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Join host Dan McCormick as he interviews Dr. Bill Toth and Julie Toth – The Greatest SalesCouple Prospering By Serving Others.

Bill and Julie Toth both grew up in rural communities. Bill became a physician who focused on sports injuries and neurology for nearly 12 years. Julie became a corporate buyer in retail who lived on airplanes and in hotels. Both worked hard to earn generous incomes but never saw their families…until they discovered their Entrepreneurial life.

They met on a company success trip, married 18 months later, and built their life and business from there. Over the past 20+ years with the same company, they’ve grown to the top 1% -holding that tile for 17+ years. Still driven by growth and contribution – they are currently earned for the second time – “4 Star Platinum Team Elites”, earned their way into “Circle of Excellence Two”, as well as Chief Ambassadors and Platinum Leader Duplicators. All of which means they help a lot of people get to their goals and dreams.

Bill and Julie believe success is guided by three factors: The first is commitment—to the people you’re working with, to the business and to your dreams. The second is “Response-Ability”, because everyone is learning every day. “By making regular connections with our team, we build love, trust and respect in our organization,” say Bill and Julie. The third is creating a family plan—first! “Rather than making life the reason you can’t do this business, make your life the reason you can and will do this business,” says Julie.

They have three children – Casey 26, Luke 21, Lindsey 12. For hobbies Julie has horses while Bill enjoys horsepower. They sum up their life by saying we “Live With Intention” and Prosper By Serving Others.

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The Greatest Secret Of The Greatest Salesman In The World With Dr. Bill Toth And Julie Toth

I’ve got some amazing guests. Bill and Julie Toth from the fabulous state of Texas are going to be with us. If you’re new to the podcast, we go live on Facebook at Wisdom Wednesday, 2:00 PM Pacific Time, live on YouTube. It’ll get streamed on to the many different podcast sites around the globe whether it’s iHeart, Apple, Spotify, etc. You can also go to and you can always go there and listen to the different shows that we’ve had. We’re going to talk about this unbelievable thing called The Greatest Salesman in the World, the first book that ever changed my life. As the ambassador to the Og Mandino company, it is a joy to welcome Bill and Julie Toth from Texas. You guys are in the chair and that chair says that I selected you as the greatest salespeople in the world. How are you?

We’re great in the great nation of Texas. Thank you.

Julie, it’s great to see you.

Good to see you too, Dan.

This is what I love to do. We got many people to chiming in already. They’re all over the world already, Canada, across the pond, United States. It’s going to be great. I always love it when I have these greatest salespeople on the show. You guys have done amazing things. What are the three things you think that shaped your life each and everyday or life in general that might be important to you?

When I get out of bed and when I start my day, the first thing I do is I have faith that I’d have another great day and I thank the Lord for that. In this day and age, we have much to be grateful for. Number two is gratitude. I start my day with gratitude. We live on a ranch and I go hug a horse and ride a horse every morning. Those are some of the things. I’m grateful for the family, focus, friendship and our family around the world in our business as well. I jump on a horse and look at nature and look around at what we have that we’re grateful for.

I wake up thinking, “I got another day above ground. What can I do today? What can I learn and who can I serve?” I used to go to the gym. This time, it’s been about feeding our new kittens in the barn. My daughter and I go up to the barn in the frigid freeze, it’s 40. Forty is cold in Texas. We go to the barn and we feed the cats, horses and we feed the cows. We have a few minutes, daddy and daughter and then we come back to the house and we get going. We start breakfast. We start to crank up the computers and it’s outbound energy from there.

When you had your previous rhythm, was your rhythm at the gym? What would be in your ears? Are you listening to something, thinking about something in the personal self-help space?

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The gym is all about personal improvement. John Wooden said, “1% improvement per day.” I would go to the gym and I say, “What could I do better today than I did yesterday?” We work out at a university gym. We are the oldest members there, except for Julie’s mom. We have all these young kids who are impressionable and they don’t have a lot of experience in the world. We get to interact with them and touch their lives and they touched our lives. They call me the strong, old man at the gym. I asked one of them one time how old they thought I was and he said, “40.” I said, “Thank you. You’re my new best friend. Have a great day.”

Dan, you forgot to ask the question. On the way to the gym, what are we listening to? On the way back from the gym, what are we listening to?

Tell us what’s feeding your mind to make you guys in this Greatest Salesman seat every day?

I’m a fan of podcasts. I listen to podcasts all the time. It’s going to be some podcast of somebody filling our minds and filling our hearts for the day. I’m a lifelong learner. If I don’t learn something new every day, I don’t feel valuable. It’s a benchmark for me, “What did I learn today? Who can I use it for or with today?” That’s how I look at my day. Podcasts are important. It’s been a lot about spirit, faith and real estate. Those are the things that have been occupying our morning rides and our morning listens.

