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“I will persist until I succeed.” This is one of the many scrolls guest and the “millionaire maker”, Danelle Delgado, lives by. Having been featured in Forbes Magazine for being a “single mother [who] used her winning attitude on life to build a multimillion-dollar business”, Danelle sits down with Dan McCormick to share with us how she uses Og Mandino’s principles to continue to rise and raise others! Follow her story in this episode to find the empowerment you need to succeed in life and more.

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Persist Until You Succeed: The Principle To Rise And Raise Others With Danelle Delgado

Special interview with Danelle Delgado—serial entrepreneur, international speaker, best-selling author.

Before I ever started my first show, I told Paul Blanchard, “Who would you want to be on the show?” He didn’t even hesitate, he said, “Danelle Delgado.”

Thank you. I love Paul Blanchard.

I know you’re out there in the beautiful State of Colorado and I’m here in the beautiful State of Idaho sitting above Lake Coeur d’Alene. What I love to do before I dive into your background and your journey, I love to ask the proverbial question. What are three things that you think shape your life? You’re a mompreneur, entrepreneur, millionaire maker, famous around the world and speak around the world. Maybe three things that you could share with our audience, give them value right at the top of the show.

Three things that changed my life. First and foremost, kids. I was one of those humans who never planned on that. I was always active-driven, achievement-driven. When that blessing came into my life in sixteen months, I had three. I had one and twins, completely changed how I looked at the world, my life, my ambitions. Every ambition I had once was different, was changed, was adjusted. Things were not enough if I was going to teach humans how to achieve their best, I could not live mediocre anymore. They need to have everything I never did. It puts a whole new perspective. It puts you in a whole new level of thought of purpose. That was probably the biggest transition for me. The second was when life doesn’t work out how you plan and you get a divorce, everything that you once knew and counted on, what are you made of when everyone else walks away?

It was a development of myself, what I was capable of, if I was going to climb or fold and that’s what put me in the position to be handed the third thing that changed my life, which was The Greatest Salesman in the World, The Ten Ancient Scrolls for Success. At that moment, I was at a loss for everything and everything I knew from the Bible, from my family, from all of those people who were in my life, when things were going great, it all melted away. My mind was open to new information. I was given that book by a mentor as I was stepping into sales because I had to make money to provide for my kids. That book spoke a language to me that I felt I already was. I go, “This is truer than anything I’ve ever read. This is how I feel. This is what I need to practice. This points out my weaknesses and where I need to grow and it became a guidebook for how to get up when you’re knocked down.

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Every outrageous, greatest salesperson in the world that comes on the show has given thought to those three things because I tell them in advance, it has a unique perspective to that. I’m confident no one’s come close to that journey and described it in your way. I would say that having kids show up and twins show up is amazing. Number two is something that a lot of people will relate to because Og can relate to that. Being an alcoholic, saying the words like Og said in his audio that life was a living hell for ten years before he found W. Clement Stone and learned that reading was great, writing was better, etc. Number two is quite common. We all fall down and for me, it was different because I didn’t have self-esteem to start with. I already fell as far as I could fall. I never had a place to get up. How far back and where were you? Who was it that gave you the book? How did it show up in your life?

I was at this point realizing and trying to save my marriage. The marriage was shaky, which is crazy because we were best friends. I never expected it. We had lots of friends who got divorced and I remember sitting there talking with him going, “How does that happen?” We were immune to all of the problems that most couples had. This was in 2008 and 2009 when the world was crashing financially. I didn’t have enough money at the time to even understand the world was crashing financially. I was like, “What crisis?” Now, I know. We were in this position of I had lost my job and that put a strain. We’d had three tiny children. I was working from home trying to earn extra jobs.

