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GSW 25 Rick Jordan | Ten Ancient Scrolls
  Fifty-two years ago, Og Mandino shared an unbelievable gift to us in the form of his legendary book, The Ten Ancient Scrolls for Success. In honor of his words, Dan McCormick brings in somebody who truly lives by these principles every day. Rick Jordan is an accomplished entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and one of the world’s top distributors at Unicity International. As amazing as these accomplishments may be,
  Join host Dan McCormick as he interviews this week’s Greatest “Saleswoman” – Eileen Williams! Born and raised in San Diego, Eileen began her career in Human Resources Management for technology companies. She has spent the past 30 years excelling in network marketing – achieving ranks and accolades such as Team Elite, 4 Star Platinum, Circle of Excellence III, Woman of
GSW 17 | Becoming A Millionaire Fast
  Join Dan McCormick as he interviews this week’s Greatest Salesman, Ricky Villanueva. Ricky is a Millennial serial entrepreneur with 11+ years of experience in online brand awareness, consulting, and high-performance. He is considered a thought leader in the direct sales and network marketing industry and currently holds the record for the youngest and fastest millionaire in his company. From
GSW 16 | Being In Alignment
  Join Dan McCormick as he interviews this week’s Greatest Salesman, Demitrius Siruno! Demitrius has been a serial entrepreneur for 17 years. He started with ice cream shacks and then launched a real estate investment company where he found tremendous success until the market crashed in 2007. That path led Demitrius to network marketing. Always thinking bigger, Demitrius started a
GSW 15 | Preparation For Success
  How do you win in anything? The answer to that according to John Solleder is preparedness. You have to be prepared to go out and do business at all times because you never know when business is going to happen. John is a top earner, educator, and speaker in the network marketing industry. Growing up, John was not particularly
GSW 14 | Direct Sales
  One of the persons featured in the book called The Millionaire Training by Larry Thompson, Jay Bennett is the greatest salesman in the world. Jay is the top field executive for Isagenix, a multi-level marketing company. Jay joins Dan McCormick on the show today to share his entrepreneurial journey to the pinnacle of the direct sales world. Having done millions of
  Having worked in construction for 24 years, Bob Burdick enjoyed it, but it lacked one thing that he needed – residual income. A chance meeting with somebody by a poolside changed the course of his life though. On today’s podcast, Bob and his wife, Sue, join Dan McCormick to talk about that pivotal moment in their lives when they
GSW 12 | Mindset For Success
  It’s good to talk about habits, but it’s also good to talk about the negative habits and why we do them. Negative habits impact your life in a way that holds you back. Imagine if you can just change your mindset or create a habit process that allows you never to feel like your back is against the wall,