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Join host Dan McCormick as he interviews this week’s Greatest “Saleswoman” – Eileen Williams!

Born and raised in San Diego, Eileen began her career in Human Resources Management for technology companies. She has spent the past 30 years excelling in network marketing – achieving ranks and accolades such as Team Elite, 4 Star Platinum, Circle of Excellence III, Woman of the Year. You may have seen her quoted in Think and Grow Rich for Women or featured in The Flip Flop CEO.

Eileen is married to her childhood crush Ted Williams for 38 years. They have 3 children and 5 grandchildren, with another on the way. Her daughter Ashley Robichaud was also named Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018!

She has developed business all over the world with many Team Elites and Circle of Excellence achievers. Her favorite activity is to travel the world with her husband and children. She is passionate about inspiring others to discover and go for their dreams.

Tune in to hear Eileen share her tips on how to achieve success and replicate it for others!

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Three Tips To Shaping Success With Eileen Williams

I have an extraordinary guest. Everybody knows every week is Wisdom Wednesday. We’re going to have much fun discussing that incredible journey that every salesperson takes outlined beautifully 50-plus years ago in The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. This show is sponsored by the Og Mandino Company. We hope if you’re new to the show that you’ll feel free to put comments in the box. Tell us who you are and where you’re from. We hope you’ll comment on the show whether you’re on Facebook, YouTube. We hope you’ll certainly give us a rating and a review. Feel free to share it to your Facebook page if you feel that value. It is going to be a thrilling day simply because I get to invite a friend of mine that I’ve now known for several years. She is none other than Eileen Williams from San Diego, California. Eileen, welcome to that chair that’s filled by the greatest salespeople in the world.

Thanks, Dan. What an honor to be with you.

I know that you have done extraordinary things in your life. You have built businesses around the globe with thousands and tens of thousands of people. I wonder before we talk about how we know each other and some of the other details, if you wouldn’t do what I love to do and start off, your success is extraordinary, known around the globe, you speak around the globe. What are the three things that you think you could share that shape your life or each and every day of your life?

I thought about it and I boil it down to three things. First of all, my number one is that I have a strong faith in the higher power. I know that all the good that goes on in the world, there’s equal evil and there’s always that going on and that drives me. Secondly, I’m grateful to the people that have gone before me, not only my own heritage, my family. I’m blessed with the parents I had and my family, but I look at my country, the people that founded our country. I think of our company, the people that founded our company, the opportunity, I’m grateful for all the people, Nathan Ricks. All have people that have paved the road before me and I feel an obligation. I feel like I want to make them proud.

The third thing that drives me and probably is one of my super top motivators is that I believe that as humans, we all are using a small portion of our potential and what drives me every single day is a thirst to learn and grow and develop myself. That is something I have never been able to figure out how to teach people to get that, but I definitely have it. It’s a hunger, it’s a thirst for learning and I’m an avid learner. I’m always on all of your programs. I’m on everything that I can be on that I can squeeze into my life.

GSW 19 | Shaping Success

Shaping Success: In anything we do, we are all salespeople.


Anyone reading is going to take value in that. I’m like you that it’s hard to know why you thirst the way you do. I’ll say the same for me. At 5:00 AM, I was up and I already had the wisdom literature pouring into my mind. I’m thinking about how do I be my best. I love how you embodied that third point there. Going backwards now to this point number two, being grateful. How do you go about that gratitude maybe besides prayer or pondering or meditating? How do you think you’d go about that gratitude for those that have gone before you, family, friends, high achievers, etc.?

I start my day a little bit earlier than 5:00 AM. I drive my husband crazy. I have a gratitude journal and every single day, the first thing I do is I write about a paragraph of all the things and all the people in the situations, all the blessings that I can think of that I’m grateful for it at that moment. I do that every day and it keeps me grounded because we all have even difficulties we can be grateful for. We can be grateful for challenges and obstacles that are going to help us become better, that are going to help us become stronger. We can be grateful for anything. That’s what I am constantly working on to stay in that place of gratitude. Anytime I’m challenged with whatever in the business, everyone’s doing their best that they know how to do. I’m grateful to work with people that are doing their best always.

I love how you said that and, isn’t it interesting too that when we look back on history, we can say that’s not a new thing. We can look at Ben Franklin, how he looked at his life on a daily basis. We can look at how Og set up The Greatest Secret in the World, which is the journalized version of The Greatest Salesman. That is a fantastic thing to remind people. I remember also a gentleman I had on one of my shows a couple of years ago. He wrote a book called Big Ideas, and he talks about the science of what happens when you put pen to paper, how it changes the brain. You’re working on all of those neurological factors, first thing in the morning, I think that people can gain value out of that instead of skipping that and maybe picking up a phone and an email and all that stuff. Eyes awake, thoughts start, journal opens. Is that how the day starts?

