea fishing. He also loves the mountains, skis, snowmobiles and has climbed some of the highest peaks in the Western Hemisphere. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a major in InterpersonalCommunications he joined his father’s insurance agency. He received an advanced degree in Risk & Insurance from the College of Insurance in New York.

In 1983 he bought the agency from his father and grew the agency receiving many awards for growth from insurance companies the agency represents. In 1992 he joined Unicity International. He is one of the top distributors and has a global business. He was the first distributor in the USA to reach the rank of Crown Diamond.

He is an accomplished speaker, trainer and has been recognized for his successful leadership. He has helped many people to earn millions of dollars. His other business interests include a state-of-the-art hand car wash, a 900+unit self-storage business, and partnerships in several restaurants.

Rick has been active in Rotary International since 1979 and has served in many positions in Long Beach Rotary. He has been active Boy Scouts of America and has served on the boards of the Independent Insurance Agents, Long BeachCamp Fire, and Maui El Dorado Resort. Rick is also an accomplished runner having qualified and run the BostonMarathon 16 times. He and his wife Lori live in Sundance, Utah, and are the parents of eight children, five boys and three girls, and twenty grandchildren.