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GSW 33 | Mastering Emotions
  The ten scrolls are Og Mandino’s greatest gift to the world and no matter which you pick in any given moment, you are guaranteed to find value in it. This time, we take a closer look at the sixth scroll, which talks about mastering emotions. This is the scroll that speaks the loudest to Laurie Ulrich, a fabulous success
GSW 32 | Quitting
  Many successful salespeople are those who believe that quitting is never an option—that when the world tells them to stop, or they can’t have something, they continue to move forward and persevere against it all. Charley Patterson embraces this philosophy, being known for his business approach to athletics and an athletic mindset approach to business. He joins host, Dan McCormick,
GSW 31 | Thinking Big
  We may not like it, but our challenges make us stronger. For Mindy Deeble, the greatest challenge she encountered in her life was a pivot her family had to make when she was 12 years old. The economy had crashed and they had to move into this tiny, little shack with nine people living in it. Mindy describes it
GSW 30 | Habit Finder
  There’s no such thing as a born salesman, but little tweaks on your habits can make a huge difference on how you perform. In this episode, habit dynamic expert and Habit Finder President, Paul Blanchard joins Dan McCormick to talk about some mind habits that help increase performance among sales professionals. Paul introduces Cracking the Social Code, an online course that will teach you how to create real relationships on social media and convert
GSW 29 | Negative Thoughts
  Negative thoughts are truly hard to get rid of. They linger in our minds no matter how hard we try to erase them, and they start to become overpowering if we let them dictate our actions and mindset. Dr. Luis Arriaza sits down with Dan McCormick to discuss how to live with these not-so-pleasant nuggets in our head, start believing in
GSW 28 Andrea Waltz | Go For No
  The most empowering word is not Yes but a resounding No. In this episode, Dan McCormick interviews an expert who is all about having the courage to accept this often dreaded word.  He talks with Andrea Waltz, the co-founder of Courage Crafters, Inc. and co-author of the best-selling book, Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get
GSW 27 | Habits For Success
  There is more to habits than meets the eye. Beyond being just a part of our daily routines, guest for this episode and founder of STACK Real Estate Nathan Ricks believes that habits can either be the best of servants or the worst of masters. After all, these are the very things that will build your character and define
GSW 26 Bob Beaudine | Relationship With God
  In a world that is as chaotic as now, we long for a certain place to just stay still and find comfort. Bob Beaudine found that in God. In this episode, he joins host, Dan McCormick, to talk about how we can live a life that is guided by our relationship with God through his book, 2 Chairs. Believing that there is a limit