Right after my gratitude paragraph, I do my five goals that I’m focused on and they have to be big goals that I don’t know how to achieve. Brian Tracy, he taught me that on one of his gold lessons. He said, “Physically write down every single day your top five.” The weirdest thing is it all starts to come true. It is crazy when you put your pen to paper and you start putting down your goals every single day because what I was doing before is, and know probably a lot of us do this, write it and put it up there or whatever around, but it’s physically what is it every day? The priority sometimes changes like number one, sometimes it’s different.

You’ll move the numbers around. They’ll go up and down based on the day, the time, the goal, what’s in front of you, what you’re thinking and feeling.

Be grateful for the challenges and obstacles that are going to help you become better and stronger. Share on X

Yes, but they’re all happening.

When you get into the day and you go back now because we’ve known each other for years and you know that I’ve been this Greatest Salesman, Greatest Secret, it was the first book that was put in my hand. That’s how the relationship started. I wasn’t a reader. I wasn’t a learner. I wonder when was the first time because we’ve been at the same company, you’ve been in for longer than me. When do you think the first time you read this was? What struck you about it?

I heard Og Mandino speak at a convention before I read that book. At this particular convention, there were 6,000 people in an arena. I’ve never experienced this before where a speaker can have 6,000 people bawling their eyes out. He was the most powerful, connected speaker that I’d ever experienced in my lifetime. Og Mandino blew me away but for some reason, I never dug into that book and I never knew about it until you. You’re the one that brought it up. I love that book. I love the messages in it and I love everything about it.

I met him one time in a small gathering, maybe a hundred plus people in Calgary, Alberta right after my wife and I were married. Rarely is there a man that was more authentic, genuine, humble, grateful, connected, in touch in every way. It’s an amazing thing because in our day and age, few people write in such a connected way, in a parable way, in an old Israel kind of story. Is there anything in this book that you think that taught you about sales techniques? Was it more about life and living in philosophies?

The first thing I realized when I got over, I used to think that I wasn’t a salesperson at all. I realized that we all are salespeople because I came from a corporate background. Once I realized if I had a new idea or a project I wanted to get funded, I had to be a good salesperson. In anything we do, we are all salespeople, even as a parent, sometimes we have to sell our kids on the idea of doing things. We’re all salespeople, but the scrolls, the messages are right on for life and everything that we do in life starting with, “I will greet this day with love in my heart.” I think that one was powerful because for me, I felt things change when I read that and I internalized to that. There’s a part in that scroll that says, “You will greet people and secretly, you won’t say it out loud, you’ll say to yourself, ‘I love you.’” The weirdest thing and I know you know this, but when you do that, you get a different response from people. People can feel things subliminally that you don’t even have to say it. It comes out in your eyes.

GSW 19 | Shaping Success

Shaping Success: If you go into any venture with persistence, you will succeed.


I hope people will reread what you said because we’re talking about a book with one of the greatest titles. The title is the greatest. In my world, you’re the greatest because you stuck around when it wasn’t great. You fought every aspect of the entrepreneur, of being a salesperson. You grinded for, remind me, was it twelve years? Why don’t you talk a little bit about that story about going through that journey? To me, you have systems that are in place with your teams around the world. You have different systems for different countries and different organizations and you’re there to support and funnel all that energy towards them. How do you find that now? Tell the story a little about grinding through those twelve years.

When I started, I simply had a dream and I followed my inner voice, my intuition that I needed to do this even though on the outer world it didn’t make sense. I had no sales skills. I had no network marketing skills. I was anti network marketing, to tell you the truth. I knew that I needed to do this. I jumped in, it was an interesting time. I’m glad that I did jump in, I’m grateful. This was the first company that I was introduced to that made a lot of sense to me. When I made a decision early on that I would never quit. I think persistence, Og talks about that. I will persist until I succeed.

If you go into any venture with that type of attitude, you will succeed. That was the attitude I had, but I did struggle and I did have a lot of challenges along the way. Every day wasn’t perfect but then I had a defining moment which is another, it’s the first scroll, I’d be born again, and we have to be willing to begin again. I call it a surrender. I surrendered to all the things that I had been resisting. I decided to go with it and have fun and create the things that I needed. I needed to have my life and without regret, that was my biggest fear of all when I went through all my fears. I had fear of public speaking.

