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It’s good to talk about habits, but it’s also good to talk about the negative habits and why we do them. Negative habits impact your life in a way that holds you back. Imagine if you can just change your mindset or create a habit process that allows you never to feel like your back is against the wall, but that you can move freely? Joining Dan McCormick on today’s podcast is Todd Speciale, a record breaking sales guru, Top Fortune 500 Expert Sales Trainer, Time Share Consultant, and one of the preeminent new speakers in the world today, promoting real change and real results. Todd is the author of The Things I Do Know: Developing A Mindset For Success. Today, he shares some golden concepts from his book and the importance of always having a clear, strong mindset for success and a massive purpose.

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The Mindset For Success With Todd Speciale

I have such a fantastic guest. We’re new friends, but we’ve got a lot in common. I could not be more thrilled to welcome all of those that may be coming in. Please feel free to leave us a review. Please go give us a like, a share. We love comments. He is none other than the greatest salesman in the world. I’m looking, Todd, at your Facebook page. It says sales coach, business consultant, bestselling author, international speaker and married to the love of your life. You’ve got three beautiful daughters. I have four beautiful daughters. Congratulations and welcome to the show. How are you?

I couldn’t be better. An introduction like that, I feel like you’re talking to somebody else. I’m blessed to be here.

You are the first professional sales coach trainer that’s come on to the show. Everybody knows that I’m the ambassador to the Og Mandino Company. Everybody knows I talk about this book nonstop everywhere I go because it’s principle-based. It’s built-in trues. It’s great to have. What I love to do is I always ask my guests from a value proposition before we get rolling into some of your content and your book and so on, what are three things that shaped your life or each and every day of your life, if you could share with us?

The number one most important thing is my daughters. Every single morning that I wake up, they inspire me to do more. I grew up in a super humble beginning. We have a pretty crazy story like we all do. I’m sure no one’s story is more important than the others, but they guide me to be the best version of me. Number two is the lives of others. I was talking to somebody and they said, “What’s the most important thing to you in your life?” Family is the most important thing, of course. It’s surrounding myself with amazing people that I’ve had the luxury of touching their lives, even if it’s a tiny bit.

It’s funny because you look and it’s like, “This tattooed guy and a sales coach and etc., must be some tough guy.” I thought I was that guy back in the old days, but what made me tough was putting people first. I always say I put people before the paycheck and it shaped me to be a different human being. Thirdly, I always tell people the inspiration in general is being a motivator. I love touching and inspiring lives. I love training people to do more and be the best versions of themselves. I want to leave a legacy of inspiration. There’s a difference between motivation and inspiration. You need both, but if you can inspire people that they can do more, they seem to reach multiple different levels. Those three things every day, my daughters, being able to touch lives and leaving an inspiring legacy is what gets me up.

That is such great wisdom because to have the genuine, authentic, you come on and know that’s what inspires you is special. I want to share something with you that I love sharing. I’ve shared it before at the beginning of the book because you shared something. What is cool about number two for you is what feeds us in the book at the beginning, “I’ve always counted your friendship as my greatest asset, people before the paycheck.” For those that come on and you haven’t met Todd before, you can like his page on Facebook. You can go to his webpage at You can also download his book. I want to go to one of your videos if I could before we get into some of the things that would be awesome principally speaking. You said something in one of your videos online, the three golden questions. I want to see if we can talk about those three golden questions because I love number one. It’s off the charts.

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There are three major questions in my life, but if you’re talking about three specific ones, which ones are you talking about in general, the three golden questions?

The video on your website where you say the number one thing is to ask.

You got to ask. I don’t know how to ask and keep asking until they say yes. In sales, people think it’s some big science and methodical observation and you have to learn to be the best talker in the world and know how to negotiate. It’s not true. You got to ask. Sales is about asking for something and that’s what we do. We’re asking for a sale, for opinions or the reasons why they’re not buying. Asking, in general, is important. You got to know how to ask. There are ways to ask where it rubs people the wrong way. What we do is we teach people through personality. I was talking to you on the phone, Dan, not one person is going to sell the same as me or you in general. How you ask is important, how you approach someone and how you talk to them specifically, how you look at them, body language, movement, tonality.