Julie, every time I’m on the phone with Bill, what he said is interesting. He’s one of the most inquisitive friends that I have. He’s always asking me about something that maybe he heard me say. Is it like that way in the marriage, in the business relationship?

First of all, he’s one of the smartest men I know. He feeds me a lot of knowledge that I don’t necessarily have. I wouldn’t say I’m the smartest person and he does feed a lot of knowledge. He always asks good questions. He has got us all asking the same questions. The funniest thing is he’ll ask questions and then we’ll turn around, our daughter and myself and we’ll ask his questions back to him and he always goes, “You’re doing it again, using my material.” We do it back to him all the time.

This is the most international show we’ve ever had. We’ve got Africa to Australia. We’ve got Scotland to California, people from all over Canada. It is great. I like to say that the quality of our life is based on the quality of the questions we ask and Bill is extraordinary at that gift. Stephen Covey taught me that, perhaps. Julie, when you guys got married, you met in the business. Is that right?

We did. We were on a snowmobile when the sparks started flying. We always argue who won because we’re competitive. It was me because he saw the blonde hair behind my helmet.

GSW 20 | Greatest Salesman

The Greatest Salesman in the World

Bill, your profession is a doctor. Tell me about your stint working with Tony Robbins.

I practiced medicine for nearly twelve years. It was awesome. I focused on sports and neurology. The reason I focused on sports is that athletes always want to get better and that was a philosophy that fit me and a lifestyle that fit me at the time. Yes, I did have a ten-year stint of working with and for Tony Robbins. It shaped my life. For me, the power of questions came from Tony. We had morning questions, afternoon questions, problem questions and evening questions. They still guide my life. They are instrumental in the way that we coach. Our team is asking questions. When you ask a question, you direct a person’s focus in a certain direction. You can move somebody by getting them to answer their question. It’s not you creating the answer. Whatever answer they create, it’s real for them, it’s sincere for them and it moves them further than telling them what to do.

You and I were on the phone talking about this. Tony loves that word certainty. I wonder how that played out in your work because that’s a word that not everybody uses every day. He likes to pound that home for the real driving entrepreneur, doesn’t he?

It’s one of the six driving human needs. We have this need for certainty and uncertainty. We have this need for love and connection. We have a need for growth and contribution. Tony loves the word certainty. Based on what I’ve seen in our business, inside I feel like I’m still eight years old sometimes. What I’ve seen is that people will do more for others and they do more for growth and contribution than for anything else in their life. If you look at the broad stroke of our business and our career, it’s been about growth and contribution, growth in ourselves. We’ve grown a lot. We started in a way different place together and then in this business than where we are now. Our reach spans the globe, which is awesome and it adds a richness to the texture of our life. Growth and contribution for me are the two biggest drivers for us and our business.

That’s well said. We now can add Austria to the global empire of listeners. We got Regina Pappas popping in and saying, “The Socratic inquiry,” always wanting to know and to learn. The Book of James teaches us that we have more time listening than we should be doing the talking. Let me ask you, Julie. In the world of self-help for you, how does the rhythm of the day work? How do you blend in those things for you? You guys have a pre-teen.

We do and that pre-teen is at home a lot because she does virtual school. The other part of our day is driving her as chauffeurs, I feel like we’re the chauffeurs, back and forth to dance. She’s taken on a whole another rhythm in her life, 4 to 5 hours of dance every night except Thursdays. She has Thursday and Sunday off. Personal development and all of that has a lot for me to do with doing. I learn so much from doing. This is interesting because Bill and I are a little different in this. I’m out 1.5 hours to 2 hours outside with the horses. I listen to sermons. I listen to music that I can understand the words. I always have something playing in my ear. I learn from nature. I learn from the people that we work with. We work with people everywhere. I learn from these mothers.

There are more things that I do not miss at training. We have training every single day. I always go into that training thinking, “I’m going to learn something new from someone that has empowered us by being part of our team.” There’s a lot of that, that goes along. Bill does a lot of personal development. He has it going on in the background when we’re doing things. I get that also. I get my power and my source slightly different. I have to be outside. I have to see the biggest part of nature, what God gave us. We live where you can’t see a building except for our barn and my parents’ house. We created that so that it’s all about nature and it’s all about giving back.

For me, I have 1.5 hours sometimes 2-hour class while I’m riding my bike on these backcountry roads. For me, that’s heavenly and peaceful. I’m absorbing and learning and then I come back and I apply. Being outside is one of the key aspects of our day in our life. It is energizing and it’s hard to go outside and miss the fact that we live in an abundant world. I was giving a presentation in Oklahoma. We were on the side of a mountain overlooking the Arkansas River. The wind was blowing the leaves off the trees and our faces. Strangely enough, bees were dipping in on the rose bushes that were still there. I told the audience, I said, “Try to count the leaves on a tree, even the ones that are half bare at the moment. It’s going to be difficult. Count the blades of grass that you’re sitting on top of.” We live in an abundant world and it’s obvious and many people miss it. For the folks that live in a city, count all the cars on the highway and count all the stores. Count all the people, there are a lot.