I said no to you at one point. I had fear of rejection, fear of looking silly, all the fears. I had all the fears, but the bottom line when I started to dig inside was my biggest fear. The fear that I could not live with is to go to the end of my life with regret. I could not stand the thought of being at the end of my life with a could of, should of, would of, if I tried, I could have done it. No, that wasn’t going to work for me. I knew that I needed to change. I knew that it was me. It wasn’t anything outside of me. It was 100% me. Once I took on that responsibility of taking on that 100%, I thought it was going to be heavy.

It’s the opposite. It’s light. It took the weight of the world off of me because I knew that once that happened, what happened is I realized that I could change. I’m the only person that I have control over. I don’t have control of anybody else but me. Once I realized that I could do whatever I wanted to do, if I was willing to go through whatever fire I needed to go through. I was willing to suffer. I was willing to be uncomfortable. I was willing to be laughed at. I was willing to do all of that because I needed to get to the other side. The good news is it doesn’t take that long once you make the decision, if you’re willing to go through the fire to get to the other side, to experience the joy of what it is in life when you take on that full responsibility.

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Let’s unpack that because I put a post on my personal Facebook page as I was rereading a book called The Path of No Resistance. It was interesting what you said about all of those things. There’s so much there. I’ve got to reread, take notes. The quote that I put on my personal Facebook page was, “If you’re allowed to sit still, a glass of murky water becomes clear.” That stillness and overcoming and going with the flow, and you said many things there, I couldn’t even possibly recap it. I’ve had Dave and Paul in my life for many years. You’ve heard me talk about them. We talk about not only the book, but how do we align our thoughts, not what we’re thinking, how we’re thinking. Are our thoughts connected in the right direction? Are we overstimulated one way? Are we comparing or are we not going to surrender? You took that.

I did. I took it.

You had an assessment. You were able to look at and see and it was interesting because nobody’s ever wrong. There are things in our life where we might shift a little bit and hopefully our readers will feel free if they’re inspired to take the assessment at and you can share with us at a later date your results there. One of our coaches may call and give you a free little debrief on that. It’s a fascinating thing because Og’s work is deep. It’s thought provoking. You mentioned several scrolls and there are a lot of people that are mentioning several of the scrolls. I know you mentioned, “I will greet this day with love in my heart.” People are always mentioning the ones that come to mind for them.

You and I, when I called you, you said you’re diving in on mindset. You said, “Have you read Joe Vitale’s work?” who was in the movie The Secret. I watched The Secret called The Dream something, but you asked me if I had read Money Loves Speed. You’ve got your Greatest Salesman in your iPod, in your podcast or in your iPad, but speed came up. When you think about Money Loves Speed, success loves speed, speed loves simplicity. This book to me is simple. It is invigorating. You said you’re going on a deep dive in that space. Talk to us about that. You gave me this recommendation with a lot of enthusiasm.

I’m a little obsessed with Joe Vitale, a lot of his books, but the title of this was appealing. I bought it and I started to read it. It was fascinating because if I look at my life and I look at when things went right or the best is when I followed my inner voice. I call my intuition. It’s the way I see it. It’s spirit talking to me. It happens a lot, but when I follow it, sometimes I don’t, I’m rebellious, stubborn and Irish. I don’t want to follow it, but I know when I do, it’s magic. The way he describes how we get messages and speed is important every time I’ve acted urgently.

GSW 19 | Shaping Success

You2: A High Velocity Formula for Multiplying Your Personal Effectiveness in Quantum Leaps Rep Edition

That is such an important skill to take that on, to act urgently. It’s fun because on our team, now we’re like, “Money loves speed.” My message is don’t worry about falling flat on your face. It’s fail forward. It’s okay on our team to make mistakes. It’s okay for people to go out on a limb and make mistakes. It’s okay. We make it okay because to me speed is more important and we’re going to make mistakes. When you go fast, you’re going to make mistakes, but it’s important to act. When you act, things can happen in your life that they’re out of left field. You said you had Alan on this show.

How he came into my business was this concept. The name of the person, his sponsor came into my mind. I acted urgently. That week I met with him, signed him up, got Alan on the phone. It was magical. When I look at every situation that’s been massively successful whether it’s the person coming in to my life or to the business or a situation, it’s this acting on a hunch or an intuition, but acting urgently. It’s something that not too many people do quite frankly. It’s something that we all should be doing more of and have fun with it. Be okay if you fail or look silly or people say, “That’s crazy.” In fact, I think if you tell me I’m crazy, that’s a compliment. Don’t tell me I’m normal. I don’t want to be normal. Normal is boring and normal is broke. I want to be crazy.

