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GSW 9 | Direct Selling
  In the direct selling world, in order to succeed, you have to have an understanding of people and find out what they want so you can match what you’re selling to what they want. Lisa Grossmann has been in the direct selling space for 32 years. She attributes her success and longevity to the very first moment she got hold
GSW 8 | Personal Growth
  Most of our life is spent in preparation for the next wave of growth that’s going to come for our life or our journey. For former professional bodybuilder and million-dollar earner in network marketing, Freddy Elias, personal growth didn’t come until he was 26 when he was introduced to the teachings of Zig Ziglar. From bodybuilder and nutrition store owner,
GSW 7 | Persist Until You Succeed
  “I will persist until I succeed.” This is one of the many scrolls guest and the “millionaire maker”, Danelle Delgado, lives by. Having been featured in Forbes Magazine for being a “single mother [who] used her winning attitude on life to build a multimillion-dollar business”, Danelle sits down with Dan McCormick to share with us how she uses Og
GSW 6 | Finding Your Self-Worth
  Are you finding yourself constantly sabotaging things? Perhaps it’s because you don’t love yourself. Today’s guest, Robert Hollis, says that when you don’t love yourself, you could never attract the same. Robert lost his identity when he lost the ability to function as a mechanic. In his lowest of lows, his mentor introduced him to Og Mandino’s book, The
GSW 5 | Personal Power
  Definitely one of the greatest salesmen in the world, David Moses’ team has produced billions of dollars in revenue. David is recognized as one of the most dynamic business mentors, speakers, trainers, and success coaches in the direct sales industry. He attributes this success to his realization that he is not entitled to anything but has to make it on
GSW 4 | Accomplishing Extraordinary Things
  To make a goal come true, you need to be more confident, aggressive, or even patient – depending on your personality – and visualize your success. On today’s show, join Dan McCormick as he interviews The Greatest Yo-Yo Salesman, Alan Nagao. Born in 1962 with serious birth defects, Alan has a passion for the yo-yo and was very skilled
GSW 3 | Youtheory
  A fourth-generation entrepreneur in the grocery industry, Darren Rude was trying to figure out the direction his career was going and looking for a different opportunity when he came across the book called The Greatest Salesman in the World, which directed him to his next vehicle of success – Youtheory, one of the original collagen supplement brands. He joins Dan
  Shaped by creativity, optimism, and courage, Cara Brook created Maskcara Beauty to share her love of beauty. Cara is a beauty blogger and makeup artist who believes that makeup should be used to enhance the true beauty in a woman’s face, rather than covering it up. On today’s show, she joins Dan McCormick to talk about how she built Maskcara and what she