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For those people that live in the city, you need to drive out to the country. We lived in the city for many years. You need to go see the abundance around besides the concrete that we’ve created as human beings. I do recommend you go outside.

There’s a couple of things you remind me of. I remember when my wife and I went to the US Open tennis in New York City. I remember taking the shuttle bus from the hotel to the tennis center. This guy next to me, he’s looking around. I’ve never been to New York and he says, “There’s a lot of concrete here.” There’s not a lot of grass in downtown New York City. You said something that has such value and that is, never does nature say one thing and wisdom another. That’s from our great friend that co-wrote the book The Nature of Leadership with Stephen Covey from National Geographic. What a message he always has to celebrate what’s good in the world. You touched on that, Bill. I love you learn by doing. That is a fantastic thing for people to appreciate here. I can feel that Bill wants to say something.

I live with the do-it-now-queen. Truthfully, you can read all the books in the world but knowledge is only power when you apply it. It’s the application. It’s the doing that leads to the knowing. I did want to say something about the bees. There was one point where a few ladies were sitting in the front row and they were waving their books wildly because bees were buzzing around their head and I thought, “What a perfect example, proof that there is a plan, his plan and a perfect example of servant leadership.” Here’s this little bee that was looking for a flower to land on. When the bee lands on the flower something sticks to its legs. The bee is there with self-interest.

A lot of our team come to us with self-interest. They need to make money or they want to make money or they need a product or they want a product. They come with self-interest. What happens is that the bee, after fulfilling its needs, takes off and goes and lands on another flower. Some of the nectar that got on its legs from the first flower drops off on the second flower. It is a servant leader. To me, it is proof that there is a perfect plan because there’s this humble, little bee buzzing around, serving its own needs and at the same time serving humanity. If it wasn’t for bees, we wouldn’t eat.

I had not thought about that or heard of that before. That’s terrific. Bill, thinking about the readings that you do, when do you think the first time you saw or read The Greatest Salesman in the World or The Greatest Secret in the World was?

Dan, it was probably from you. It was early, in our time, with this company. It was shortly before Og passed to the other side. It was in ‘98 or ’99 somewhere in there. It was probably from you because you have been a fan of this book for a long time. We probably started a conversation on that van, on the way from Provo down to Las Vegas, on that trip. We probably started a conversation about what are you reading and it probably came up then. I have a rule. It’s a simple rule that if a book comes into my awareness three times I go buy it.

Many of them, over the years, I’ve acquired that way. Sometimes, I might only read a chapter out of a book and that’s all I need from that book and that’s the value or the learning kernel from that book. Maybe I go back to it a time later and pull something else out of it. We’re forever pulling things out of the Bible. We’re forever pulling things out of Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil and a whole slew of other books that we go back to over and over again.

It’s a constant thing. Julie, I know that you guys are in the doing mode so much. I remember that drive from Provo to Las Vegas. That was quite a drive. We went to the Blue Man concert. Didn’t we?

GSW 20 | Greatest Salesman

Greatest Salesman: When you ask a question, you direct a person’s focus in a certain direction. You can really move somebody by getting them to answer their own questions.


No. It was Celine Dion because she cut her hair. Blue Man was popular and Scott was talking about Blue Man quite a bit. Talking about doing, I remember right near Claire’s house, you told the van driver to stop so you could jump into a chiropractor’s office and talk about the scanner.

I don’t remember that.

We have no idea how you got back to Claire’s house but you did.

That is funny. This is fantastic. If you haven’t read the book, we hope you will, The Greatest Secret in the World, The Greatest Salesman in the World. You can go to You got The Greatest Miracle in the World, the God Memorandum. How can you not love the God Memorandum and what Og teaches us there? What a humble servant. You may have seen him on stage in the late ‘90s. He passed ‘96.

He did pass in ‘96. I was talking to a mutual friend of ours, Scott Van Pelt. He picked Og at the airport for his last presentation and then took him back to the airport and then the next day found out that he had passed. Scott has a unique story because the God Memorandum is treating a person as if it was their last day on the planet. As Scott was dropping Og off at the airport, he gave Scott his personal address and telephone number, which was rare back then. He also gave him a leather-bound edition, the triple book edition that he had and signed it for him and his family, living what he was talking about. Treating each person as if it was the last day, giving a gift, giving his last book out of his bag and then the next day he passed on. He was a living example of what he wrote about and talked about.