The third golden rule is to keep asking until they say yes. There’s a lot of cool stories behind that. That was at an event in Naples that I did. It was a cool event and there were some cool true stories behind that event that I used as analogies for sales. One of them was about this kid that was at a gas station. I don’t know if you got a chance to read it yet when I pulled over my new car. I started making some money and I buy my brand-new car, which is a white Bentley and I loved it. I pulled up to a gas station and I’m in the biggest hurry. I’ve got a meeting, hop online, get home as soon as possible. I pulled through the gas station pump and lo and behold, the credit card machine does not work. I’m like, “This would happen to me. I’m running late. I got to get back to the house. What do I have to do?”

These days, we as humans have become lazy in a lot of ways. I’m mad because I have to go into the gas station, pay with cash or a credit card. I get in the line and the line is seven people long. Again, you always know when you’re in a hurry, the lines long. I hear this little voice in going, “Mister, what type of car is that?” I didn’t know he’s talking to me. I looked down and I’m in a hurry. I said, “It’s a white Bentley.” He goes, “That’s nice.” I thought I was done. He said, “Mister, how fast does it go?” I said, “It’s fast. It’s over 200 miles an hour.” I thought he was done. He says, “Mister, what type of paint is that? Is that the pearl paint?” He’s asked me these question after question. It’s like the Inquisition. Finally, he asked me a question. He says, “Mister, let me ask you a question. How can I one day be able to afford and buy a car just like that?” Me, being the sales guy and the inspirational coach, I said, “I got this kid.” I’m in a hurry. It’s going to shut him up. I’m ready to go.

He’s sitting on this white paint bucket. He’s ready to listen. I said, “If you work extremely hard like I was told when I was young, you can do anything. You’re going to be able to earn the money. As long as you work hard, you’ll be able to one day have a car like that. Stay positive and know that I’m behind you.” I’m thinking I got him. He’s going to be quiet. Everything’s done. This kid didn’t skip a beat. He goes, “Sir, that’s exactly what I’m here to talk to you about.” All of the white paint buckets, he moves it over to reveal boxes of chocolates. “Mister, since you said I need to work hard, that’s exactly what I’m doing here. I want to thank you for your time and for giving me that conversation. I have a box of chocolates here. I was wondering because you said I need to work hard. I am working hard. As you can see, would you buy a box of chocolates?” Everybody’s like, “What’d you say?” I was like, “No, I’m not buying a whole box of chocolates.” The kid changed his voice and his tonality changed.

He got sad. He says, “Mister, if you won’t buy a box of chocolates, would you please at least buy one?” The tonality changed. I said, “Here’s the deal. Give me three. I got three daughters. I’ll take three chocolate bars. I’ll buy it from you. How much is it? Here’s an extra dollar. We’re done.” He goes, “Thank you, Mister. Have a great day.” I pay for my gas and got into my car. I’m driving all the way home and it wasn’t until I pulled into my driveway where I thought to myself, “I got hustled by this kid. He never wanted me to buy the box of chocolates. He wanted me to buy a bar and I bought three.” That was the whole point because in life never, ask for what you want. Ask for more than what you want so you get what you want. A lot of people don’t get that, and that kid knew it at seven years old. He knew how he asked. He knew out of how to ask and he kept asking until I said, “What? Yes.”

GSW 12 | Mindset For Success

Mindset For Success: There’s a difference between motivation and inspiration. You need both, but if you can inspire people to do more, they can reach multiple levels.


Everyone in the world needs to hear that story for sure. I’ll share my car story because we’re having fun talking about. We all have this thing about cars, and I used to be into M5s and driving on the racetrack over in Nürburgring. In 2009, I see this red R8 that I had to have going off the charts. I pull up one day into the parking lot for the hotel meeting. This lady sees me getting in the car and she says, “If you’re ever having a midlife crisis, I’d like to share it with you.” We had an instant connection and the connection came because you met Paul Blanchard and Paul asked you to come and train the trainers that represent the Og Mandino Company. I want to know what was that like and how would you go about training those people? What are some of the keynotes if you’re going to go train the trainers?

Paul asked me to train one of his guys there. When he asked me to go into the place to train, and his name’s Bobby and he is great dude there. He goes, “We’re having a little hard time with the average sale price. Let’s see the size of deals. We’re dropping too quickly to packages that are what most salespeople drop to, which is the path of least resistance.” He asked me to come in and talk to me a little bit about what we can do to try to increase efficiency on massive levels. When I go into organizations, especially one that Paul asked me to do. Paul to me is a legend.