I was traveling on weekends and evenings trying to speak at youth and women’s groups. I knew that if there was anyone going to fix our financial state, it was going to be me. I started being open to all different kinds of opportunities to earn. I stepped into the networking and marketing world. My mentors were this couple who were top ten in the world. They were important. It wasn’t normal for a baby person to get to work with them. I begged, pleaded and said, “I’ll help more people than you ever imagined. If you show me what to do, tell me how to do it, I’ve got to save my life over here.” They are the couple that gave me the book.

It’s fascinating how those books find their way at the right place at the right time and let alone you being able to take that action. Where does your attitude of resolve come? It’s powerful. I can feel that.

It came from being raised on a farm. I’m sitting on my grandfather’s farm in the house that he raised all of us up and I spent most of my summers here and any free minute I’ve been with him. We were all raised farm-tough. I also was a gymnast for most of my younger years and I was used to falling down, getting hurt and having to finish. If you put those two things together, most of my mentors were professional athletes. That’s a language that I speak.

GSW 7 | Persist Until You Succeed

The Greatest Salesman in the World

Peter Vidmar is a good friend of mine. I had him on the show many times on some of my other episodes. It’s interesting because when you’re raising animals, there’s no shortcut in keeping the farm straight. That’s a fantastic paradigm that you brought us to. I wonder now as you transition in life and you became this mompreneur, entrepreneur, world-famous coach to many people in the self-help space. I know you teach this and this will probably be easy for you, I wake up to scroll number two in my brain every day because I didn’t have that. I wonder if there’s one that strikes you?

Every phase of my life, I’m in love with a different scroll. I’m in love with I will laugh at the world. I’m in a different position in my life where the higher you get, the more attacks you get, the more your mistakes are more idiotic. If I was normal, nobody would care. How do you love the world? I love the world no matter what. That’s a natural. I have a laugh at the world now but the one that helped me get through the hard time was three. “I will persist until I succeed. I will grow into a mountain, not shrink into a grain of sand.” These words are my core. I could probably recite the whole book. I try to do it and make sure all the entrepreneurs I know do it but I will persist until I succeed.

It took the quit off the table. There is no out, there’s just until. It’s what you tell yourself, your mind, it’s a magical tool to grow you or expose you. Three times a day, imagine telling yourself, “I will persist until I succeed.” I took it literally. It’s not I’ll persist until I succeed, eventually, it’s today I’ll persist until I succeed. There was no future. All I could handle at some point in my life was today. Some days are hard and I will persist until I succeed today. I won’t quit on me today.

I hope somebody will put those words into text because there is no out, there’s only until. I love how Og says in that scroll as well, “I was not delivered unto this world in defeat nor does failure course in my veins.” That’s true for all of us. It’s fantastic wisdom. It’s also fun to think about laughing at the world. However, when the world is beating people down and it’s not always easy to laugh. It’s a tall thing to say, “This too shall pass,” when it seems like your whole world is crashing. Og has this remarkable ability to communicate. It’s heavenly wisdom written beautifully. Congratulations and thank you for sharing those two scrolls.

I loved how you also said that each scroll has a different place in your life at a different time, and I saw somebody type that in. When you think about, “I will act now,” this is where the rubber meets the road. The greatest ideas in the world don’t go anywhere unless you execute and act. Many beautiful things and comments. One of the things that we do at the Og Mandino Company, our single and only sponsor is the Habit Finder. If you get a chance or you’re new to us, you haven’t taken the Habit Finder,, you can certainly do that to measure your thoughts and see how they’re lining up. It’s a free test, $99 value, free assessment. I was scared to take the assessment the first time. I’m a horrible test taker. I don’t do well in the moment. Dave Blanchard called me back and said, “Are you going to take this assessment?” I don’t know how you feel about it, but Paul probably shared it with you. What was it like?

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I think I was more nervous to have Paul do my analysis after. I’m like, “What are you going to know about me? I don’t want to take the call.” I love taking assessments because the more you know yourself, the better you get. The more you learn, the habits that you try and hide every single day, the better you’re going to get.