Julie, you could echo that by looking at your three things, faith, gratitude and nature. That is your genuine, authentic you. We all try to be better each and every day. You embody these things every day. It wasn’t three things that you picked. These are three things that you do and live and love.

Yes. I have to say the love piece because you’re talking about living life as though it’s your last day. Something that we have learned is that we do need to love people where they’re at and we get to love life out loud. We always say to live life but what about if we loved life out loud? When I talk to people, I think of what could be good about them. What can be good about this? Bill says I’m the biggest pivot. Pivot has always been around. I started my business with a pivot. Whether you know my background or not, I started as a single mom. It was a pivot for two years until Bill and I met. Everything was a pivot.

The time in my life where it was not focused on others and loving people where they’re at and loving life where you’re at was when I didn’t have confidence because I was focused on myself. One of the things I believe is super important is that when you focus on service to others and loving people where they’re at and loving your life where it’s at and living it out loud and loving it out loud, you become more. Bill always laughs because I like to put a bubble around me with everything. How can we do better, be better, love this person? Who do they know? It’s all about the next piece and pivoting into the next person and the next thing that we’re working on.

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I have another nature story for you. In my younger days, in my Tony days, we were doing an event down in Hawaii, which was in Kona in one of the premier dolphin research facilities in the world. I was single at the time and I acquired a target that was standing there and training the dolphins and she was beautiful. I decided that day I was going to have lunch with that person. It was an epic crash and burn, worse than the Top Gun scene. I messed it up. That’s fine because I learned something from that person.

As we were sitting there and eating lunch that day and as she was politely saying no 500 times, she said, “Dolphins can only be trained with positive reinforcement. You can only train a dolphin with love.” I said, “What do you mean?” She goes, “If you try to spank a dolphin, it’s going to swim away. If you try to scold the dolphin, it’s going to swim away.” It stuck with me. It penetrated me on a deep level that day and I thought, “What a great way to approach children and what a great way to approach people.” If we approached them and positive reinforcement is the mechanism you go to first, what results are you going to have?

We later met a mentor in this business who calls that the Oreo cookie approach. You compliment the person. You match their energy where they’re at. You meet them and you compliment them. You provide that coaching moment, which is the cream in the middle and then you follow it up with another compliment afterward so that they feel good about themselves and that coaching moment. You know what? Oreo cookies taste good.

I want to welcome everybody to our nature show. This is Dan McCormick. I love it. We got horses. We got bees. We got dolphins. We went to South Africa together. We can bring zebras into the picture. We can bring elephants into the picture, lions and tigers, the whole enchilada.

Don’t forget the giraffe and the turtle story.

The rhinoceros.

If a giraffe tilts its head down to the ground and goes down to the turtle, it will not be able to breathe. You have to always be up where you belong.

We are full of great analogies from nature, which never does nature say one thing and wisdom another. Back to your point, Bill. I pulled up the scroll, the cardstock file of Og’s famous words, “I will live this day as if it is my last.” What a great story you shared about Scott Van Pelt, our mutual friend, taking Og to the airport and seeing him and his last moments on life, on Earth, living what he wrote. That is why this is worthy of every library. That is why in all of Og’s book, The Greatest Miracle, The Greatest Secret, The Greatest Success, The Christ Commission, there are many outrageous principles that he shared. His way of living and teaching was a philosophical approach that has been rarely approached in life. It’s fascinating. I always ask people to review the scrolls or the book before they come back on. Was there anything that struck you in doing that about his writings?

The Nature of Leadership

The Nature of Leadership

Yes. The first one that caught my attention is number two, “I will greet this day with love in my heart.” That’s how Julie gets up. It’s not always how I get up but it’s always how she gets up. It’s an example for me and it does mold me throughout the day. If Julie is positive, how can I be negative? That is another one. The other one is, “I will persist until I succeed.” I have this little phrase on the back of my phone and it says, “I don’t know how I’m going to win. I know I’m not going to lose.” That has driven me throughout my life. I should not have been successful as I’ve been in my life. At every turn, people blocked me and said that I couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t. For some reason, I kept moving forward. I might not know how to do something right now and I might have to learn it. I also know that I can outwork the guy next to me. Not the woman next to me but the guy next to me.

I’ll bring a kid analogy. We teach our kids what we do and not by what we say. It’s the same with everything. It’s our acts. It’s not the words that come out of our mouths. We were walking in the backyard years ago and my son, it was his freshman or sophomore year in high school, said, “Do you know why I do basketball now?” This is a kid that was maybe 5’2, 5’3, I don’t remember but not big and at 100, 110 pounds. He was always supposed to play baseball, that’s what his dad did and that’s what everyone said he could do. He said, “Do you know why I play basketball?” I said, “No. I have no idea. Please enlighten me.” He loves the game. I said, “Why?” He goes, “I play basketball because everybody told me I wasn’t going to be good, I couldn’t do it and I wouldn’t be successful.” That stuck with me. Every time we live life a day at a time knowing that if we don’t talk to one more person or help one more person or listen, we have that same thing with our children that are listening to us.