He’s one of the most intelligent people that I’ve ever met in my life. More so, he’s a better person and I only like dealing with good people. When I go into organizations, whether it’s Paul’s group or other companies that I consult for and train the trainers, there are three things that I ask them to leave at the door. It’s arrogance, ego and negativity. Those three things are essential to success. When you are leading leaders, leaders believe that sometimes titles make them bigger than who they are. When I go into a group like that, I remove titles from the equation. It’s if I was the senior board member or CEO of IBM or Apple and I was talking to Dan, it is not sir or boss, it’s Todd and Dan.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that meme where they have the leader that’s whipping the people and they’re pulling the sled. They said the right way. There’s a meme where there’s a leader sitting in this chair. There are people that are attached to ropes and they’re pulling the sled. The leader is whipping them. They said, “That’s the wrong way to lead.” They said, “The leader will get in front of the sled and pull those people with them.” They’re both wrong. A leader will never ask you to do something that they haven’t already done. A leader will never ask you to do something that they won’t do. A leader is there to stand side by side and run through the fire together. There’s no one above or below anybody.

When I go into an organization like that, it’s important for me and for them to know right away, whether I’m training you or you’re training me, whether you’ve been in business for 30 years or one day, you’ve got to be open-minded to leave the ego, arrogance and negativity at the door to realize that learning never stops. I’m going to learn as much from you as you’re going to learn from me. When I go into an organization like that, one of the key facets already is that ego, arrogance and negativity is the first thing that I say, “You got to leave it at the door. If you’re not willing to learn, I don’t want you in the group. If you’re not willing to learn, let’s talk privately. I’m going to make you realize that I’m being open-minded to some new truth that may help you succeed in life.”

There are guys like Grant Cardone all day long that say, “The sales process has never changed.” Grant is right, but the client has so there’s always room to grow and learn. If someone was a master salesperson in 1931, like my father was in the old days. My father realized as he got older, that channeling that salesmanship is great, but we have to not reinvent the wheel, find new ways to communicate. Communication is another key factor. I always tell people the ego, arrogance, negativity, being open-minded to communication and never being afraid to ask a question privately in a group are the three things that I lead off with leaders like that because they got to realize that titles don’t matter. I’m not here to be above them. They’re not below me. We’re going to learn as one. That open-minded communication has to be set right away because a lot of people, when a consultant like myself or a sales trainer comes into an organization, that wall is up. I’m having to sell them to be able to listen and be open-minded and learn before I even begin.

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I was able to ask you the three things that shaped your life. You gave us the three golden questions, and then the three things that you ask people to leave at the door. There’s a lot of threes going on here. He’s the author of the unbelievable book that is called The Things I Do Know: Developing the Mindset For Success. You can get Todd’s book on his website by simply going to and you can download the book as I did and start reading away. If you’re new with us, what we do in the show is we get to measure your thoughts. You and I talked about the Habit Finder on behalf of the Og Mandino Company, our sponsor of the show. It’s You can measure your thoughts. It’s free. It’s an online assessment.

Todd, we’ve got 150,000 people in our study when they take that test. We know how entrepreneurs think. We know that a lot of them resist structure. One thing everybody has to agree on is in your table of contents. If you’re going to be a highly effective salesperson, there’s some beautiful chapters in your book. I love the word habit. I wonder if you wouldn’t talk about that opening chapter of the book because Stephen Covey was a professor to my wife in college. I had The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book, but talk about habit if you will.

There’s a lot of habits that people form that are bad and that are good. I don’t think you know this, Dan, but I wrote that book in about 30 days after my dad died. My dad had passed away. He’s my hero in heaven. I get the most talking about him. It’s only been a few years and I’m sure I’ll be the same way many years from now. He was the best person I’ve ever known. I did everything that a lot of people usually do through habits and in more of a procrastination way. The habit was I wanted to write a book in November of the year before my dad passed and what I do, I procrastinated. I had a bad habit of talking about doing something and not finishing it.

As I started writing the book, I’d write one chapter and I’d wait three months and I’d write another chapter and I wait three months. When I was lying next to my dad’s death bed, I was holding his hands. I remember telling him, I was holding his arm and I said, “Dad, I’m going to write that book.” He told me that I needed to be on stage because my parents were wealthy in love, but poor financially. We didn’t grow up with a lot, which shaped me to be the human I am. I wouldn’t change it for anything. What I would have changed is seeing my parents suffer for many years at Christmases with little or no presents. Sometimes we have, sometimes we didn’t, and it was a struggle growing up.