I was easily taught by Dave back in the day when I had it faxed to me that he’ll know how I’m thinking and how to listen to Paul Blanchard. We’re talking about the scrolls here, “I will persist until I succeed.” You talk to entrepreneurs all the time. How do you go about teaching that scroll to young mompreneurs, entrepreneurs? You have this tagline, “A millionaire maker.” What does that mean to you?

To me it, it dives into everything that I’m about. It has nothing to do with my life. It has to do with me being a talent scout and seeking people who wanted it as bad as I did, who have gifts and X-factor. It’s almost like God has taken this handful of humans and said if you help them, they will do good with what they do. For me, I look for those people who want to win and give back and the better I got, the more I could help them. “Millionaire maker” gets their attention. First, we have to help them build it in their mind like using the scrolls. Some of the entry-level classes are all about building mental patterns that will create trends in their life. First, we have habits, those turned to patterns and those patterns create trends in their life.

If you look back at your history, you’ll see the trends that you lived, the patterns that you had and the habits that you had. That’s how I do it and then as they scale up, they earn their way successful. For me, we’re training our brain the whole time how to win. Once you invest a little in yourself and you see you’re going to be your worth to yourself, then you can invest a little more and get more information and scale your way up. We were in Vail celebrating a couple of new millionaires that we created as well. I try to talk mostly about what I do for others. For me, it was only ever about, “I got out. How many people can I get out?”

Nothing like having a party, celebrating some new millionaires. I remember when I was first with Jim Rohn way back and he said, “It’s okay to have a millionaire talk, but every once in a while, invite a billionaire to come and speak to you.” I never forgot that line. That’s a good stuff.

GSW 7 | Persist Until You Succeed

Persist Until You Succeed: Persist until I succeed. Grow into a mountain, not shrink into a grain of sand.


That’s happened to me in having to continually reach up to change my mentorship so that I can continue to grow and I’m not teaching the same things all the time.

Always striving, reaching, growing and keep looking at ways. That’s why we wanted to start the show, The Greatest Salesman podcast, to find out how that book influences different people at different times. I love it how you said it. Every scroll shows up at a different part in time in your life. It’s interesting how you mentioned habits, patterns and trends. Isn’t it true as we go through cycles, you caught the lows of the economic cycle in 2008-2009? That trend economically spawned some either negative thoughts for people’s lives or said, “The windows of heaven are now open.” I can reach in and grab all I want.

I love it because Og says, “Only principles endure.” I love the principle of good habits, how he learned from Ben Franklin. How do you go about teaching those habits to the ladies or people you work with in your classes? I find it riveting how I learn how other people are habitual in their approach, their optimism, their reading of the scrolls. How do you make time to read those scrolls every day and be in a humble place? Hopefully, I’m asking a question that you feel like there’s some good feedback here.

What I find fascinating when I’m teaching people about habits, I use what works, The Ten Ancient Scrolls For Success, those things that changed me. I don’t use things out of left field. I use what I learned. Those things are necessary, but what amazes me is that someone could be losing figuratively, theoretically, negative patterns, challenged in life, not having luck, move in their favor for most of their life and it can turn around with one big win in a 90-day or 30-day time span. What I’m fascinated by is if I can help people win in the short-term and see how the habits that they put in for the short-term, that anybody can do short-term.

We can all change for a quick hot minute. If you do something consistently, you get a win and a reward. You all probably know more about brain science than I do. I am not a neurosurgeon or anything like that, but thoughts come in, they’re felt then they’re affected. If we can move them through that feeling piece, which usually stops people and help them be true to fact that, “If I do this pattern, here’s the results I’ll get.” I want to repeat that and do what feels good, then it can change an entire life. They may have been in the wrong lane for 60 years losing. We can help them win once and they’ll repeat it over and over again. Change the entire trajectory of their life because of one win.

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What people don’t realize when they’re in the dumps and needs to overcome is that it takes one hot second to change a pattern and a habit to make it a pattern, to create a new trend that can change everything in the future. I hadn’t read a book until I was 29 years old. From 29 to 39, I did what most people don’t do in 100 years. If you could take 10% of your life and turn it all around, it’s worth 90 days shot for yourself.