I know we’ve done the best in our business when we have had big things in front of us and also big issues, big pitfalls, things that we’ve had to pivot from. The lesson has been as big as the pitfall or as the challenge. I look at that and go, “Yeah.” Every day, we could look at it negatively. Every day, we don’t have to look at it negatively. You can leave the news and the negativity to somebody else because my channel is the positive channel. My channel is the happy channel. Why not live like that?

Negativity and positivity exist side by side all the time. You get to choose what you focus on. With our children, we’re either an example or a warning for them. As Julie is the do-it-now-queen, I tend to think along the lines of how do I want to be remembered? If I say this to my child, how will they remember it after I’m gone? I tend to go to that place a lot, the long term thinking. The reality is both negativity and positivity are always present and they’re always in balance. Choose the one that supports you and your mission at the moment.

Dan, don’t you think the times in your life that you’ve done the most is when someone said to you, “You can’t do that.” You can take that as a bad thing or a good thing. Also, in life when we’re told we can’t do something, we go do it anyway and we might not should to do that. We tend to do is take that negative that someone says and say, “I cannot do that.”

I want to put Fifita’s comment back up. I don’t know Fifita well but she’s here every week. Look at the resonation she has with what you’re saying here, “The vibes.” I remember reading a book called Positivity several years ago and interviewing that author. It’s an awesome thing when you find that rhythm to life to where you’re surrounded by positive people. You get to choose to be in nature every day. Nature is not going to have a bad day unless you’re going through one of those fires or earthquakes or those things that happen in a flash.

For the most part, nature is a beautiful teacher even with the fires that clear out the underbrush and all that, not the people that lose their homes, Godspeed to all of them. What an amazing thing to see the positivity in your life and what you’re resonating here with our readers. I love what Fifita says, the vibe that you bring to the rhythm of it all. Bill, I want to go back to something you said and see if we can trigger something out of your brain here. You usually buy a book when someone mentions it three times. Did it take me mentioning it three times for you to buy this one? What is the latest one that has hit your three times list?

The latest one that hit three times, thanks to you and to Irene is Money Loves Speed. When I clicked on Amazon, it was one of the books that were on the list. People that bought this also bought this. I have a new book coming, thanks to you and Irene. It’s not just people because books can show up on the credits to a movie. Books can show up on a billboard. Books can show up and messages show up in different places. You have to be open to seeing, hearing and feeling them. I do want to say something about fires since this is the nature show. One of the things I learned as a child is that when a fire burns off the top of the mountain, one of the first things that grow back is the short version of the blueberry bush that feeds the other smaller animals that come back to the mountain after the fire. Of course, blueberries are an awesome favorite. Fire is restorative as well as the water is restorative. It’s all in balance.

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I’m intrigued by this. This is 32 minutes of a lot of intrigue for me. I love this. I’ve got a lot of notes, Julie. I’ve got you talking about being a lifelong learner. Nike has that slogan, “Just do it.” Where did that hit you? Was that in your DNA from being in school as a kid?

Not in school. I’m competitive by nature and not necessarily school books. I did well in school. I did all that. My mother is a positive person. I got the positive from my mother. My father is competitive and I get the do it from him. We live on the property with my parents. Their house is back behind us. I got that. I did competitive horse riding. I did a lot with leadership as a kid. It was all about winning. It always has been about winning. My dad bought me a horse. It was not the most expensive horse. It was an inexpensive horse. Everybody told me I couldn’t win.

I remember getting the national championship on that horse and in a class that should never have been won by the horse. To this day, my father still says that the horse acted like a different horse that day. That’s the case with a lot of us. We can live beyond our means. Our gifts are gifts but we can do more than our gifts. We can always go another step further. Some people live life by, “I’ll do a little bit.” and I’ve always lived life, “I will do as much as I possibly can.” Bill can say that. I burn the candle on both sides. It’s in my DNA.

In Texas, we say, “You can have a $50,000 horse but if you only have a $2 rider, it’s not going to take you far.” Here we have a $50,000 rider and a $2 horse out there.

I’ve got an Arabian that we’ve been training. It hadn’t had a saddle on and it’s a challenge. It’s been a fun challenge because I know I’m a challenge. I know I wasn’t the best at things. I look at our daughter and she was not the best dancer but she’s become the best dancer, in my opinion. You have to look at it. The potential is there. Bill says it the best. You can even say it’s taking their ordinary. Go ahead and say you’re a little sane because I love that. You can take ordinary and they can be extraordinary. That’s what I tend to do. If you can’t do it, you might as well take something that’s not the best and make it the best because that’s each and every one of us.