My dad said, “You got to tell your story. You’re meant to speak in the world. You’ve got to write a book about your life.” I did that. I promised him I would do it. I was holding his arm and then he was all drugged up. He was laying in hospice. I said, “I’m going to write that book and I’m going to do it because I love you and you asked me to do it. I’m going to go speak on stage. I’m going to have an event and I’m going to tell people my story and my life. I’m going to help shape lives. That’s what I’m going to do.” My dad couldn’t respond, but I felt two squeezes and that movement lit a fire under me, Dan, that has never lit under me before.

Those two squeezes created a new habit structure for me. Habit Finder is a brilliant thing. I tell people it’s good to talk about habits, but it’s also good to talk about negative habits and why we do that. It’s easier for us to let things go and talk about doing stuff than doing it because we know what the process is going to be to get to where we want to go. It’s going to be hard. It’s not going to be easy. We’re going to get knocked down. We’re going to have to fight harder. When I had a conversation with Paul, he told me after he did some tests on me, “Todd, your back’s been against the wall your entire life. That’s how you know how to thrive because you can’t go backwards anymore.”

This is the strongest thing I’ve ever taken from Paul with all his brilliance. He says, “Imagine if you don’t feel forced to succeed and you can succeed freely.” I said to myself, “What do you mean?” Paul went in more depth, which would take longer to talk about. At that moment, I thought to myself, he goes, “Todd, you formed a habit of putting yourself in a position where you have to fight back. Imagine if you could teach yourself the habits where you don’t have to fight back, you’re doing it because that’s what you do. It becomes a habit. You continue to push on. You continue to win. You continue to thrive. When you reach that level, that becomes exponentially bigger than you are now. Even though when your back is against the wall, you do not fail.”

GSW 12 | Mindset For Success

The Things I Do Know: Developing A Mindset For Success

When I talk about habits in the first chapter of that book, and I thank you for bringing it up on the show, if you’ve read the chapters or if you had a chance to read it, they’re short. I made it for a reason. A lot of it is talking about how negative habits impact your life in a way that holds you back. Imagine if you can change your mindset or create a habit process that allows you never to feel like your backs against the wall, but to know that you can move freely. I took that from Paul. A lot of that chapter has to do with what he said to me.

I see this word about your genuine, authentic you. I was going to ask you about one chapter, but I thought I got to ask you about energy because mind over matter is no problem for you, I can tell. You’re fired out first thing in the morning but talk to us about the chapter on energy. That’s got to be special.

That was a special chapter for me. I wrote that book in a matter of 30 days. I kept it short. I wanted the words to be big. The reason why is because I want people to be able to read through it multiple times and get what they wanted out of it. I have a buddy of mine. His name’s Phillip and he helps people get over drug abuse and stuff like that and rehabilitation centers. He was joking one day. He’s a recovering addict himself. He goes, “If I was younger, I could never imagine you on cocaine.” I said, “What do you mean?” He goes, “Your head would explode because you’re full of energy. How do you get there?” I said, “I have never done drugs in my life. I can’t imagine what that feeling is like nor do I want to know. I wake up with purpose. The purpose is directly connected to energy.”

When you talk about waking up in life, there’s a lot of people that wake up out of bed. I don’t know if you’ve read Mel Robbins’ The Five Second Rule. There’s a lot of truth to that. I believe that if you have to talk yourself out of getting out of bed, then you’re not living a life full of purpose. Energy leads you directly attached to the purpose. For me, I’m like this 24/7, which Paul is helping me with, believe it or not. I can’t sleep with my mind is going like this because there are many things that I want to do. Now that I’ve structured habits, the previous chapter and connected it to purpose and energy, this is me 24/7.

Where I didn’t have energy from a previous standpoint which I talk about in the book too, when I wasn’t succeeding in life at the level that I wanted to succeed. I was in a dark black room for about a year depressed, crying and nonstop for about twelve hours a day because of where I was in my life and how I was as a father, and as a person in general. That type of energy also drains you too. When you’re laying there in bed and you’re not even doing anything, but you’re massively depressed and things are coming out of you, that type of energy can not only affect you mentally but drastically affect you physically. The reason why I lost 40 some odd pounds is because I’m allowing myself to put myself in a position to always have a clear mind, a strong mind and a massive purpose. That will allow me to have this type of energy every day. When I wake up without it, there’s something that’s not connected within me that’s not allowing me to be the person that I am.