Alan talked about that in his show. He says crazy people make crazy money. That is such a great thing. I hope that we can come and talk more about this. You taught me something so invaluable because, I’ve got the book right here, but I’ve got the scroll right here. That is the companion to this book and no one even knows it because he says, “I will act now.” He tells you many parable stories to the acting now. I think that if Og were alive, he could put, “Read Money Loves Speed,” at the bottom of this page because they work together. It’s beautiful. I hope everybody goes and rereads I Will Act Now, it’s one of my favorite links. We used to give out the link

That’s my video page where you can see my video on my thoughts about all this stuff. I love it because when I study the Bible or other scriptures and I find a principle that makes great sense to me, I look for cross-references to that scripture or that teaching. What I found here was a cross-reference to the two. I Will Act Now was scroll nine. Money Loves Speed is fantastic. It came out January 2020, February maybe. It was a book that came out right before the world changed. Lo and behold, you got me to read it. I take pictures of the book and I texted it to friends while I’m reading. You know how we are, when we like something, we tell everybody about it. It’s a beautiful thing. In the book, I love Arthur Patton’s comment about what is money because we want to talk about it. It’s a place people get stuck. I love how he talked about in one of his podcasts.

It’s like some people have a weight set point, they’re stuck. I was teasing a buddy of mine. I said some people get a weight set point. Maybe they’re stuck at 200 pounds. He says, “I’m stuck at 200 pounds.” He talks about this money and how we use it as an appreciation. You don’t look at the gas and say, “It’s $4 a gallon. What a bummer.” Instead, you would say, “How incredibly blessed am I that I get to fill up my car and not even think about it,” or “This is great that I have the money to fill up the car, make the house payment, buy these products that I love for my hair, my skin, my teeth, whatever.” Talk to us about some of your thoughts as you read the book.

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For me, what it brought up, there are many money limitations that we are raised with. I was raised with incredible parents that were entrepreneurs that had huge vision and they still instilled with some of the paradigms because they were raised during the depression there is a time when money was tight, there were rations. This was a time in the history of our country that was a difficult time. If you were a child during that time, you make up stories that you would then pass on generations. We have a lot of people that have been raised by parents that were raised during that time and that gets passed through generations. If you look at those as limiting beliefs, which they are, and you look at them, “Is money scarce?” No, you have to look at the limiting belief.

We’ve been doing a lot of training on our team about limiting beliefs and blowing up limiting beliefs. We have limiting beliefs about money, which I feel holds a lot of people back in their life, in this business, in many things is limiting beliefs about money and what they’re worth and what they can create and have in their life. Every single thing you should be able to blow up and say, “Why?” It’s not reality. We also have limiting beliefs about ourself that money can trigger our worthiness whether we deserve it, that type of thing. I think most people have limiting beliefs in some way around deserving. It’s an opportunity to look at that and blow it up.

We’re doing a lot of work on limiting beliefs and getting our head out of that. It’s reprogramming the subconscious, which each and every one of us has the capability to do. Reading the scrolls, you’re working on your subconscious. To bring it back to Og, his habit of reading those scrolls three times a day, that is to reprogram your subconscious. If somebody simply read those scrolls 3, 4, 5, 6 times a day, you literally would transform who you are. You transform almost everything about your life, which is incredible.

You’re right. You crushed it. I wake up almost every day for 38 years thinking I will greet this day with love in my heart, but I’ve got a new mantra now because you helped me. I want to thank you for that because you’re helping our readers and you’re teaching them that money loves speed and you need to act fast. If you see a contact, if you see a name in your phone, when I’m driving down the street, I have a habit in my life. I hit my contact file and I call whoever I haven’t talked to in 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years. Occasionally, I’ll find someone that’s dead and that’s a sad day, but the fact is act now, be a friend. Og would teach you to be a friend, but this is now part of my daily mantra. Money loves speed because success loves speed, but speed loves simplicity as Justin Prince said on the show.

It is fascinating to think about this concept because many people are stuck and yet Eileen, we’re seeing the direct selling world blow up the entire world of direct selling companies. Thousands and tens of thousands of people are registering with companies in the direct selling space. When you think about what’s happening in the world, money loves speed, success loves speed. You follow up with simplicity. Let’s talk about your daughter. When I saw her hone in on a single product that was something everybody needs, everybody wants, everybody sees results with. You saw her, she was diligent and rigid in her approach. Not going to be flexible at all with her simplicity. That’s an amazing thing. Money started pouring in for her because money loves speed and she kept everything simple.