That’s what blows my mind. I’m like, “If you knew what you could do quickly, and one time your brain would forget all the bad stuff and show you how to repeat good stuff that was going to save your life. You do it. It’s like faith. You need one moment of faith to realize that everything you thought before that was wrong and off.” It’s repeated that trend in my life. It keeps getting better. I’m like, “This is my life.” You get splashed in the head, punched in the face once in a while to remind you, “I let a pattern go. I made a mistake. Danelle, recorrect your thought.” You’re like, “Thank you.” I get another decade of greatness. People don’t realize how close they are to win.

As much as you enjoyed my question, I’m taking notes on the answer because I love hearing that because you see people putting stuff on the screen, but a big win in 90 days. Think about the military. They think about a big win when the alarm goes off at 5:00 AM, make your bed first. Do first things first. Stephen Covey taught my wife as a professor in college, “What are the first things you can do to win?” I love that. Thank you for sharing. One of the things that’s fun about this show is listening to the individuals that you’ve coached and looking at their comments, they call you DD, “DD has changed my life in one hot second.” She’s Danelle Delgado, you can find her on Facebook and in a lot of places in social media-wise. You can type it in on Google or YouTube. I wonder, if you’re talking to somebody for the first time, maybe they haven’t read the show before, they haven’t read the book before. What would you say in closing to somebody like that?

I would tell you for the first time in your life, even though you challenge every rule in the world, read the book, follow the directions. Don’t do it halfway. The Ten Ancient Scrolls tell you every single scroll, take one at a time, three times a day for 30 days. You have to read it and quiet. You have to speak it aloud. Follow the rules. This book is altering to paradigms inside you that have held you back forever. Give yourself a shot. I tell people, “If you can’t do it for 9 or 10 months in how you’re supposed to do, it’s going to take you through great.” Take a scroll. You can do it for seven days. You can get the point. What was that like? “I’m a rule breaker.” You follow the rules, read it that you got from this show, that you heard about this book, you heard about it 100 times, maybe you tried to read it before. It’s showing up for you because the time for you to do it is now. That’s what I would tell you. It’s trying to help you out.

She’s the greatest salesperson in the world that showed up amidst all of the turbulence of our internet and everything that’s going on here. Danelle, I want to thank you for taking the time to reach out to people because I can see a lot of people based on watching you, your podcast, show, your Lives on Facebook, there are many pearls of wisdom. I can’t wait to go back, reread and dive back in. I will persist until I succeed and I’m going to go laugh at my life after the circumstances. Anybody that joined us, please go to Take that assessment, measure your thoughts against the principles that Og is teaching. The habits and the reference points. Danelle, thank you. I do look forward to meeting you in person someday soon.

Thank you. I can’t wait. Anytime you want to chat, let’s do it.

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GSW 7 | Persist Until You SucceedThe now serial entrepreneur Danelle Delgado began her journey when faced with raising her three small children on her own. Forced to make a change she went from working three jobs, 80-90 hours a week, and struggling to survive, to award-winning success in business by persisting her way in to align with some of the world’s most renowned business experts and gained them as her personal mentors. After years of high-level learning with them, she built some of the fastest growing online business training companies to date. She is a known online influencer and has made a massive impact around the globe from her international speaking career, best-selling book, “I Choose Joy” and her unmatched skills guiding entrepreneurs both online and off to scale their companies to a million and their lives to ultimate fulfillment. From her renowned elite retreats and online training platforms to her wit and skill training from the stage, Danelle has become a household celebrity name training entrepreneurs to become high performers like few ever will. Although her work is her heartbeat, her dream is now a reality as she lives blessed beyond measure with her three kids, boy & girl twins age 11, and daughter 13 in Colorado, teaching them to live the life they are capable of as well.