I’ve got a lot of books. I took more than 100 to 200 books out of my library. I have books on purpose, but I don’t think anyone’s ever said it to me like that. Here’s what’s interesting for our readers because when I look at the three things you started the show with, your daughters, others, and being motivational, then you say you wake up with purpose. You can see the congruency here to the personality, to what you do and who you are. It’s an awesome thing to find that in people to wake up with purpose. That is a beautiful thing. When you hear what Og says in the book, “Only principles endure.” The word principle is a strong channel moving you and I forward. Our purpose is the strong channel moving you and I forward out of bed, over the pillow, onto the phone, onto the people part of our lives. Thank you for sharing that.

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It’s amazing when you wake up excited every day to touch lives. I always tell people that it’s cliché at some point in life, when someone says, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day.” Is it really? When you start doing that and living through purpose, doing what you love, I don’t feel like I work a day. I put in 85, 90 hours into a lot of different projects that I’m working on. It felt like 30 minutes with what I love to do. When you have those three major principles and you have those three reasons that you get up every day, as long as everything I’m doing is directly connected to that through purpose in my heart and giving me the energy to produce, it wasn’t overnight realizing that.

I was the bad guy and running illegal card games for a living for a decade or my story is different than most. I was the guy that was drinking downtown and always throwing the first punch a decade ago. To watch my life transform was massively through understanding how gratitude works, I give a huge shout out to my mentor, Danelle Delgado. Danelle is not only an inspiration, but she’s a gift to the world. If you were to ask me, the number one person in the world that touches lives, I would say is Danelle Delgado. That’s how important she is to other people. I put her up against anybody on the planet.

She was terrific. It was a great blessing to have.

She’s tossed a little over 3,000 more lives with her and the responses I get from people that I send to Danelle is tremendous. I know the show wasn’t about Danelle, but she’s the type of person where you talk about impacting lives. There’s nothing but purity that comes out of her in every way to help you succeed. It’s always great to live with riches in life, but what those riches mean to you and to somebody else might be mean something different. When I learned that and I started pivoting towards purpose and what mattered, my life changed on a whole new level.

I want to ask you about one more chapter in your book, and then we’ll wrap it up.Every time I glance up at each of the chapters, I want to ask you about all of them. I love words and you chose a word that is truly one of the early motivational words of my life and that is the word desire. You have a chapter on desire. I know that we might have people reading now, six months or six years from now. When I read as a nineteen-year-old kid, that desire was the motivating conviction that moved me to action. I love that word. I wonder what you were feeling when you were writing that chapter and give us some nuggets there.

What desire meant to me a decade ago and what it does to me now were two completely different things. Desire, at one point, was wanting the $1 million house and all the materialistic things in life. I lived through every day trying to earn money rather than to earn purpose like we talked about. When people say, “If you do what you love and you impact lives, the money will come.” It’s true. My desire back then was to earn money, materialistic. Everything was that. When I shifted and pivoted towards desire being, “What can I do for others?” my desire at that time was directed towards me personally. I had to start thinking to myself like, “I know I want this. I want that.” I shifted a lot of that. Even after writing that book, what are the important desires of others? Desire to me now is I hope and I desire to impact more lives. I want to change the way people think.

I want people to know that they can look at me, a guy that has tattoos all over his body and know that “Dan, they told me many years ago that I couldn’t come out of the streets in the gambling world and be the vice president of the largest timeshare sales corporation on the planet. I didn’t for years and went from $0 to 600,000.” The desire back then was the money. The desire when I made that move to me was the lives of others. Desire to me if you were to ask me, how it impacts me personally, that put the people before the paycheck is something I say a lot, but when you put others before yourself, when truly desire to do that it’s a feeling. Dan, I know you’re that type of guy, and I can tell by a conversation with you, that literally allowed me to open up a plethora of different aspects of my life that I didn’t think were there. We can measure desires in a lot of ways but if you were to ask me what my desires are in my life, it’s to leave a legacy or purpose through others. Let them know that they can do more and prove that it can be done.