Our daughter, she gets that, the back of my phone, “I don’t know how I’m going to win. I know I’m not going to lose.” Her dancing, 4, 5, 6 hours a day is because she sees and looks up to somebody and she says, “I want to be able to do that too.” She will work until she gets that done, whatever that thing is. Her work ethic is right up there with the top of the top. We have a mutual friend, Nathan, who has a strong work ethic, too. There are lots of people that we know, in tandem, that have strong work ethics. Our daughter, she’s got it. It’s a miracle and a blessing to watch.

Fifita, if I could comment, when we started twenty episodes ago, we were hoping that we would find those fans in the world that can resonate with truth and principles and habits and that’s what Og talks about, “Only principles endure.” That’s what Og teaches and that’s what we hope that when we bring the greatest salespeople on the show and we start with their three things. To me, twenty times three, I’ve got an unbelievable amount of amazing things to look at on what drives people in their life for each and every day of their life. It is a real honor to have you. If you’re new with us, it’s Og Mandino company. It’s if you want to take our free assessment and measure your thoughts and align your thoughts and see if your thoughts are aligned with those things that you are reading. It is an honor to be here each and every week.

I wonder if we could shift for maybe one final segment here of the show. In the world of direct selling and network marketing, like we both are in, you’ve seen a lot of ebbs and flow. Sometimes you’ve frustrating times, etc. You guys have hit a zenith here in the last couple of years. You guys have hit a rhythm with your team that is iconic. It’s amazing. I wonder if you can look at what triggered something. Do you think it was a combination of systems that got clear for your team? Was it product pricing? What do you think if there was a couple of things you can share on what helped you hit the zenith after a lot of what you did, Bill, with your hand showing the ups and the downs?

GSW 20 | Greatest Salesman

Greatest Salesman: When you focus on service to others, loving people where they’re at, loving your life, and living and loving it out loud, you become more.


We all talk a lot about vision and mission. This is something I feel important. We have to know where we started and why we started. That’s something I ask a lot of people when I get on a coaching calls. When I started, I was a mom, scared, skeptical but I need to make an income so I was hopeful. I was hopeful that if someone could show me how to make a little that it would compound to potentially a lot. That was my hope. Nobody can give you that hope. That comes from within.

What I feel like I’ve always wanted from that first day is what if I could create a system? What if we could have something that truly was for moms, truly was for someone, a dad somebody that wants to stay home, live life wherever on their terms and create something? They don’t have to leave if they don’t want to. They could do it from the comfort of their home. For me, I believe we finally got to a place that we could create something that anybody could do. You could take it in small increments versus the old style in network marketing, “You can do amazing things. You can be big. You can be this.” The mom or the person at home wants to know, “I can do a little bit and make this. If I make this, I can help someone else make this. Together, we can be more.”

To me, we got to a point where we can help someone start a business for free. It costs nothing. If they have a passion for something, they try which is something they don’t have to ask permission for because it’s an inexpensive item. They then get followed up with because they love it. What do you love about it? They then tell the world about it. Organically, they start a business because they love what it represents. Creating a culture and a community that they can work from home with a baby on the side of their hip, being able to make a difference in the world. That’s what I feel like we did. We created simplicity. We created the smallest that could be big. We created the love of an incredible product that has a story, each one of every individual story that we can go tell the world.

I have a different viewpoint.

I hope so because you are not a single mom.

I had a great career as a physician. I was at the top of the world. I have many accolades and multiple offices and staff and overhead. One day I realized that when I left the house in the morning it was dark and my daughter was asleep. When I got home at night it was dark and my daughter was asleep and I hated that. I thought, “This is what my dad did to me. I am not going to be the guy that does this to my kid.” That’s what drove me to network marketing. When we started network marketing, it was a top-down money approach. Big money. Free time. Big lifestyle. Julie says it’s a men’s thing. There are women who live that, too. What it lacked was heart.

What started our drive a few years ago was getting back to what people are. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. When we touch love and we lead by love then you’re real. You’re that certainty that Tony talks about you. You’re real. We talk to people at that time about making $100. If you could sell a few items and make $100, what would that do for your life, down to earth, faith-based, love-based, family-based? We got back to the principles of what drives human nature. Those are the things that drive human nature, growth, contribution, family, love and faith. We got back to those things. When we were on that mountain in Tulsa, it was palpable. You could feel it. We were overlooking the Arkansas River. It was palpable. I call it the fierce mama energy. Women are less afraid to talk about love than men are.

There’s a lot of dads out there that would love to be able to do what we’re doing. They don’t know how yet. We’re in the process of developing a system because systems allow you to have a worldwide business. It allows you to have a huge business when you have simple systems that people can follow. We have them and they’re free. You don’t have to pay for them. Like all the stuff that’s inside of you, it’s free and all the available knowledge. People say, “I can’t afford a book.” There’s this thing called libraries. They still exist. There are lots of people, a little mailbox, share books things all over the world. Everything that you need is inside of you and it’s available for free. The principles are available for free. What we do is provide a landing spot or a community for people to tie into to take advantage of what’s already there.