GSW 19 | Shaping Success

Why Overcoming is Simpler than You Think

It was extraordinary what she did. I’ll never forget, it was February 20th, 2017. She had a baby. When the baby was six months old, she was experiencing a little postpartum depression. She had not been successful in the business. She copied me and struggled for several years. I didn’t want that to happen, but it did. She had her defining moment after she hit rock bottom of having a “that’s it” moment like, “That’s it. I’m never going to be the same,” moment, which is what happened exactly with me as well. I’ll never forget sitting with her. I was in Argentina. She had called me to tell me that she had made a decision that she was going to do this in a big way. I could hear it in her voice. She’d never sounded this before. I could tell that something was different.

When I came home and we sat down on March 1st and we talked about what she wanted to create, she wanted to reach a success trip. She had to create an extraordinary amount of results within 31 days. I said to her, I looked at her in the eyes, I could see the fear in her eyes, I said, “Ashley, will you promise me one thing? I want you for 31 days to never entertain doubt. Can you do that for one minute? Any time that doubt comes into your mind that it can’t be done.” This was like climbing Mount Everest. It was asking her to do something she’d never done before. “Can you promise me that you will not entertain doubt for the 31 days?” When she said yes, I knew that she was going to have a magical 31 days and she did two things, she did the first thing. Her goal was to sign up one new person a day.

The second goal was at the end of the day when she was wiped out, she’s a new mom. She’s tired. She’s in bed. We’re on our phone all day. When she was ready to throw in the towel, every day she would force herself to do one more thing, more and more message, one more text or whatever. She got into the habit of pushing out her limit day by day, inch by inch. I saw her create momentum. Her goal was to sign up one a day by that eighteenth. I think she signed up eighteen people that day. There was so much momentum because of the willingness to simply do those two things that she had never done before. If you keep it simple, you’ve got to keep it simple. I have a tendency to want to complicate everything. I’m human, we think we’re smart or like, “We’re going to come up with all kinds of creative ideas.” No, let’s reel it back in and keep it simple. If we can keep it simple and go for it, act urgently, but act now and suspend disbelief. That came out of a book. Have you ever heard of You2 ?

That’s one of my favorites.

Suspend disbelief. If you suspend disbelief and you act in full faith, faith is the most powerful force in the universe. If you can act in faith that you will have it and you don’t know how you’re going to get it, but you will act in faith that you will have it, magic happens. It’s fascinating. It’s powerful. I love it.

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You’re the first person to ever bring up You2 in the show. It’s a simple little read. It’s a tiny little book. It’s brilliant. “If you’re going to doubt something, doubt your limits,” he says. You said faith is the most powerful thing, Napoleon Hill wrote about that in Think and Grow Rich. All of these things come together in this incredible title of a show called The Greatest Salesman in the world. I hope people will go to You can see the website. You can see all the different shows.

If you’re new to us, I hope you’ll read it. Take the assessment Measure these thoughts. Take a look inside your life. Are you creating limits? I think that if you haven’t found a rhythm of simplicity in your life that Ashley found, there’s maybe reason as our guest said something along the lines of, “There was no evidence in my life that I was going to be this guy.” All of a sudden, all these things came together. Eleven years of plodding along then everything hits this crescendo and life can’t be lived in crescendo all the time. You’re living it. Your business spans. How many countries would you guess your business is in there?

I don’t know, 30 or so. Dan, I want to make sure I get this in because it came to me and I’m following my intuition. I want to thank you. When I was going through my defining moment, you were one of the people that inspired me. You had joined the business and what you came in and created, and you were always genuine and nice. I want to thank you for being you and also always staying in the game. I love it. I have much gratitude for you and what you’ve brought into my life. You’ve affected my life, which is rippling out across the planet.

God bless you. Thank you. That’s kind of you and I love it too. We’re addicted to this. I don’t think either one of us have this vision that one day we’re going to live on a private island and we’ll never have to talk to anybody anymore because then we’re going to go, “That’s the joy in the journey is here.” You’re kind to say that it’s fun to share the journey. I feel we’re kindred spirits in the journey. Both of us love the game, but I want to go back in closing to how you started because one of the great things that I ever learned from The E-Myth from that great book called The Entrepreneurial Myth, is that there are no techniques for closing in the world of Og Mandino, but there certainly are techniques for opening and you shared it. That is to say right here, I’m greeting that person with love in my heart. You can see it in their eyes. You can feel it in your delivery. You’re genuine. You started off our show with those three things and you said faith.