GSW 12 | Mindset For Success

Mindset For Success: Purpose is directly connected to energy.


I’m speechless because you said, that’s one of the measurements. One of the things we do with the Og Mandino is we measure those things. We find out if they’re aligned. If you’re reading for the first time, go to, and take that assessment. Who knows Bobby could be your assessment coach, who you train. Bobby could be your assessment coach that calls you back and says, “I’d love to offer you 30 minutes and see if I can help align with these amazing chapters of your book.” I want to ask you about every one of them but I’m not going to.

I’m going to challenge everyone to go to and download that book right now because you can already feel when someone can write for the benefit of the audience and not for themselves. I can feel that you wrote for the audience, you wrote because there’s a story here that can translate and help you. You gave thought to large type set, to short and concise. We don’t know each other well, but that tells me a lot about what you’re thinking about your students, your listeners, your readers, etc. What a fantastic time to spend with you, Todd. I thank you a lot.

I’m going to leave you with this. I’ll tell you this, Dan, and you may hate it but I’m not a reader. I hate to read. I love audiobooks. I listen to about 60 books at least a year. I love listening to audiobooks because of my big thing and we talked about habit. Every time I would open up the first 4 or 5 pages, I would read it. I don’t think it was me. I think it was my mind making it up and I’d get like a headache reading the books and then I would put it down. “It’s okay. I’ll read it again.” When I drive and I have a commute sometimes, I can listen to an entire book in three hours. It’s a great thing to be able to do.

When I wrote that book, I don’t proclaim to be some writer either. I self-published that book. It was an Amazon bestseller for nine months in a row, which is crazy to hear. When it did, they’re like, “You have grammatical errors and some misspelling. You shouldn’t have said it this way. Would you like us to republish it?” A publisher came to me and I’m like, “I don’t know. I wouldn’t.” They like, “What do you mean? There are errors in the book.” I go, “No, they may be errors to you. There may be a couple of misspellings too. No problem. I wrote that book because I wanted people to read it or listen to it, but mainly read it as if I were speaking to them.”

I don’t speak the way Dan does or the way someone else does or Paul. Paul is such a high level of intellect that there’s zero chance I could have a conversation with all that type of level. When people read it, they come to me and they go, “I can hear you in the book.” When I wrote it, I said, “If I were to read a book, what book would pick up and read? Can I make the words bigger? How do I get people through it quicker and give them some serious impact?” That was the reason I wrote the book that way, instead of some big, long chapter. I’m writing a massive sales book that going against what I’m saying a little bit because if I made big letters, it’d be 800 pages. When that comes out, I’ll keep you posted. I cannot thank you enough for having me on. I’m always here to support Paul and you now as well. If you ever need anything from me in the future, please do not hesitate to ask. I’m 100% at your service.

I loved everything that you say here. It is fantastic. It resonates with our audience. He’s Todd Speciale at I love the sub slogan that you have, “Let’s make sales great again.” That’s a hot take. Everybody, I sure hope that you’ll like, comment or maybe share it to your own Facebook page, text it out or email it out to your top leaders in the world of whatever our readers may be representing in the world of sales. We’ll be back again next time with another outrageous guest. On behalf of the Og Mandino Company, we look forward to the greatest day of our lives. Bye for now.

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GSW 12 | Mindset For SuccessMaybe its from rising from nothing, or the motivation to make his father proud, but Todd Speciale walks a little more sure and presents a little stronger than most.

He’s not only recognized as a record-breaking sales guru, Top Fortune 500 Expert Sales Trainer, but he’s also listed as one of THE preeminent new speakers in the world today, along with being a raw uncut mentor/life coach promoting real change. Speciale decided to create a business that took his love for mentor-ship and success to a more service-based, entrepreneurial space. He envisioned, programs to give direction, accountability, and moreover, a chance to achieve when so few real chances and mentor-ship programs exist.

Todd is a best-selling author of two books called “The Things I Do Know” and “A bathroom guide for closers” with his third book soon to be released! He has spoken on stages with names like, Ashton Kutcher, Jack Canfield, Danelle Delgado, Tai Lopez, Tom Bilyeu, Les Brown, Hank Steinbrenner and many more.   He is one of the world’s most sought after new speakers who speaks truth into the hearts and souls of those who might question their worth.  He elevates the spirits through raw honesty and pure intention to develop the minds of those willing to grow.