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I want to add one more thing to what I was saying that you triggered. This is going to sound bizarre, going, “What’s coming out of her mouth?” The Greatest Salesman. I have to say this. It’s been a four-year run with this social system and different approach and loving people with zero startups and being able to love a product and tell people about it. In the first part of our business in this chapter, we could slap anything up and it could look salesy.

Our daughter at the time made cute little collages and all this stuff and we could throw it up there and people loved it. That got us to a certain place. In the last couple of years, the tip of the day has created massive momentum and this surge of excitement. Take this with a grain of salt. I’ll explain it. If it looks like sales, if it sounds like sales, that’s not going to sell the product. People don’t want to be sold to. They want to care first and they buy from you first. It’s attraction marketing. It’s you. It has to come from a loving place, a realness, an organic place of, “I love this because.” When you come from that place, it’s not a sales game. It’s a sharing and love game.

I tell people, “If you’re having a challenge selling, it’s because you’re selling them on something versus taking from a heart space of what it is you truly love and your certainty for what it’s going to get you.” There’s a big difference between how our team is today and how it was years ago. There’s a whole big difference from where it was years ago. That’s super important. When you’re coming across on social media and it’s on Zoom, any of that, it has got to come from your heart. They are going to read right through you. They have to get attracted to you first and your brand first and your product second. That’s how the order is.

That’s what makes us the best business in the world. Occasionally, when I’m on stage, I still say network marketing and direct sales are the best personal development seminar you’ll ever be paid to take and it’s because self-discovery is part of the process. Even though it’s sales but it’s not sales, everything is sales. Bedtime, bath time, dinner time, dating, it’s all sales. Self-discovery and personal development are the name of the game and you have to be real to be able to admit your mistakes and to show off your strengths.

I’m not saying that sales are a bad thing. We do it all the time. I’m saying if the person on the other end feels like you’re selling them, that you’re having to go through whatever the points are, it’s not as organic as the love that comes through that you are bringing them into it. They’re coming towards you. In our business, the first eighteen years, it was about going out to find people. We had all sorts of strategies on how many people we’d call.

You jumped out of a van and ran through an office.

It’s about how do you bring people towards you? What are they seeing you doing? Are you living out your life out loud so they’re attracted to what it is you’re doing?

GSW 20 | Greatest Salesman

Greatest Salesman: Both negativity and positivity are always present and always imbalanced, so choose the one that supports you in your mission at the moment.


We are richly fed. You validated what Og teaches because he doesn’t teach sales techniques. He’s teaching the principles of life. He’s all about that love. Bill, I’m sure you’re going to remember the first place I heard the quote that you gave half of from an interview that was iconic for me in 1993. I had audio tapes going all the time and I was on that. It was called The Power Within, the Tony Robbins Power Series. The tapes were sent out every month.

Power Talk.

He’s interviewing Stephen Covey and Covey answers that question. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

That was the first time I had heard that and I had studied Covey quite a bit back then because my wife had him as a professor in college. We’ve been well fed.

I love that. Stephen Covey is a professor in college.

I met Stephen through Mark Victor Hansen. He helped me get my first book published. He was easy to pick out in the audience because he looked like me. As I was walking through the book fair in Fort Worth, Texas and there he was.

You have a book out there. If people want to find Bill and Julie Toth, how do they do it?

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Facebook is the easiest way to find us and it’s the quickest that we’ll respond. It’s easy. Facebook is easy to find us. My name on Facebook is DrBill. Of course, Julie Zook Toth.

DrBill Toth and then Julie Zook Toth in Waller, Texas.

Right near Wally World where the Griswold goes on vacation.

In the middle of paradise.

We’ve been well fed. It always fills me. It fills my journal. I’ve got notes. I get to replay it. I get to listen again. I get to take more notes and see how I can apply them to my life and our readers felt that as well. I can’t thank you enough for sitting in that chair as the greatest salespeople in the world. Continued success to you. God bless you. We’ll look forward to our next episode on Wisdom Wednesday. Thank you for your participation.

Thank you, Dan.