You clearly validated that by coming back to that. The gratitude part, you shared what you thought I meant to your life. Thank you for that. Let’s close with revisiting number three, the thirst continues. It’s like, “I got the Yeti right here and we’re constantly thirsting.” Stephen Covey taught me that valuable principle that when you wake up every morning like we do, and you start with your gratitude journal or I start with my journal and my notes. If you go a day without it, you might live two days, you might live three days, you’re hungry. You’re starving for that stuff. Maybe a few words to those in closing that can thirst. Dave said it on one of my other shows, he says “Dan, I interviewed a doctor one day.” He says, “I can almost taste it. I can almost touch it. It’s right there.” Talk to us to that group of people that haven’t tasted it yet. The thirst, the drive, the consistency you show in life.

GSW 19 | Shaping Success

Shaping Success: There are limiting beliefs about money which hold a lot of people back in their life.


It starts with a big dream. We’re all given dreams. Part of our job is to know that we’ve been given a dream for a reason. It’s probably a lot bigger than each and every one of us think our dream is. I’m constantly pushing out bigger and I do that with my team as well. Nathan was great when he would talk to and he would describe this. He wanted to go to the end of his life squeezing everything out of it. That’s how I feel too. I don’t want to save myself for the later years of whatever, sitting in a rocking chair. We’re feeling good. We’ve got energy. There’s much to learn. For everybody, start somewhere. The thing about the learning and the growing is I get introduced to a book or whatever. If it appeals to me that moment, I go on to Amazon. I buy it. I have many books, I’m like, “I heard it. I’ve got to get it.” It’s fun to be inspired. There are many amazing stories out there, people that have had incredible journeys, probably much more difficult than any of us. It’s constantly about lifting each other up and helping inspire people along the way. It’s fun. That to me, the personal development, I love it.

God bless you for taking the time to be with me. You always answer the call since you said no to me the first time. She said, “No, I’m not coming on your show. I’m not ready to talk to you.”

I was afraid. Can you imagine I was afraid to be on a conference call and now we’re doing webinars that are global? It’s funny. It was real too. It was a real fear. I’d be at a conference and I would have a death grip on Alan’s arm because I didn’t want to go up on stage. It was horrible. We get through our fears if we’re willing to suffer a little bit and feel the pain. Once we do though, that willingness brings us to the other side where we discover the reason we had to do it. The thing, whatever you’re afraid of. This is my lesson. It’s signaling you to tell you what you must do. If you’re afraid of something, you must do it. It’s telling you there’s something for you to learn there and you have to do it. You have to push yourself to do the things you’re afraid of.

Eileen gave us what is as rich of content as you can get. I ordered the book the moment you told me about it. I had friends that started ordering the book, because I hadn’t read the book, but what I now do is I go to podcasts and I say, “Who’s on podcast? Talk it off.” I want to hear the podcast before the book gets here. I’m listening to stuff from Joe Vitale, he’s on shows and the computer was dying on people. There are all kinds of stories, but I want the information, I want to get a jumpstart, but the book. To be able to take the notes and dog-ear the pages and highlight. I try to underline and circle every point in the book that he says money loves speed. Every time I’m circling money loves speed and back to scroll number nine, I will act now. Thank you for acting now and joining me, Eileen.

Thanks for asking, Dan. It’s been fun to be with you. I hope we helped a few people.

I know you helped me. It’s a beautiful thing. She’s Eileen Williams from San Diego, California. You can find her on Facebook. You can connect with her there if you want to reach out to her. Bye.

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About Eileen Williams

GSW 19 | Shaping SuccessBorn and raised in San Diego, Eileen began her career in Human Resources Management for technology companies. She has spent the past 30 years excelling in network marketing– achieving ranks and accolades such as Team Elite, 4 Star Platinum, Circle of Excellence III, Woman of the Year. You may have seen her quoted in Think & Grow Rich for Women or featured in Flip Flop CEO.

Eileen is married to her childhood crush Ted Williams for 38 years. They have 3 children and 5 grandchildren with another on the way. Her Daughter Ashley Robichaud was also named Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018!

She has developed business all over the world with many Team Elites and Circle of Excellence achievers. Her favorite activity is to travel the world with her husband and children. She is passionate about inspiring others to discover and GO FOR their dreams.