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GSW 12 | Power Of Presence
  Despite everything that’s happening in this fast-paced digital world, the power of presence still reigns supreme if you want to provide real service and realize your priorities. One must always be available and appreciate his or her now. Hear tips from a POWERHOUSE MOM BOSS on leading a team of over 10k women while also being an awesome mom
GSW 24 | Contact Mapping
  Business is all about relationships, and building and developing meaningful relationships will make all the difference in your success. On today’s show, Dan McCormick interviews this week’s Greatest Salesman – father-son duo, Tom and Adrian Chenault! The Co-founder and the inspiration behind Contact Mapping, Tom Chenault developed the ideas and philosophy that underpin the app over a four-decade career spanning successful turns in
GSW 21 | Network Marketing
  Join host Dan McCormick as he interviews this week’s Greatest Salesman, John Haremza. John is a network marketing veteran with over 30 years in the business and earnings in excess of $24 million. He achieved a new high of $4 million last year. His all-time proudest accomplishment has been leading his people to earnings of over $250 million and
GSW 23 | Dreaming Big
  Many people in the world don’t have goals. They just continue living the life that they’ve been dealt with, not even daring to look for something extraordinary. Dan McCormick’s guest on today’s show is the complete opposite. Patricia Acosta likes to dream big. Growing up in Colombia in a humble family as the youngest of seven children, Patricia decided to
GSW 11 | Network Marketing
  With the world changing so dramatically, networking has never worked wonders as it has for the masses at this level. Dan McCormick’s guest today is successful network marketer Lance Conrad. Prior to beginning his network marketing journey, Lance had 10 years’ experience in hiring, motivating, training employees, and driving sales for companies, including a Fortune 500 company. Today, he sits
GSW 22 | Direct Selling
  With enough motivation, proper support, and a clear vision, direct selling can yield more rewarding results than you can ever expect. Join host Dan McCormick as he interviews today’s Greatest Salesman – DeAnne and Mark Stidham! They share the success story of LuLaRoe, detailing how their small clothing business eventually became one of the largest social retailer brands in
GSW 20 | Greatest Salesman
  Join host Dan McCormick as he interviews Dr. Bill Toth and Julie Toth – The Greatest SalesCouple Prospering By Serving Others. Bill and Julie Toth both grew up in rural communities. Bill became a physician who focused on sports injuries and neurology for nearly 12 years. Julie became a corporate buyer in retail who lived on airplanes and in hotels.
GSW 10 | Intentional Life
  Be it in your business, career or personal life, all success is intentional and you can only get there through willful change and persistence. Once you create that intentionality for yourself, you are all set to follow the path of intentional creation. Speaker and author, Justin Prince drives this message home in this inspiring conversation with Dan McCormick. Starting out