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About Bill & Julie Toth

GSW 20 | Greatest Salesman

Bill & Julie Toth are both “Type A”, hard driving Texans – but to meet, they had to travel all the way to Utah. It was there, on a trip sponsored by their company, at a beautiful resort high in the mountains, that they found their first opportunity to get to know each other and share their stories. And it was there that they began to discover that when commitment and purpose come together, there is abundance. Later, as husband and wife, Bill & Julie quickly realized that Power is organized effort. They set out to create a strong, vibrant organization that they could manage from the comfort and safety of their own home. Their success building a team together didn’t come by accident. They planned and executed each step with care and precision. Within a year they were at the very top of their company and today their magnificent obsession is on helping each member of their team find the same success. They base that success on three keys that guide all of their efforts. The first key is Commitment – commitment to each other, commitment to their business, and commitment to their dreams. Bill and Julie have come to know that they can commit to ALL of their dreams, and that the world’s natural abundance will make them all possible. As Bill puts it: “When commitment and purpose come together, there is abundance”. The second key is Coachability. We’re still learning everyday. We connect with our mentors at least once per week and we do the same with our key leaders. Being coached and then coaching others gives you a greater respect for an individual’s strengths, weaknesses and how to use them for the benefit of the Team. By making regular connections with our Team members we build love, trust and respect in our organization. The third key is to create a “Family Plan” first! By design, their business plan fits into their “Family Plan”. As Julie explains, “This business can fit into your Life – rather than making life the reason you can’t do this business – make your life the reason you can and will do this business.” They have three gorgeous children, Casey (16) and Luke (11), Lindsey (2) that have been an integral part of their journey. It is very common for prospects to hear our recreational events with children in the background. We’ve also set in place a culture of accountability whereby mutual expectations are clear and then use a simple system to gather reports and measure progress daily. Whenever a team member’s actions don’t match their goals, Bill and Julie know that one of two things must happen – either the goal has to go down, or the action has to go up. Knowing when such adjustments are needed, and then carefully working with their team members to make them, has added enormously to the success of their Team. Therefore, Bill and Julie take massive consistent action to accomplish what is necessary every single day. They have a commitment to make a certain number of calls and a certain number of coaching sessions every day. They continue to connect with their team and customers while biking, hiking, grocery shopping and attending to the other events of family life. No matter what was going on in their lives, they’ve fulfilled those commitments. And through this process, they learned that even though their success was planned and scheduled, their greatest power comes from being two passionate souls on a mission. “Most people start their business part-time,” says Bill. “They still have their regular jobs, and of course there are family things that happen – like Grandpa needing care, or having to move, or having to travel to visit family members. That “stuff” happens every day for everybody. And we all have the same twenty-four hours a day. The question is, why do some people make ten million in a year, and some make only ten thousand? The answer is; “It’s how they respond to the stuff that happens.” “You’ve got to be consistent in where you’re focused and where you’re going,” adds Julie. “You must never let that other “stuff” get in your way.” Even though they have achieved the very top level of their company – and started two others, Bill and Julie haven’t changed their fundamental business activities. Time frames have changed, dynamics have evolved, but their drive is still the same – to lead by example and help others get to where they want to be. “Once you start to focus on others and what they need and desire,” says Bill, “that’s when you get what you want and desire.” So they coach people – especially couples – through example – through lots of showing and doing. They start new Team members with the fundamentals – their three keys to success – and then they assist them to reach their goals. “From our position,” Bill continues, “our sole focus is in getting the rest of our team to whatever position they desire to attain. We have people on board with us who we love, trust, and respect, and it is our mission to assist them will the tools necessary for them to become Social Entrepreneurs and Leaders. Part of their commitment as leaders is to make a huge difference with their favorite philanthropic organization, Nourish the Children, and to lead their team in doing good for many around them who are less fortunate. In this spirit, Bill, Julie and their Minister have pioneered a “wellness ministry” at their church and in other churches in the greater Houston area. They host classes on different aspects of health – incorporating physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and financial health into a program called Faith, Family Focus. At each church they create a team that will implement the ministry, pulling in health practitioners and other experts. We started the wellness ministry to reach out and make a difference in people’s lives. We know that as they grow, their tithes and offerings will grow, and the difference that they can make in their church and community will grow. They attribute the burgeoning success of their wellness ministry to the closeness of the church communities, where referrals develop naturally and people can naturally hold each other accountable for their efforts. Plus, says Bill, “when the Light shines through you, people naturally want to know who you are and what you do.” (big grin) Bill and Julie work hard to attract people with the right qualities to their team. Their vision states: “We’re attracting a Global organization of Extraordinary individuals dedicated to Loving, Learning and Connecting with Grace and Abundance”. One of their goals is for their Team to make a difference in the public’s experience with the direct selling industry. “By our example we show people that they’re in the number one industry, with the number one company, and with the number one Team. And with their Team’s heart, passion, and integrity shining through, that claim is hard to argue with. These two Texans – who first met high in the Utah mountains, and who united two great stories of success – have come to know that the world is naturally abundant. None of their dreams, as they have found, will have to be sacrificed for other dreams. And each of those dreams is really already theirs – just waiting for them to arrive. “We’re still going,” say Bill and Julie “We still have a mission and a plan and besides – “The Journey is the Reward”.